Friday, 19 November 2010

Max Marx & Friedrich Calloway EP.

These dudes just sent me their new EP. It's dope....they must've got Norway mixed up with Niue but they just hooked me up! Shot homies. They left this note too:

A lot of people don't know this, but I actually spent the last five years of my life studying 19th century philosophy in East Norway. Over that time I worked with the Norwegian Rick Rubbin (Chris Macro) on an EP based around the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche and Max Roach. The EP was recorded live on two track at Carnegie Hall and mastered in Albany. It features guest appearances from Scratch 22, Rachel Fraser, Ester Stevens, Mutsa Murare and Tourettes

* Warning to potential listeners. (Themes of alcohol induced polygamy, crystal meth abuse and songs named after chinese food may be absent from this work)
I think this dude is one of the dopest on delivery (not to mention lyrically) How he constructs a verse keeps you wanting to listen cause he switches up tone, flow,  vocal doubles & expression on almost every verse and it's all clear.

Anyway, I'll shut up and you download and listen. Sounds like a plan.


I just got some new shit in the mail. It made me wanna write again.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Native Noise 2010 - Bringin The Rukus!

You know it. This is already the event of July! KORA is NZ's own Wu Tang Clan. Like The Wu, they go right against the grain with their sound while still keeping it real to NZ with their hearty/soulful fuckin vocals and combine their powers to bring the rukus with their metal ninja/skank rock style both in the studio but more on stage. They even made cartoons of themselves from elements of Japanese steez like Wu did with Shaolin & the chambers.

KORA is the dopest fuckin band alive! 

I fuckin missed the Mangawhai gig which I heard from a few people was one of their best shows so I'm mos def gonna be at this one! new shirt I hope! But six 60 and 1814 are dope too and gonna be a nice build up to an epic ending! I'ma spark the encore up by myself and get the most outta these guys cause they been in hibernation and probably be out for a while (album no 2 on that shiiiieet!)

So for 30 bux, you best secure your seat homie!

July 9th, Auckland Town Hall, $30

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Haz & Ta-ku - Beatin The Fuck Outta June!

I know I'm late, but everyone already knows this, mayne! But Otahuhu residing beatmaker Haz is teaming up with NZ Rooted (Whakatane WAT!) Perth based beatmaker Ta-ku to drop a beat a day in June that'll eventually be chucked all into a mediafire link for FREE download! I think this tape is gonna be good enough for a lil charge but these 2 are putting it down like always lol

There's nothing else you need to know except jump on to this link Haz & Ta-ku - That's Us.
Beats are songs. They make you think and have an effect just like one with lyrics, you just gotta understand the art of beatmaking.

Big ups Haz & Ta-ku. Ripping shit up!

Latest tracks by Haz&Taku

Friday, 11 June 2010

Breakin Wreckwordz - On Some Good Shit!

Just giving some more props, where props are due.

Breakin Wreck is my favourite NZ label, Urban Pasifika brought out a dope compilation back in the day but as a whole, Breakin Wreck takes top spot. Why? Simply the concept. As a label, they give freedom to the artist to express THEIR sound which is manufactured by them with no preset criteria, focusing on creativity and not how much money you'll bring in. From that (if you know BW music) they created some good quality Hip Hop tracks, a lot actually. I know I'mma newbie to the BW click but as soon as I got schooled up on em, it was an easy decision to make.  

Because of their real concept, they are not earning millions or have worldwide acclaim but if you do music, for music, you wouldn't either. It's just how it goes. Last 2 months I've been buying and listening to BW music and I can listen to all the tracks. Each one has a different steez, flow & feel while at the same time you can get a good idea of the artist and their style where as for commercial musc shit goes everywhere with an artist, it's not entirely self directed and you lose track of the artist and what they stand for.

I've become a fan. No, not just the one who yells BW in the club and stuff, but genuinely into their music and what they stand for and I let that be known when talking music with people when on the label topic. Definitely would be the click of choice if I was a good rapper. As a label, they represent NZ Hip Hop on a real level. The make a foundation for musicians, let them find themselves so they transition into artists and from their, it's their choice. I suggest you buy you some BW music!

I don't give a fuck if I get called a dick rider and shit cause if you know me & my passion for music and even more the NZ, it's pretty crazy. If I won lotto, I'd definitely do my part for NZ music!

Blue jeans cover the kneez, Breakin Wreck on the tee!

Big Ups LADI 6! - 50 Shows Through Europe!

I'm just giving props to my favourite female artist Ladi6! She (and Parks!) are teaming up and putting it down in Europe with almost 50 shows. That's putting in work! She's moved over to Berlin for 6 months to live it up, rip it up & represent the NZ! I heard Julien Dyne went over for a little too, shot bro!

She's top billing over there with the likes of Mos Def, Gil Scott Heron & doing this killer festival alongside The Wu Click & too many other dope artists! She's even touring Japan & Australia before heading back home & signed her album to BBE! Deeehooo!

Props Ladi6 & Parks! if I could, I would've come to a show but I'll just wait for the NZ Tour in November!!!!!!

This taken from Amplifier
Ladi6 has signed her debut solo album Time Is Not Much to Berlin-based label BBE (the home of Madlib, DJ Vadim and Julien Dyne) which will be released throughout Europe and the United Kingdom on July 20 2010.

She's Gone Til November....but you know it's on then!

LOCAL EVENT: The Feel Good Buzz, July 3rd!

Firstly, this is NOT a social. These are (aiming) to be on-going events held at the club in hopes to re-build interest in local Rugby League, atmosphere & culture because it should be 100% better than it is.

Simple concept. The more support we get from you guys, the better these events can get & in a bigger picture have more than just these night time events and do day events for kids etc and a whole other range of things that we've definitely got in mind but need foundation like anything to build.

A league club shouldn't just be soley to train & play Rugby League then go home. Even though that is the main purpose, clubs should have extra stuff like being able to go for a feed during the week, fun events & really a community base which will all help to lift the profile of Rugby League as a whole.

The last one was success and people definitely were on the Feel Good Buzz and no doubt it's waiting to happen again. So rock down, spread the word & support local Rugby League while having a solid night at the same time.

The Feel Good Boys

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

THE LOCALS: INF, TMG & Gray - Own Steez Chap

Sup world. I been sick of computers (except facebook) and enjoyed a hearty NZ Music Month! Went to gigs every week and got on it every weekend to! Pretty dope! I mean I jammed at Rakinos for my 21st with all fams & friends there. Shit was solid!!!!!!!!

Big ups too:  FGBz, The BOMB Squad, O.N.E crew, Oui Groove & All other musicians, producers & artists who put on for NZ during music month!

Anyway, In my blogging absence apart from kicking back, playing sequence and eating I was lucky enough to make a track with a couple of my bros INF & Gray. I'm a poet but I thought i'd jam rapping. Still trying to find a flow without losing breath lol But anyway, here's the track. Downloads on!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Brown Jesus by Sam Tanielu

Take a break from the Rhyme, beat & doof doof boom bap stuff for a minute. Lock yourself onto some poetry (which is under-rated) pieced together by Sam of The Usual Suspects. It's dope and on point, shot bro! Shout outs to The Suspects! You rarely catch them out doing sets so you best be going to the Team Dynamite Release Party where they will give you a Profile and see you to the Balcony if you don't come. Somebody say Amen...


I’m looking for Jesus, I’m looking for the Brown Jesus

Its been 23 years
and i’ve convincingly outgrown my white sunday suits
Bible study bookbags are so 1997
and the gold spray-painted coating on my crucifix
is almost completely faded

I’m looking for the brown Jesus

I feel like i’m living on vending machine faith
I pray every night before I sleep
but one glittery glove doesn’t make you Michael Jackson
(can somebody in the church say Amen)

I’m looking for Jesus

Yeah i’ve got pictures of him in my house
but he seems
too photoshopped
too airbrushed
too mimesis manufactured for my liking

Yeah i’ve got pictures of him in my house
but they’re just a collage of facial verisimilitudes
compacted into a caucasion man
with dreamy blue eyes and wavey hair
(Somebody say Amen)
‘Make-up on empty space’

Hegemonic interpretations inposed onto its blindfolded faithfuls

’m looking for the brown Jesus

They sell us Heaven and the idea of God like
drug dealers and crack
but i guess the concept of afterlife security
is marketable in any language

‘Heaven for the highest bidder’

Downloadable religions at down low prices

All you have to do is hand over your soul
and your credit card details

Order in the next 10 minutes and you’ll receive a stainless steel toaster


Order now and the first 3 months are free

after that, you’re gonna be


at these prices, ITS A STEAL!


In some neo-platonic way
We’re all looking for the Brown Jesus

We baptise ourselves every weekend
over indulging in the holy communion wine

Slow dancing in Lucifer’s ballroom
The Sunday Morning hymns are a mixture of
and Hip Hop

‘Born again Judas Kisses’

The Sunday sermon screams at me

‘We NEED someone to project our insecurities onto
We NEED a scapegoat for our mistakes and misfortunes
We NEED to have daily reassurance our lives are not without purpose’

He preaches, but he’s just another man
trying to get to heaven

Just like me.

I’m looking for the Brown Jesus
I’m looking for the way
looking for the truth
looking for the life.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sorry Blog....Be Back June (Soon, get it?)

Last half of April was shit...couldn't do anything from home or work.

I'm taking May off cause it's my birthday month & the official month dedicated to NZ music. Most of my time has been dedicated to that so far, been fuckin awesome. I'll do a wrap up of May when it ends & get back into talkin smack, music, mind, body & blog.

In the meantime, some good shit to do:

 - Tune in every Wednesdays on George FM from 10pm -Midnight for Urbanology. A Hip Hip show done by DJ Substance..been something like million years on air, so it's got the shit, that dope shiiieeeeett! Shot Substance!

- To extend your Hip Hopperism, lock into the True School Hip Hop Radio Show with Penfold & Mouli every Thursday from 9pm-11pm. Steal a couple dope rhymes to steal a dope chick! Radios under-rated so to save your "man i'm broke" statement, save cash, turn it up & party at home!

- Aucklanders, get up and into -  Rakinos, Khuja, Sales St, Ponsonby Social Club, Longroom, Juice Bar, Galatos, 4:20, Totos, King Arms & other solid spots to get you dosage of live NZ music!

- KORA, the best band playing June 5th @ Mangawhai. Anyone gotta spare seat let me know!

- Fat Freddys Show...why not get a drop of Fat Freddys?!

- Get yourself a NZ album! (if you're smart, diggin at Real Groovy will give you a fuckin good deal!)

- Check the local blogs, they're fuckin mean!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Haz & His Bucky Of Beats - On Soundcloud!

Just some stuff which Haz been filtered through the Goonie Hodges bucky to produce some dope shit. Check it. The Front 2 Back mix is gangsta.

Wordz from the Haz:

besides knowing me for my production work with my 2 crews Home Brew & Team Dynamite, Im always working on other things with other people, remixing songs & just tryna keep bizy everyday while jobless & still at home with my parents. Its the only way I keep myself from going crazy.
Anyways..I made myself a soundcloud page 2day & uploaded afew songs, demo's & remixes from the achives for your listening pleasure.

David Dallas - Front2Back (Goonie Hodges Remix)byHaz'Beats is GoonieHodges

Haz' & Tony Tz - Yesterday (Demo) by Haz'Beats is GoonieHodges

Haz is on The Hip Drop, so keep an eye on him there too lol

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hip Hop Your NZ Music Month!

I'm pretty proud of this bill Niue is well represented in all 3 Hip Hop Groups. Shot boys!

Anyway, start off NZ Music Month with some feel good Hip Hop (that doesn't get radio play) that'll get you on the buzz for the month to represent the NZ! Everyone knows Home Brew & Dynamite & Oui got some Grooves for you & with all 3 on in one night, you're gonna hate 96.1 & 88.6 with a passion.

ROCK down!

Check samples of the crews below

Team Dynamite
Home Brew
Oui Groove

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Just Showing Off.....

Sup guys. Really I'm just showing off my picture with Hollie Smith. It's/She's dope.

I went to her concert lastweek with a couple mates...the venue could've been better, but herself, was amazing. I know Hollies music is not that shit you go clubbing for but when you see her in a nice smallish/intimate venue where you can sit so close, chill & watch her perform, then you will feel why Hollie is the shhhiiieeeet!

First off, there were too many dudes/chicks talking and laughin while Hollie was playing. Fair enough they wanted to socialise and try get in the opposite sex but do it outside where your game can't be heard.

Her band was all good, simple dudes, not doing shit too outrageous and just jammin out the groove. I thought Gooch was gonna drum, but then the man jumped on Keys! Her back up vocalists were tight. Bella Kalolo on side even...that chick has some powerful vocals kinda on that Jill Scott tip but still with NZ steez! Then there was Hollie...oh shit. She needs a grand piano on stage to match her vocals, but the way she sings and dances all on stage, you can feel the realness. 

Not only amazingly beautiful but her voice and style is too. Just watch how she expresses herself, she's 100% in the zone from start of song to the end and it's in the break between songs that you realise she only musical because she doesn't know what the fuck to say on stage between songs lol I was gonna ask her out for a smoke after the show, but had none, and anyway I was trippin when I met her, you can't tell but my heartrate was fucked. What can you do when you meet one of 3 favourite female vocalists? If I was more of a somebody I'd ask her if she wants to jam, cause dates are shit.

You don't spark up a dancefloor and sweat and shit (some songs you can though) to her music, you just soak in the Hollie Smith experience. It's intimate/honest music, especially with her new album, you can feel she just wanted to get shit out that she couldn't before (plus she's got the Gooch on her team!). I love her steez, it's fuckin bad ass...and that's real.

NZ female musicians are on some next level shit, it's got me locked for sure.

Below is my NZ Earth, Wind & Fire:
Earth: Hollie Smith
Wind: Iva Lamkum
Fire: Ladi6


R.I.P GURU (Gang Starr)

Rap In Peace GURU, respect.

We all know who this dude was....If you didn't, you better switch that 96.1 shit off and get digging. Listened to Urbanology tribute show (shot Substance) while rolling the bucky & one thing was evident that todays "Hip Hop" is lacking. The feel of Hip Hop. If you listen to any of this dudes tracks, you can feel that shit in every aspect of the song & from the get go your in the zone and don't come back till the track stops.

Shot GURU, I was a bit young and just missed out on the full effect/culture & everything of your music, but I came to learn enough about your music and how solid it is.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Young Islanders - Follow The Leader, Leader, Leader....

Just jumping off the music for a bit to our Pacific Island people...

I don't know about you but I'm pretty sick of seeing the same shit everyday I flick through the paper of Pacific Islanders getting up to no good and really just doing dumb shit (more of recent generations).  We all know the media and how they operate. They love negative stuff, but a lot of us have done no favours to ourselves in trying to help stop this and be known as the beautiful islands like displayed in this picture. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I strongly believe that Pacific Island people have for so long be guilty of not pursuing the things that we are evidently good at but I'm more talking about the recent generations because even though old school cats did the same, they still had enough brain to to survive and have success by way of turning nothing into something. I think is due to a lot of PI people at a young age (and in this new age) being forced into thinking that having a degree in streetlife is the best thing to have. Much of it is to do with the comfort that these type of "families" provide but maybe a bit too much comfort/influence is given so that they actually believe that it's what they are supposed to be, then becoming all they know, then become institutionalised and all downhill from there. Don't get me wrong, some values of the streetlife are good but at the end of the day, their place in society is negative, fair enough too. But what's making it worse it that these values were from the old school take on how things worked but now the younger generation honestly don't have near as much brains as to "how to run a gang" so to speak, so from the get-go of all these new crews, what they value is really setting them up for jail because fame, rolling in numbers, who's the toughest & street respect (acceptance) is their only "values" which are total bullshit and you can't get through to them because they think society doesn't accept them.

I'm sort of not 100% on the suggestion that in the Home is where this problem can be solved because to be honest, homes aren't what they used to be like back in the day.  Homes used to have a mum & dad (who honestly loved each other & their kids), many kids (so that you became tight with your brothers & sisters) and the concept of family was fully understood, "child abuse" actually worked & people listened.

Today you've got every combination but the right one & influences have changed so much (in the wrong direction) it's fucking insane. You can do everything by the book as a parent but still fail because your child is more influenced by society and what they think but in saying that, the home can still help in so many ways. The strong/direct ways that Islanders operate doesn't help anyone either. If you don't do this, you're that, that, that & everything but cool and they stay persistent on that sort of shit and don't give up until you give in which sometimes is the only way to stop it. To follow.

 This thing can go on and I think you's get my point. We as Islanders (the majority) don't encourage the real shit in life and what people are actually good at which is probably why we laugh and hate on "white" peoples success but it's a no brainer, they did what they were good at. Sorry if I went all over the place, it ain't a essay though, just a blog....but honestly...How much of us know people that were the meanest at something so much they could've made success no sweat out of it but ended up living the streetlife? I got a lot of the dome.

But yeah, I love my people, they're good dudes underneath that thick skin but fact is we need to start doing what we are actually good at. Not to prove a point, not so papers don't right about us negatively but just for yourself, because you can & it'll be easier for you to do what you're good to get that success which in reality isn't that far away.

Now back to the music....

Sunday, 18 April 2010

My (if not The) dopest night of Hip Hop ever.

Ok, first off. This might be a long as post, simply because what happened lastnight was the dopest Hip Hop event I've ever experienced! Dream come true. Also, BIGGEST UPS to the FGBz & BRIDGE BOYS for coming & supporting Oui Groove. Appreciated hard! Now, let the story begin...........

Big fuckin ups, downs, sideways angles, streetfighter caps & respect to Home Brew Crew & their event team for doing the hard yards making this night one for the history books!...and all the musicians that put it down, couldn't of done it without you. 

What went down lastnight relit the hip hop flame on the homefront! Downstairs had bands/DJs & Rooftop had emcee acts with DJs, both filled with fuckin hearty as crowds buying out the bar, having a mean time & was a place where J Boog (who made an appearance) meant nothing. It was (to me) a hip hop heaven. 

You had Home Brew, Usual Suspects, Money Mike, Koru Licks, Oui Groove & too many other dope NZ musicians just rollin' round like they were apart of the crowd, kickin it and joining in the vibe not being too cool dryball guys. There was no status...only this girl who had a BEEP BEEP, nice ass, Nek Lev bruv. Cheap liquor, good people, beautiful bartender with a smile so dope I got high & fuckin good music. It represented NZ Hip Hop to the fullest.

Hip Hop gigs were starting to get same old, same ol, but lastnight just fuckin inspired the musical souls of everyone that rocked up. Start of something awesome & it's nek lev stuff from here on. If you went Bacio or other commercial clubs, go jump off the missed out!

The crowd played the meanest role of the night & a fuckin mean one they were. Shot to all the support who came, feels mean playing for people (FGBz/Bridge Boys)! There was a solid mix of a crowd. Your usual white homies/chicks who get horsed and have heaps of money and just go crazy, foreign looking half-cast chicks that floss themselves, yung shottaz & their supporters, the Pacific Islands were well represented too, so were the stoners & just heaps of other good cunts. But everyone I saw was getting live whether it was nodding your head or full on MC Zumba moves, no one being dryballs or trying to prove points (well way less than K Rd) and people giving it up hard when people were performing & when that happens, the band or emcee performing feeds off the solid energy and puts more confidence into their performance. So being a good crowd helps & lastnight was a good fuckin crowd. Respect.

What can I say. A dream come true. Always told people at school I was going to be in a band with my bros and to play on the bill of musicians that I love, was pretty fuckin amazing! 

It was an endless night of good music, one after another. You never wanted to sit down or else you'd get told to get the fuck up from the crazyhorses to get in the groove. The rooftop was illest for emcees. It was pretty intimate & gave off a feel like you were in the hood just having the homies off the ave setting up on the street & getting live. Not to mention the crowd, they helped as said before. Interactive as, good shit! The atmosphere just seemed like the perfect comfort zone to rip it. When emcees ripped out acapellaz, it was the dopest shit, it's all about you when you do that & for those who did, carved it.

Downstairs where the band & bar was, ended up on point. The place wasn't packed like a Khuja gig where you feel the sweat of other hardcore fans but there was plenty of room to move, groove & conversate. All the bands were dope. Full of energy, full of feel & you could feel the heart in that shit! Jennifer Zea is insanely hot (killer vocals too). The bar was full like a fiend on crack, people were on that shit, helps when $20bux gets you a good deal! Watching different musicians and how they make love to their instruments is dope and just the level of enthusiasm was nek lev. Just on nek lev, I think it was the word most used in the whole night!

Then there was the greenroom. My first time, & I soaked it up, gotta say. I "drank like a kings" and probably annoyed the fuck outta every other musician just talking music for fuckin ages, my bad, I was living for right now. Drinking, just chillin & then you say wassup to the guy next to you & find out it's oh fuck..Scratch 22, oh fuck, Legal Money Mike...oh shit, Mt Eden Dubsteb! The night was full of them moments & it all just added to the reason why this night was Top Notch! If theres a greenroom, Koru Licks will reside there for the night haha but with all the brews, good cunts & random hot chicks that rocked through, you couldn't help but soaking up the atmosphere. FYI - I cleaned up because that's just what we do at home. Help make the mess, help clean up. It's just how it is. Big ups to the Greenroom, goooooood tiiimes!

The underground musicians on the homefront are dope. Kick back, chill, keep it real kinda dudes. 

I met this guy who had a stein-fro and a top hat. Truent I think. This guy is a top notch nek lev toast maker. How the toastmaking start, I don't know, but this guy had toast talent. He knew the routine of how to keep the toast rollin to minimise waiting time, knew the setting in which toast comes out crunchy but not too hard & knew all the good shit that could go on toast. I think hes in the wrong industry.Ever heard of Red Shoe Diaries? That's gonna be his next project name, or Sky1 lol

The beers in the greenroom were nek lev. Who has a beer that you can close & take away to consume at a later time? WTF. But I ain't complaining, it made me happy. Shot to all the people who kicked it in the greenroom for ages just chillin, it helped the tired dude that I was, out.

You're always gonna get some people who go against the flow, but lastnight it was about 5% if that. 5% don't have nothing on 95% down for the cause, in the groove gettin live good dudes.

To that chick in the kitchen, shot for that. It was mean hard. lol

Shot Chris Graham! He was in there haha Being Paparazzi & kicking it in the crowd like he's just some random dude. Solid

Lastly, to my band of brothers, Tonga & Rescue. Shot for the jam, I thought we were fuckin tight! If we played later, we would've got the crowd live! Shot brothers & homies.

Fuckin mean night bro, shoulda been there....and that night right there, was the best night of Hip Hop ever.

 PS: Maybe I'm a bit bias because I love the underground more than commercial music but I could easily school you on why it was without a doubt (from what others & I experienced) the dopest night of hip hop ever. (excluding old school shit, they were pretty dope back then but that's what lastnight was...) Underneath The Shade Video Clip, coming soon......& we all chipped in.

 To Be Continued........

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Home Brew In Wellington

I think they went to the wrong part of the country for this street fighter battle lol South Aucklands where the fanatics at haha

Home Brew Fundraiser Day 3

Shot Ridgey haha

Friday, 9 April 2010

THE LOCALS: Hollie Smith & Bulletproof - If You Fall (Radio Edit)

Hollie Smith is beautiful, if I was more of a somebody in the music scene, I'd ask her out for a smoke cause askin out on a date is cheesy and gay lol But anyway, I'm a fan of her new album & the fact it was analogue, music was felt more than planned & Riki Gooch was up in the mix on production and it all sounds good.

Here's a dope as drum n bass mix of a track called "If You Fall" and I think local Bulletproof (aka Jay Cyanide) was in on this. Fuckin mean as mix of two worlds colliding to make something explosive, I like it hardout. I think she needs to do a colab with Shapeshifter already. Cop the cut by registering with Rip It Up magazine & there's a Young Sid, Dane Rumble & P Money track free too.

THE LOCALS: Koru Licks - The Koru Licks EP

.....Now that you're all energetic & in music in-haling mode, check this new sly soundin slice of freshness from The Koru Licks with their debut self-titled EP described as.....

"A collection of tracks we made within the first few months of playing together as a band. It was recorded a while ago at The Kitchen Studios in Greenlane. A nice sampler of our sound that is going to evolve and grow with each new release."

I think it's a "sly sample" aka teaser of their sound. No doubt after listening from Intro to Outro your left wanting to here more from the band. Don't know why but the words Sly Jazz come to mind when saying what this sounds like. I mean from the band name & band members names like Truento, B Mynor, Miso Shiru, doesn't that sound pretty sly (my bad if I'm on my own buzz) not to mention their sound; Sly fusion of Jazz, soul, funk & young musical NZineering. I can picture the bro B Mynor n Truento with sly smiles randomly through live sets lol

Favourites would have to be One Take (with a nice upbeat bassline & Jennifer Zea!) & Riosynth (with Lisa Preston layin some hearty/mature vocals & solid switch up on the beat) The sound is cool & for the meantime (while we wait for more) just rotate this slice of vinyl viagra as the groove of The Koru Licks makes your head nod & get up to other sly activity.

It's mean as seeing homies your age that you know steppin onto the NZ Music scene, dope as (and gives us not down for town usually guys a chance to get outta the garage for a bit). Check the bros live @ Rakinos this Sunday

Ben Trinick - Drums
Abe Pai - Bass
B Mynor - Guitar / Keys
Truent - Turntable
Miso Shiru - MPC
Mikey Rockwell - Vocals / Percussion

Shout out to the Licks & big ups for the EP!

NZ Music.......The Real Shit.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

THE LOCALS: Koru Licks - Got That

Check out these tricky undercover dudes humbly droppin grooves round camp haha tricky trickstas. It's a lil bundle they got for you that's said to be "more in the direction of their 2nd EP". Nice groove brothers. Got That on some D'angelo type steez.

But anyway, I think these guys are gettin their sound established. That mellow tip with a rhythmic chicken love head nod, givin you enough love to hit up that chick across the room. I heard their EP is droppin soon, anytime soon, like real soon, just have a bucky, eat some Mangere Fried Chicken (see the Licks there sometimes haha), make love, wake up & it'll be up.

Home Brew, David Dallas & Other Good Shit!

Get down to the Funky-Watusi. Bet you can't wear a nintendo controller on the night. Free piss if you do, just ask David Dallas lol

In Further Brews News.........


            Looking at the plans, shits gonna be dope.
Watch $10, an extension lead skipping rope & noughts & crosses
                turn into somethin outta the barney bag

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Little Boy Waits - HOMEBREW Video Fundraiser

Last month Avondale's biggest selling boyband, Home Brew had their hopes of a music video grant for their song 'Underneath The Shade' crushed into tiny little pieces by the harsh hands of New Zealand On Air. However, like the brave solders they are, they swallowed their Boh Runga bitterness and began on a mission to independently raise the funds themselves.

They convinced local director Chris Graham (Trinity Roots' 'Little Things', and 'Sione's Wedding') to direct free of charge and then, after 17 hours of Chinese water torture, they convinced Auckland's best underground musicians to play free at a party on the 17th of April at Plaything Gallery

The event will be from 6pm to Midnight with DJ’s downstairs and live acts on the roof top. Alcohol will be cheap as piss and the venue is neck lev. (the old luggage dude who used to run it has gaped) So please come through, get blato, sing dance and canoodle and help these failing musicians make a video to make thriller look like poi e.

  Tickets available @ iticket, conch and beat merchants
(Cop one so you don't wait like the little boy)

Venue: Plaything Gallery (opposite The Kings Arms)
Address: 21 Dacre Street, Auckland
Time: 6pm - Midnight

In the true Keepin It Real tradition, they freestyled some work for you. cop it below you spoilt dudes!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hollie Smith Tour!!!!!!!!!

I'm going, if you are, txt up lol I don't wanna drive. Hoping to get my picha that'll complete the 3 charmed ones haha

Cop her new album in stores NOW!

THE LOCALS: Team Dynamite - The Demo Tape

Finally! lol

If you don't know Team Dynamite, the Producer Haz' lets you know what they're like HERE

These guys know where to get the good beats!!!! So they just gotta lace it up with their style of lyricism which is chill most times but they can switch it up & VIBE ON!

It's really just that feel good music that you've been waiting on having to put up with Ludacris' shit with Justin Bieber and other shit 88.6 times a day! Goon, I mean Good music explains itself, so download & get lifted. It's got lyrics too, pretty dope! Always mean to see what the MC's actually on about lol

Produced By Haz'
Mixed By DJ Substance
Mastered By Mark Howden
Art work By Tawk GBAK


Serving Suggestion:
Have a brew (or few) & a bucky (or 2)


My $2 on that MTC stuff

This is just my $2 to this MTC shit going on about Derty Sesh's video & what MTC said etc. Take it how you want to. It's all my opinion aye, but I try to make an honest point in my musical opinions.

Well basically media & people hated on the video saying all this bad shit, flooding the media, giving MTC a negative shade. All this went on (which was going to happen) while no one spoke to the MTC Executive to get the MTC side of the story. Check what they had to say HERE

I just want to say that Media fuck shit's their Job (If they generate more (good or bad) from that one story, they've succeeded). They fact that they have power has been evident since way before my time & this rapid developement of new-age technology ain't helping us people at all to try and stop that. This video from Sesh was in reality far from promoting rape etc because it was a pretty weak horror & if it was promoting rape etc, it failed. The news & their rape stories promote that activity more than anything. But in saying all of that, if a label is going to bring out something like that, you gotta know something like this is going to happen & be prepared to take on everything fired at you. It shouldn't be a suprise or something amazing. Maybe MTC overlooked that, I don't know?

What I don't get is was why the MTC Executive went and wrote an essay on their blog destroying the media & addressing particular people (which fans of MTC & people prob didn't even know THAT much detail about) and sort of made it look like a sympathy plea. Using the 5th form repetition technique with "it's in the media, it must be true" is a bit old and because it's all on a blog I could say "It's from the Executive of MTC, it must be true" and because it was soooooo long & wordy leads to think "some of it is not true, just like the media" I mean people would do "a lot" to cover their side, it's human nature.

But what I HONESTLY think, is that this was a case of Commercial Media vs Commercial Music (Correct me if I'm wrong in saying MTC has done only commercial music lately). The Commercial Music scene has the most influence on society more than the REAL music and the Media will do anything to make a new story (which they did here) and the fact that it was Commercial Music related, benefited them and their goal of the story was met (look at the result) Got a few people saying shit lol

I LOVE NZ MUSIC (everyone that knows me knows that) and the one main reason why is that it is REAL (You can feel it when it's played). The notes, the lyrics, the style, the feel, the everything about it is honest and not to mention amazing sound. I also believe that if it's REAL music, the media won't touch you as much/ maybe not even at all nor will they talk negatively towards you because it's REAL and people, even the media respect the realness. I mean KORA, Ladi6, Julien Dyne & way more NZ artists are doing their thing in Europe & Asia (for sometime now) but the Media don't want to let you know that (Bastards)

Don't get me wrong, MTC have done great stuff. Brother being number 1, going SXSW etc but a lot of it was due to the commercialism of the music and that's cool (if status is what you want) but I hope MTC can bring back some good music but at the moment it's all too commercial for me. Commercial success generates money which comes from a commercial product, so they got an A+ for that. And don't say I'm just hatin on MTC blah blah blah bullshit cause I like Sid (the only one really), his past shit has showed him to be mean as & his Red bull Live Sessions but the stuff as of late ain't showing off that much.

Wouldn't you rather (as an "NZ" artist...(don't get confused with Amercian) be recognised (with less media but more mana) musically rather than fame? I would.

My point - Keep the music REAL homies.

NZ Represent! - Props to Ladi6 whos performing with Mos Def tonight!   

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Scribe vs Savage Tour

I think this is a sequel to what happened at "I Love The Islands" concert in Aucks.  Hope they got some new shit too...Scribe 2001 song would win.


I know it's the beginning of the season but last Sunday's open play from the Warriors showed a slight chance that the way they played will get them a lil futher this year if the basics of ball security/protection, support play & good/not lazy defence can also be maintained.

The opening up of their own game (like what they displayed Sunday) defined the Warriors and what almost every other team fears most which I think is our "Unpredictablity". It's something that teams from across the ditch cannot practice at training no matter how they try to defend that sort of play, cause it's against their religion on gameplay (IMO) The Broncos were just forced to scramble everywhere to try and stop the boys but just couldn't apply "set plays" as they practice.

But we all know the Aussies can score points and come back in the blink of an eye. That's because of our defence I think, it's still not there, not tight and the defensive decisions from players could be better. I think we just gotta be more hungry and talk more because a lot of our points scored on us are quite soft. Also, our "same old story" of losing a fairly big lead in the second half and leeting other teams in with these tries, has to stop.

Aussies are fit as and that's where they take over, cause their brain still functions top notch 70 minutes into the game (and you don't want brains like theirs in League to fully function that far into the game) so out best option would be to be fitter and run our game than to try unecessary energy to not play our game and come up with some fancy moves and match theirs.

But I think it was an eye-opener for other teams. Our new halves are slowly fitting in and showing some confidence; I'm not so sure about Joel in there, seems to be offering nothing at the moment, still early to tel with Seymour out, but it looks like Maloney wants to play & help rebuild what could be a solid as team cause he was always there on Sunday to try and turn things into something. Also our forwards a doing good, Heremia at dummy half was awesome and if he continues like that it'll be hard for Ian to come back in but Heremia is pretty new at the position and comes from a lower-grade background so we'll see. Brent Tate also helping the team keep up energy levels as he always does & being there in support/defense helps.

Let's just not get carried away with excitement levels on the field and play some composed but Warriors, not other teams footy.

But big ups to the WARRIORS (I couldn't afford a season pass) and I hope for the best this season!


Solid NZ Jams On The iPod Right Now!

These are just some Jams that I recommend for you to cop via Amplifier, iTunes, Conch, Real Groovy, Ayebro or any other music/online music store!

Kora - War
Maisey Rika - Ladeda Day
Ladi6 - Caroline
Julien Dyne Ft Parks - Fallin Down (Mitsu Mix)
Del Rey System - Sweet Division
Solephonic - Higher (OTA Remix)
Recloose - Deeper Waters
Moizna - Just Another Day
Hello Sailor - Blue Lady
The Herbs - Dragons & Demons
Scribe Ft P Money - Scribe 2001
Deceptikonz - Fallin Angels
Che Fu - Without A Doubt

The list goes on, but yeah you know what to do, just cop NZ music & help it rise. It's to good to just sit in the crates at home!

Erykah Badu New Album Launch @ Rakinos

Sup guys, my computer is still shit and it's not worth trying to blog on but I got a breath to post somethin....that's good feeling!

It's been a lil busy last couple weeks on the homefront aye. Things going down over at ayebro (which I had heaps to say about but I had to end it, it wasn't the right place lol) I'll add my 5cents on here.

Hollie Smith, Nathan Haines, Dane Rumble, OdESSA and heaps of other artists dropping albums which is solid as! Big ups to everyone dropping albums so early in the year with fresh sound too. I'm waiting for Kora LP number 2 & Iva Lamkums debut!

Also, if you's got stuff you want posted up, let us know. I'm usually on the Hip-Hop/Soul/Funk tips cause that's what I can easily get updates on but I'm open to any genre aye, I love it all (well 99%) down to support NZ music and plant the good/hearty shit we hold!


Erykah Badu's new album is here and it's tasty from what I've heard! Some samples that you thought had no more life in em just got re-made by Erykah! For such a tight album, Raks is puttin on a CD Launch, so be there...if you like TASTY shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiit!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

THE LOCALS: Team Dynamite & Home Brew - Summer Love

Solid. Just saw this link from Haz Beats, it's a cut of a Team Dynamite & Home Brew collaboration. (First official one by my knowledge)

But you already know when something from the Brew & Team Dynamite (both well in connect with Haz Beats) drops that it's something good. I'm a fan of these two groups and what they bring to the scene & the timing of it all. They don't release tracks every 5 mins or drop mixtapes/EPs so much that the solidness of their sound fades; they drop in bits to keep you wanting more. It's straight to the soundsystems of the underground for this one.

Solid bros, I just botzed it and made a dynabrew picture lol Cop the cut below.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Friday Freestyle #3 (Even Though It's Sunday)

Sup Homies, it's Sunday & just had time to blog since Friday, but always keen to drop a rhyme so here goes.

A little part of a track i'm trying to piece together called The Light. 

Yo light,
Tried to find you lastnight,
Bumped into this Dark dude who said it's not,
What you want in your life,
Is this right?
Cause right now I feel confused,
Have the thought of being used,
As a weapon to make some more victims in the news,
I know I've met you before,
Why does my mind feel hacked?
Drop us a txt quick homie or else I'm stuck in pitch black....
And if I go a little further, I won't ever turn back,
The money & lies,
All the fakes & slys,
Are trying to reverse, all the good in our lives,
So while I try to buy time,
For you to come on by,
I'll hold my soul to the dark & represent the light,
But the darks not giving up,
Their games getting stronger,
Putting my life on the line but can I take it any longer....

Stop there cause it's getting all over the place, but have a solid week & big ups to Ayebro for letting my do this weeks top 5! Stay on the rhyme, beat, production & music!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Your Weekend: Supportin THE LOCALS!

Another week gone...sick of work and dumb shit going on (or not) 
Whatever your mood, the below events will only make you feel nothing but good.
Support your locals, and it's only natural that support will come back to you!





OTHER EVENTS GOING DOWN (Off the top of my head)





Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Summer Groove - This Sat @ Otahuhu League Club!

If you like local league & keen to support the move to rebuild a solid culture at the club, this is the place to be! So go down & watch a Otahuhu play Bay Roskill in their season opener following a night of live music and just a solid atmosphere.

Show your support for the neighbourhood & be in for a feel good buzz!


Reserves @ 12.30pm
Premiers @ 2.30pm

Featuring Oceania Storm
$10 Entry

All proceedings go straight to the planning of similar & solid events. 
Pretty solid initiative I reacon, hearty as!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Usual Suspects - Hard Copy Albums!


Get your copy right now! Solid bros for the hardcopy!

Buy it here                  here      or     here! 

THE LOCALS: Soulchef - The Kool Truth Instrumentals

You just got hooked up with some pretty dope shit right here. I don't know if you've heard The Fundamentals and their work over these (check it in the Ayebro archives), but now it's your turn!

Shot Shawn, I heard you doing good things, solid bro.

Another dope beat-tape outta the NZ crates

4 The Rhyme - The Beatdown With Haz & Taku Beats!

Beatmakers are under-rated & don't think they get the recognition they really should; It's more of an unspoken/underground thing where the people who really wanna know do. They make a beat & let the rappers of the group do the rest and they just kick it in the shadows.

Beats I believe can easily be released as a single (not commercial looped 4 bars stuff), because there's just as much (if not more) elements to beatmaking then MC'in & it's proven a lot beats are way better without an emcee.

So when I went to the International (but not really) beatmaking conference last month in a secret shack in the Uruweras, I caught up with Haz & Ta-Ku Beats. Haz living & beatmaking in NZ & Ta-Ku in AU with NZ roots. So I asked them about the beats & how much work is involved. Check it.

1. Sup bros, since beatmakers are behind the music; where are you's from, is beatmakin fulltime & what lead you to the beat rather than rhyme?

HAZ: Im from Auckland (southside baby) haha..yep I'm a fulltime beatmaker/producer. I started messing with beats more once I got confident with sampling old records. I used to have a job like every other person out there, bought me a PC & chucked my day job in to pursue music. I was rhyming at the time, but that slowly changed az my beats kept getting better & better az I progressed. I guess I had no balance with the rhymes & beats back then & to me I thought my rhymes were wack anyways. My beats had more feelings then my rhymes lol.

TA-KU: All my fam (pops side) from bay of plenty, whakatane & alot of my musical background comes from back home. Soul records, jams @ re-unions and all that jazz. I work fulltime as a health insurance consultant (stink buzzzz) but when I get a chance I'm banging beats till the early morn. Always love creating music - manipulating samples into a whole new sound, but ive never had success transferring creativity to paper - my raps are painfully wack! I keep them files hidden for my wedding day bahaha

2. Is it (beatmaking) always somethin you aimed to make money off or did it just slowly happen?

HAZ: It just happened az more & more MC's were feeling my production. I always knew that NZ was a small market & there's not enough money to be made here threw CD sales, but if you can get paid off your work, to me its just a like a daily job.

TA-KU: It slowly happened as my beats made its way into different circles. Making a bit more of a name for myself. Through myspace you always get artists hollering for beats. Askin for a price. Alot of artists can hear if quality time was put into a beat and have no probs paying some coin.

3. Can you let everyone know the value of a beat & how much work it involves? Cause I know people ask and expect it for free, or get offended and think "what a stink dude" cause it's not.

HAZ: Making beats aint easy, its time consuming, from digging for records, finding the right loop, chops, rearranging & sequencing everything together, shit can make some go crazy lol.Value, it depends how long its takes for me to work the beat, the more I work on a beat the more valuable (to me) so the prices tend to range. I used to give away my beats for free. At first, it was all good ya know, but then I saw others were getting paid for beats so I did the same. You can give away so many free beats before your fingers start hurting from all the hard work.people need to know that for some of us this is our bread & butter. We still do this shit for the love but why not get paid at the same time? Im over people dogging me for not giving them beats or labeling me az a money hungry mofo lol. If you really want the beat, pay for it.

TA-KU: At the end of the day if you can get paid for what you love doing then its a bonus. Alot of people do get put off if you label your beats with a price, but hey I can respect that. Making beats can be time consuming, alot of beatmakers are perfectionists aswell. Searching for that right sample, kick or snare. Flippin the sample just right. Adding bass. Adding synth. Chorus. Bridge. Changeups. I take alot of pride in my beats and see it as a representation of me. So they are of great value to me personally. It only seems natural to charge for a beat. It fuels the art aswell. The money I recieve goes straight back into more records, equipment & gear. I do have a few exceptions - hooking up beats with artists that are homies or well known who can help promote my music to the world.

4. Do you have a set process you have when attempting a beat & what do you think about the local beats from NZ & AU compared to the world

HAZ: I used to make beats the same way everytime, that slowly changed once I started messing with more different soundz/samples. As a local beat maker I love the scene at the mo', theres so many dope cats making beats in our lil City. NZ & AU beat makers,we have our own style & I like it, keeps us just as up there with the world in our own way.

TA-KU: When I first started. making beats had the same process. once I had a handle of that I started experimenting more and more. Listening to all genres of music can really help attacking music from different angles. NZ & AU beat makers are right up there man. Altho we may be musically isolated here in Perth or NZ we all feed off eachothers enthusiasm and styles. There are some world class beatmakers in both Perth & Auckland. ;). the world may not know that yet but...they will soon enough. haha!

5. So if an emcee asked you to make them a beat, would you listen to their flow etc to fit them? Can you tell us your set up that makes this ill shit?

HAZ: Definitly gotta listen to their flow & some of their content they rhyme bout, just makes it easier for me to work round their style etc. I like the beat to compliment the rhymes or vice versa. I gotta basic setup, a laptop, 8channel mixer (for recording), running FruityLoops 9 XXL & Nuendo 3. A turntable & few stacks of records & some good headphones. I've prolly missed out a few bits but this is my everyday toys, it's all I need really lol.

TA-KU:  Yeah bro I would definitley see what style they have, what steez they rhyme over but also ask them what vibe they want the track to be, then get busy. Alot of the time I give the emcee a variety of beats to choose from. My set up is simple. Fruity Loops, Cool Edit Pro, Soft Synths. All done on the PC. Record & chop up the records in cool edit and chuck into Fruity and get busy. easy as! (easy for you too say Reggie)

That's a wrap. Don't need to add anything just the some examples of your art that you've created. Cop their work below homies & jump into the beats!

Ta-Ku Beats - Taku Beatape 2010

If you don't already know these two beatmakers, wake up, get familiar & start diggin for the gold these two create & bury underground. 6 beat under. That far underground. Keep an ear out for sure. Shot for the interview bros, respect. Time to hit Mangere Fried Chicken! lol