Wednesday, 9 June 2010

THE LOCALS: INF, TMG & Gray - Own Steez Chap

Sup world. I been sick of computers (except facebook) and enjoyed a hearty NZ Music Month! Went to gigs every week and got on it every weekend to! Pretty dope! I mean I jammed at Rakinos for my 21st with all fams & friends there. Shit was solid!!!!!!!!

Big ups too:  FGBz, The BOMB Squad, O.N.E crew, Oui Groove & All other musicians, producers & artists who put on for NZ during music month!

Anyway, In my blogging absence apart from kicking back, playing sequence and eating I was lucky enough to make a track with a couple of my bros INF & Gray. I'm a poet but I thought i'd jam rapping. Still trying to find a flow without losing breath lol But anyway, here's the track. Downloads on!

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