Friday, 11 June 2010

LOCAL EVENT: The Feel Good Buzz, July 3rd!

Firstly, this is NOT a social. These are (aiming) to be on-going events held at the club in hopes to re-build interest in local Rugby League, atmosphere & culture because it should be 100% better than it is.

Simple concept. The more support we get from you guys, the better these events can get & in a bigger picture have more than just these night time events and do day events for kids etc and a whole other range of things that we've definitely got in mind but need foundation like anything to build.

A league club shouldn't just be soley to train & play Rugby League then go home. Even though that is the main purpose, clubs should have extra stuff like being able to go for a feed during the week, fun events & really a community base which will all help to lift the profile of Rugby League as a whole.

The last one was success and people definitely were on the Feel Good Buzz and no doubt it's waiting to happen again. So rock down, spread the word & support local Rugby League while having a solid night at the same time.

The Feel Good Boys

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