Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Scribe vs Savage Tour

I think this is a sequel to what happened at "I Love The Islands" concert in Aucks.  Hope they got some new shit too...Scribe 2001 song would win.


I know it's the beginning of the season but last Sunday's open play from the Warriors showed a slight chance that the way they played will get them a lil futher this year if the basics of ball security/protection, support play & good/not lazy defence can also be maintained.

The opening up of their own game (like what they displayed Sunday) defined the Warriors and what almost every other team fears most which I think is our "Unpredictablity". It's something that teams from across the ditch cannot practice at training no matter how they try to defend that sort of play, cause it's against their religion on gameplay (IMO) The Broncos were just forced to scramble everywhere to try and stop the boys but just couldn't apply "set plays" as they practice.

But we all know the Aussies can score points and come back in the blink of an eye. That's because of our defence I think, it's still not there, not tight and the defensive decisions from players could be better. I think we just gotta be more hungry and talk more because a lot of our points scored on us are quite soft. Also, our "same old story" of losing a fairly big lead in the second half and leeting other teams in with these tries, has to stop.

Aussies are fit as and that's where they take over, cause their brain still functions top notch 70 minutes into the game (and you don't want brains like theirs in League to fully function that far into the game) so out best option would be to be fitter and run our game than to try unecessary energy to not play our game and come up with some fancy moves and match theirs.

But I think it was an eye-opener for other teams. Our new halves are slowly fitting in and showing some confidence; I'm not so sure about Joel in there, seems to be offering nothing at the moment, still early to tel with Seymour out, but it looks like Maloney wants to play & help rebuild what could be a solid as team cause he was always there on Sunday to try and turn things into something. Also our forwards a doing good, Heremia at dummy half was awesome and if he continues like that it'll be hard for Ian to come back in but Heremia is pretty new at the position and comes from a lower-grade background so we'll see. Brent Tate also helping the team keep up energy levels as he always does & being there in support/defense helps.

Let's just not get carried away with excitement levels on the field and play some composed but Warriors, not other teams footy.

But big ups to the WARRIORS (I couldn't afford a season pass) and I hope for the best this season!


Solid NZ Jams On The iPod Right Now!

These are just some Jams that I recommend for you to cop via Amplifier, iTunes, Conch, Real Groovy, Ayebro or any other music/online music store!

Kora - War
Maisey Rika - Ladeda Day
Ladi6 - Caroline
Julien Dyne Ft Parks - Fallin Down (Mitsu Mix)
Del Rey System - Sweet Division
Solephonic - Higher (OTA Remix)
Recloose - Deeper Waters
Moizna - Just Another Day
Hello Sailor - Blue Lady
The Herbs - Dragons & Demons
Scribe Ft P Money - Scribe 2001
Deceptikonz - Fallin Angels
Che Fu - Without A Doubt

The list goes on, but yeah you know what to do, just cop NZ music & help it rise. It's to good to just sit in the crates at home!

Erykah Badu New Album Launch @ Rakinos

Sup guys, my computer is still shit and it's not worth trying to blog on but I got a breath to post somethin....that's good feeling!

It's been a lil busy last couple weeks on the homefront aye. Things going down over at ayebro (which I had heaps to say about but I had to end it, it wasn't the right place lol) I'll add my 5cents on here.

Hollie Smith, Nathan Haines, Dane Rumble, OdESSA and heaps of other artists dropping albums which is solid as! Big ups to everyone dropping albums so early in the year with fresh sound too. I'm waiting for Kora LP number 2 & Iva Lamkums debut!

Also, if you's got stuff you want posted up, let us know. I'm usually on the Hip-Hop/Soul/Funk tips cause that's what I can easily get updates on but I'm open to any genre aye, I love it all (well 99%) down to support NZ music and plant the good/hearty shit we hold!


Erykah Badu's new album is here and it's tasty from what I've heard! Some samples that you thought had no more life in em just got re-made by Erykah! For such a tight album, Raks is puttin on a CD Launch, so be there...if you like TASTY shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiit!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

THE LOCALS: Team Dynamite & Home Brew - Summer Love

Solid. Just saw this link from Haz Beats, it's a cut of a Team Dynamite & Home Brew collaboration. (First official one by my knowledge)

But you already know when something from the Brew & Team Dynamite (both well in connect with Haz Beats) drops that it's something good. I'm a fan of these two groups and what they bring to the scene & the timing of it all. They don't release tracks every 5 mins or drop mixtapes/EPs so much that the solidness of their sound fades; they drop in bits to keep you wanting more. It's straight to the soundsystems of the underground for this one.

Solid bros, I just botzed it and made a dynabrew picture lol Cop the cut below.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Friday Freestyle #3 (Even Though It's Sunday)

Sup Homies, it's Sunday & just had time to blog since Friday, but always keen to drop a rhyme so here goes.

A little part of a track i'm trying to piece together called The Light. 

Yo light,
Tried to find you lastnight,
Bumped into this Dark dude who said it's not,
What you want in your life,
Is this right?
Cause right now I feel confused,
Have the thought of being used,
As a weapon to make some more victims in the news,
I know I've met you before,
Why does my mind feel hacked?
Drop us a txt quick homie or else I'm stuck in pitch black....
And if I go a little further, I won't ever turn back,
The money & lies,
All the fakes & slys,
Are trying to reverse, all the good in our lives,
So while I try to buy time,
For you to come on by,
I'll hold my soul to the dark & represent the light,
But the darks not giving up,
Their games getting stronger,
Putting my life on the line but can I take it any longer....

Stop there cause it's getting all over the place, but have a solid week & big ups to Ayebro for letting my do this weeks top 5! Stay on the rhyme, beat, production & music!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Your Weekend: Supportin THE LOCALS!

Another week gone...sick of work and dumb shit going on (or not) 
Whatever your mood, the below events will only make you feel nothing but good.
Support your locals, and it's only natural that support will come back to you!





OTHER EVENTS GOING DOWN (Off the top of my head)





Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Summer Groove - This Sat @ Otahuhu League Club!

If you like local league & keen to support the move to rebuild a solid culture at the club, this is the place to be! So go down & watch a Otahuhu play Bay Roskill in their season opener following a night of live music and just a solid atmosphere.

Show your support for the neighbourhood & be in for a feel good buzz!


Reserves @ 12.30pm
Premiers @ 2.30pm

Featuring Oceania Storm
$10 Entry

All proceedings go straight to the planning of similar & solid events. 
Pretty solid initiative I reacon, hearty as!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Usual Suspects - Hard Copy Albums!


Get your copy right now! Solid bros for the hardcopy!

Buy it here                  here      or     here! 

THE LOCALS: Soulchef - The Kool Truth Instrumentals

You just got hooked up with some pretty dope shit right here. I don't know if you've heard The Fundamentals and their work over these (check it in the Ayebro archives), but now it's your turn!

Shot Shawn, I heard you doing good things, solid bro.

Another dope beat-tape outta the NZ crates

4 The Rhyme - The Beatdown With Haz & Taku Beats!

Beatmakers are under-rated & don't think they get the recognition they really should; It's more of an unspoken/underground thing where the people who really wanna know do. They make a beat & let the rappers of the group do the rest and they just kick it in the shadows.

Beats I believe can easily be released as a single (not commercial looped 4 bars stuff), because there's just as much (if not more) elements to beatmaking then MC'in & it's proven a lot beats are way better without an emcee.

So when I went to the International (but not really) beatmaking conference last month in a secret shack in the Uruweras, I caught up with Haz & Ta-Ku Beats. Haz living & beatmaking in NZ & Ta-Ku in AU with NZ roots. So I asked them about the beats & how much work is involved. Check it.

1. Sup bros, since beatmakers are behind the music; where are you's from, is beatmakin fulltime & what lead you to the beat rather than rhyme?

HAZ: Im from Auckland (southside baby) haha..yep I'm a fulltime beatmaker/producer. I started messing with beats more once I got confident with sampling old records. I used to have a job like every other person out there, bought me a PC & chucked my day job in to pursue music. I was rhyming at the time, but that slowly changed az my beats kept getting better & better az I progressed. I guess I had no balance with the rhymes & beats back then & to me I thought my rhymes were wack anyways. My beats had more feelings then my rhymes lol.

TA-KU: All my fam (pops side) from bay of plenty, whakatane & alot of my musical background comes from back home. Soul records, jams @ re-unions and all that jazz. I work fulltime as a health insurance consultant (stink buzzzz) but when I get a chance I'm banging beats till the early morn. Always love creating music - manipulating samples into a whole new sound, but ive never had success transferring creativity to paper - my raps are painfully wack! I keep them files hidden for my wedding day bahaha

2. Is it (beatmaking) always somethin you aimed to make money off or did it just slowly happen?

HAZ: It just happened az more & more MC's were feeling my production. I always knew that NZ was a small market & there's not enough money to be made here threw CD sales, but if you can get paid off your work, to me its just a like a daily job.

TA-KU: It slowly happened as my beats made its way into different circles. Making a bit more of a name for myself. Through myspace you always get artists hollering for beats. Askin for a price. Alot of artists can hear if quality time was put into a beat and have no probs paying some coin.

3. Can you let everyone know the value of a beat & how much work it involves? Cause I know people ask and expect it for free, or get offended and think "what a stink dude" cause it's not.

HAZ: Making beats aint easy, its time consuming, from digging for records, finding the right loop, chops, rearranging & sequencing everything together, shit can make some go crazy lol.Value, it depends how long its takes for me to work the beat, the more I work on a beat the more valuable (to me) so the prices tend to range. I used to give away my beats for free. At first, it was all good ya know, but then I saw others were getting paid for beats so I did the same. You can give away so many free beats before your fingers start hurting from all the hard work.people need to know that for some of us this is our bread & butter. We still do this shit for the love but why not get paid at the same time? Im over people dogging me for not giving them beats or labeling me az a money hungry mofo lol. If you really want the beat, pay for it.

TA-KU: At the end of the day if you can get paid for what you love doing then its a bonus. Alot of people do get put off if you label your beats with a price, but hey I can respect that. Making beats can be time consuming, alot of beatmakers are perfectionists aswell. Searching for that right sample, kick or snare. Flippin the sample just right. Adding bass. Adding synth. Chorus. Bridge. Changeups. I take alot of pride in my beats and see it as a representation of me. So they are of great value to me personally. It only seems natural to charge for a beat. It fuels the art aswell. The money I recieve goes straight back into more records, equipment & gear. I do have a few exceptions - hooking up beats with artists that are homies or well known who can help promote my music to the world.

4. Do you have a set process you have when attempting a beat & what do you think about the local beats from NZ & AU compared to the world

HAZ: I used to make beats the same way everytime, that slowly changed once I started messing with more different soundz/samples. As a local beat maker I love the scene at the mo', theres so many dope cats making beats in our lil City. NZ & AU beat makers,we have our own style & I like it, keeps us just as up there with the world in our own way.

TA-KU: When I first started. making beats had the same process. once I had a handle of that I started experimenting more and more. Listening to all genres of music can really help attacking music from different angles. NZ & AU beat makers are right up there man. Altho we may be musically isolated here in Perth or NZ we all feed off eachothers enthusiasm and styles. There are some world class beatmakers in both Perth & Auckland. ;). the world may not know that yet but...they will soon enough. haha!

5. So if an emcee asked you to make them a beat, would you listen to their flow etc to fit them? Can you tell us your set up that makes this ill shit?

HAZ: Definitly gotta listen to their flow & some of their content they rhyme bout, just makes it easier for me to work round their style etc. I like the beat to compliment the rhymes or vice versa. I gotta basic setup, a laptop, 8channel mixer (for recording), running FruityLoops 9 XXL & Nuendo 3. A turntable & few stacks of records & some good headphones. I've prolly missed out a few bits but this is my everyday toys, it's all I need really lol.

TA-KU:  Yeah bro I would definitley see what style they have, what steez they rhyme over but also ask them what vibe they want the track to be, then get busy. Alot of the time I give the emcee a variety of beats to choose from. My set up is simple. Fruity Loops, Cool Edit Pro, Soft Synths. All done on the PC. Record & chop up the records in cool edit and chuck into Fruity and get busy. easy as! (easy for you too say Reggie)

That's a wrap. Don't need to add anything just the some examples of your art that you've created. Cop their work below homies & jump into the beats!

Ta-Ku Beats - Taku Beatape 2010

If you don't already know these two beatmakers, wake up, get familiar & start diggin for the gold these two create & bury underground. 6 beat under. That far underground. Keep an ear out for sure. Shot for the interview bros, respect. Time to hit Mangere Fried Chicken! lol

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hollie Smith Tour - April 2010!

Finally! lol been waiting on a intimate Auckland show from Hollie. You know, just one where she ain't million miles away while you stand in the crowd, but one you can soak up every note in.

So in celebration of her new upcoming album "Humour & the Misfortune of Others" she's set a 6 day tour! Boom, I'm there! So if you are a fan of Hollie, you'll be stoked and if your not, rock up to one of the below shows & become one! She's dope, she's got tattoos & she can sing & play keys at the same time! I'll see whoever of you's at Sales St!

Wednesday 7th April
No 8 Wired Bar

Friday 9th April

Saturday 10th April
Al's Bar

Wednesday 14th April
Sale Street

Friday 16th April
San Francisco Bathhouse

Saturday 17th April
Black Barn

Band: Darren Mathiassen (Dums), Tyson Smith (Gitar), Crete Haami (Bass) and Riki Gooch (Keys).

Friday Freestyle #2

I know it ain't Friday, but not gonna be near a computer tomorrow so thought i'd drop something.  It's just the first verse & hook of my first home track I recorded with my brothers. We recorded like 3 times then the mic caked it and we've been witout since lol will send it to Ayebro once I find it. (the rough copy)

New Zealand music gotta stand up,
And put your hands up, represent,
The crates,
Nobody else can duplicate,
Cause it's the sound of the NZ,
Full of roots & never empty,
And everybody envys us,
For the sound that we bring,
The style that we do, in full effect and always cuttin somethin new,
We keep it fresh,
Don't style to impress,
The underground, underfoundid,
Don't effect how we soundin',
Fiendin for the track, not fiendin for the top,
We just keep it on the downlow & put it down with the
So that everybody feels the flow,
And it's the same vibe to vibe, so everybody knows,
It's the sound of the under-rated,
Hardly crated,
Steppin up from the under-estimated,
Bringin sound from the ground up, on the realness,
So put your hands up if you feel this!

Cause I'mma roll for the NZ,
I'mma bounce to the NZ,
Keep it NZ until my soul runs empty,
Keep it live, keep it locked in the zone,
100 %, homegrown music,
From the rap to the funk,
From the rock to the soul,
Let everybody know it's the NZ,
One band, one sound, straight from the underground,
It's the land of the long white cloud!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Gig Of The Week: Oui Groove & Team Dynamite!

This weekend, I'm playing in Oui Groove (along with my Brothers, Tonga & Rescue!) and I'm pretty fuckin excited! I always told everyone I was gonna do a gig one day and it's come. Dope shit!

We bringin some fresh live hip hop. Simple n solid is how i'd explain it best, so come to the gig and see the rest! I gotta say it's soundin pretty tasty and lyricist Johnny Rescue is ripping the mic!

So get your vibe on with Team Dynamite & Oui Groove this weekend at Rakinos!

Tungsta - Electric Guitar
Tonga - Keys/Trumpet
Johnny Rescue - Lyricist
William - Drums
Benz - Bass

Monday, 8 March 2010

Pasifika - The Collection

For those looking for "Just Another Day" by Moizna, it's on here. Finally I can get a good version of the song.  Personally, I would of chose different tracks but good for the cause.

I've still been digging for "Pioneers Of A Pasifikan Frontier" compilation which has Lost Tribe, Moizna, AKA Brown etc on it, but have had no luck. Emailed every tom, dick & harry but no replies & record stores are out.  If you know anyone whos got it and willing to sell it, PLEASE....


Best Of Pasifika Auditions 2010 @ Galatos, Auckland

This here is a solid movement for Pasifika music & the upcoming festival going down this week @ Western Springs.

It's performances by 10 individuals & groups that auditioned in January, some of the Dawnraid crew & some guests from Hawaii, Papua New Guinea & Mana Maoli Collective. Think it's solid as they're doing this. Gives a lil promotion to the artists and $10 to get you in the night isn't nothing complain about. Also, shot for Pasifika for sparking this up, if it's on-going, I'm pretty sure they'd get more auditions but it's just good to see Pasifika (& Dawnraid) doing good things and seeing the value of live music, it's unbeatable really.

Looks like Dawnraid Family is finishing up each night. I'm still yet to see Aaradhna live, so I'll see her Tuesday. She's a bit sick atm (via Facebook status) so hope she comes right.

Starting from today @ Aucklands, Galatos Bar are the following people giggin:

• Monday 8 March
21:00 - Mana Maoli Collective
21:10 - Church Boiiz
21:40 - City of Missles
22:10 - Tribal State
22:40 - Savage

• Tuesday 9 March
21:00 - Mana Maoli Collective
21:10 - Electric Kokozoids
21:40 - Ah Rega
21:10 - Local Vocal Crew
21:40 - Aaradhna

• Wednesday 10 March
21:00 - Tenement Yard
21:10 - Church Boiiz
21:40 - D'Vive
22:10 - Nick Hohepa
22:40 - Tenement Yard
23:00 - Sweet & Irie

• Thursday 11 March
21:00 - Mana Maoli Collective
21:10 - Electric Kokozoids
21:40 - Tyronne
22:10 - Youthtown presents "The Collective" - Suspect 5, Chase, Usual Suspect, Tyson Tyler, Queen Shirlee and KD Loksta
22:40 - For Da Grind (4DG)
22:10 - Dawn Raid Family


THE LOCALS: Mr Sicc - On Deadly Grounds

 Here we got Mr Sicc pretty much giving you the work of his past with a few exclusive tracks. Ups to him for dropping this, y'all really need to go buy "Home Invasion", "Fleamarket" & "Old School Machete Funk" I got Machete off iTunes and someone gave me "Home Invasion" after their kid just chucked something in the trolley at The Warehouse lol solid. That album is his best I reacon & Machete Funk is just old school beats reworked but not a fan of J Dubb flow.

So get your download on and see what's happenin on Deadly Grounds.

Friday, 5 March 2010

THE LOCALS: Miso Shiru Presents - Miso Shiru's Disco Soup

Finally copped this mix that was brought to you by Miso Shiru (Koru Licks) that was posted earlier this week! I've never heard some of these tracks before and all of them together make one tasty Disco Soup! It's dope. It's the first time I've listened to a whole disco mix and happy I did because I forgot how funky this shit is!

Hard driving basslines, repetitive funky hooks, hearty vocals, cheeky percussion & raw funky riffs make one solid groove! Ups to Miso for this one, keepin the summer vibe live! I know makin mixes ain't easy. Solid selections on this one bro, puttin it down for Disco.

Catch Miso & his fellow Koru Licks playing live at tomorrows Shake n Bake @ Western Park, Ponsonby. Start Time of 3.20pm!   

Friday Freestyle #1

Lastnight I was inspired by a handful of solid local musicans. Amazing what music & weed does, it turns 1 hour into 4 haha So I thought I'd post up some freestyles/rhymes every friday to try and get better at this rap thing.

This is not really a freestyle today, just 10min of thinking and seein what I can come up with today so....

Lets bow our heads and Rap,

Dear Hip Hop,
I thank you for the right to rhyme,
And the mic, so I can speak my mind,
Cause If I speak to myself,
I am considered insane,
So I use Rap,
As a way,
 To sort of make it OK,
And I ask that you please guide those, who have been taken astray,
Who make tracks for others,
And not in their own way,
And I'm grateful for the way,
That rhyme has progressed,
And that it only elevates, everytime you have a sesh,
And as I inhale knowledge,
I exhale fire,
And so I thank you for the blessing,
 I will only take it higher.


Well that's what I could come up with, spit some if you got time.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gig Of The Week: Shake n Bake, Western Park, Ponsonby!


Here are the set times so you know when your favourite musical actswill be playing on the day:

12:00 – 12:40 : GEMMA & AN PHAM (Dj Set)
12:40 – 01:10 : SCRATCH 22 (Production Showcase)
01:10 – 01:50 : JC DC (Dj Set)
01:50 – 02:40 : JULIEN DYNE & RIKI GOOCH (Soundsystem)
02:40 – 03:00 : SHINE FORUM (Dj / MC)
03:00 – 03:20 : CHARIZMA (MPC Set)
03:20 – 04:00 : KORU LICKS (Live)
04:00 – 04:20 : BEN WAH (Production Showcase)
04:20 – 05:00 : CHEF D (Dj Set) 05:00 – 06:00 : HOMEBREW (Live Band)

Hosted by Chip Matthews & Tyra Hammond (Base Breakfast)

30Hertz will be supplying the soundsystem, fresh from the Rum Shackresidency at Splore. - Other activities to keep you occupied on the day… A canvas you can hang on a wall, but a vehicle is out there on thestreets.. This year the CUT COLLECTIVE will be re-doing the enclosedtrailer often seen in the Grey Lynn area.

If you’re needing your weekend caffeine hit the COFFEE GUY will be onhand serving it up however you like it. Hungry?? Base FM’s favourite Italian personality Tito will be servingup slices of pizza courtesy of PANE & VINO.

Vinyl diggers can get their fingers dusty trawling through the bins ofthe BEAT MERCHANTS beat market. New school skate store LEARNING CURVE will have a selection of paint,tees, prints & accessories available. Op Shop in the park?? Ladies don’t forget to check out the range ofvintage & 2nd hand clothes, belts, bags & jewellery.

SHAKE N BAKE is a family friendly event, with great facilities atWestern Park including toilets, a childrens playground with flying foxand plenty of shade. Bring a picnic, sunscreen, BYO and a goodattitude!!

New NZ Albums - Hollie Smith, Lewis McCallum & Nathan Haines

3 solid artists & what I am sure is going to be solid LPs! I've heard Lewis' which at the moments holds my favourite single "First Date" with Fran Kora & the rest is a fresh sound of Synth, Sax & awesome guest vocalists.

Hollie comes through with her 2nd studio album that was recorded (mostly live) under the guidance of Riki Gooch.  It was a pretty smoothly produced album as there was just a consistency of agreement on ideas and even some tracks had one take in the final cuts. She's one of my favourite vocalists along with Ladi6 and Iva Lamkum, so it's always solid to hear new stuff from her! She's coming to Aucks in April, so I'ma go meet her and play 2pacs I Ain't Mad At'cha on keys.

Lewis McCallum comes fresh with his album full of life and hearty synth work.  This album just makes you nod your head and you can't help but like this sound that he's put together! He's mos def on point with the selection of vocalists he's got on: Fran Kora, Mara TK, Tama Waipara, Deva Mahal & more, the fit nicely on his work.  Catch him jammin tunes of his new album at Auckland Domain this Sun @ 5pm!

Nathan Haines has been around for a while and has been around the globe doing his thing in music (more than people actually know)  He's self-produced a 7th album that is more expermental than his past.  Going hard on the live recordings for this one he still shows that he's still got the groove! I've heard some of it live & it's that good feeling music. He's doing a Aucks show in March, so keep on the look out!

Lewis McCallum

Hollie Smith
"Humour & The Misfortune of Others"
Monday March 15th
PRE SALE via Amplifier

Nathan Haines
"Heaven & Earth"
Monday March 15th
PRE SALE via Amplifier

NZ Music - That's Wassup!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

THE LOCALS: Home Brew - Benefit

With your weekly DPB payslip this week you also get a FREE Home Brew track. Nice. It's off their double album coming out (one part dark, one part light..this is off light) so store some pingers for when that comes round. Here's what they said:

It's not just another song about getting drunk and stoned. It's a song about getting drunk and stoned on the benefit.

You already know it's a mean song, but just for those passionate die hard followers, don't quit your job to jump on the benfit so you can proudly stand up and sing this song at gigs and parties haha

Enjoy, yet another hit from the Home Brew Crew. They are playing this week at Khuja (ain't been there in ages!) so if you like 69, you'll like this gig mos def!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

4 The Rhyme: Tom From Home Brew

Sorry about the inconsistency people, computer access is limited at the moment, bare wit me, solid.

So I went to see Tom at his house in Avondale and get welcomed inside.  There's no furniture & no TV, only a big fish tank, a tin of cabin bread, a Marilyn Manson poster & a mic where the lead goes into the floor....

Nah not really I'm all shit but we all know Home Brew & I got the chance to pick emcee Tom' brain a lil. I was going to go with the less serious tone but I'll leave that for the commercial media who want to know if Toms single or has tattoos of past girlfriends so here goes everybody, 4 The Rhyme not the Slime (commercial shit) I got lazy trying to edit the grammar, my bad.

1. Hey bro, were you always a music & hip hop fan growin up as a kid? dubbin over mums tapes n stuff?

TOM: hahaha. yeah bro. was always into hiphop, since i was about 5. My next door neighbor was 5 years older than me. Tongan dude. he was blind, so all he did was music. He had like the Naughty By Nature tape, Coolie High Harmonie hahaha all that kinda shit and that's what sparked me up. Plus my dads job is music, hes a jazz bassist, so I was stuck with music in my life. But yeah gravitated to hiphop for some reason. And yeah i remember dubbing tapes hard bro. Put the cellotape over the top or stuff the holes lol. Got doggystyle for my 10th bday from my Dad. (then my mum took it off me after she read the cover) and got the Kriss Kross tape from Santa when I was like standard 1. (shame)

2. How do you come up with these lyrics that people just get? Thats delivery & flow too. You're dope on all topics you spit (coverin it perfect in 3min), how is that?

TOM: Your too kind bro. I wouldn't say I do anything different from any other emcee. I just rhyme about my environment. Only reason i rhyme more about everyday normal shit is probably cause where I grew up if you rhymed about bullshit, people would know. They'd be like bro that's eats and you'd just be a dick. So when I first started rhyming I just spat about stuff that people could relate to and it worked way better than tryna spit like canibus nuclear physics kinda shit. But yeah.

3. Was last week EP a hard thought out project & did it have an aim, or was it just "your music"? cause when it dropped, it was epic no doubt & for NZ hiphop a fresh good sound that no one's done before.

TOM: Shot bro. to kind again. Guna make people think we're geniuses with this interview hahaha. Nah Last Week was just something that happened in a week. I'd written this one track (Thursday) about what happened to us the night before, cause it was a mean night. Me, Haz, Lui, Lucky Lance all on it in the shack behind my house freestyling n shit n I wanted to capture that the next day. You know how you have those nights you can't really explain why it was so good, it's just like 'fuckn mean night bro, shoulda been there'.. so yeah I wrote that track and then we just wrote another 6 songs every other day of the week and put it together. It really just came together. funny how that shit happens aye. Music doesn't really give a fuck about how long you take to make it. It just either works or not. so yeah, then we called it last week.

4. Bro, you got your style sussed & to transition to a live band was another epic move. Do you think you know what you want as an artist. From lyrics to beat to flow to feel?

TOM: Shux.That's a hard one. I guess what every artists wants is to be unique, so that's always something. Then on top of that I really just wana express my self you know. Just wanna say my thoughts and make them rhyme. but sometimes, like at the gig on saturday night I feel like I didn't get the chance to express myself. Too many north shore chicks yelling out 'do friday, do fire' hahaha. You know. And sometimes I just wana do some personal shit or some shit about like consumerism, or global warming, or some boring shit like that. But people just wana hear tracks about getting drunk and stoned all night hahaha So i guess that's one thing I wana do, I wana express myself.

But yeah. With the live band I think the main goal is to just be invisible, like be another instrument. just another part, instead of be the lead man. And that's something i'm really still learning a lot about. and as far as lyrics, i really like the art of rhyming. just like a mean cross over in ball, or a good goose step in league or something like that. just the show offy part of it. the technique of it and shit. I always wana improve on that. and then as well as that I always wana be clear with my story telling and shit.  there's HEAPS I wana work on as an artist. Always gota progress aye. But yeah just to be me and to be able to express who I am and maybe make people think about the world and shit without half the crowd walking out. thats about it.

5. Are you lookin to sign with a label anytime soon? I heard a label can direct your sound, is it somethin thats keepin you away? Pretty sure if you ever drop an album it will debut at number 1.

TOM: hahahaha number one on the avondale market charts. But nah yeah I don't think we'll sign with any majors aye bro. I really wana hold on to control of how we market ourselves. cause people probably don't ever think about it, but we do all our own promotion and marketing. We decide when we wana drop our e.ps. and how we guna get them out n all that. I think that's something I wana hold on to. Plus we can say whatever we want on our tracks, so we feel free. And I don't wana give that up to anyone. Plus in todays industry, you don't need a label you know. It's a way smaller world with the net. Just need clever ideas and good music. So yeah, guna stick to what we doing and hopefully people just like the music. That's the main goal.

Shot Tom, thanks for the Interview, solid. I don't need to say more lol One point he mentioned I reacon is what most people lose sight on, is "The Art of Rhyme". It is an art, which requires passion and heart really, so you can't abuse it, or it will turn out to be "just another rap song" and if more of these are made than songs with heart, the meaning of the art gets lost?. Kinda like grafitti, people abuse it by tagging and so for the passionate grafitti artists, the art has been demoted because people think it's vandelism.

But anyways, I'm out to learn Niue, you can catch Tom, LuiC & Haz (with fuckin solid live band) at Khuja this Friday night! Again, if you ain't seen them, you're missing out!

Download for FREE all their tracks below. Shot Tom, Lui & Haz.

Download - Home Brew EPs
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Far, sorry guys, I can talk music forever, my bad. I love it. That's real.