Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Deceptikonz 2010: Album Leak - Puttin In Work

Here's a track off the new upcoming D-konz album with a name "Evolution" at the mo (it might change), this ones for Ayebro, ayebro!? Harris knows, good work bro. Not enough to say the direction of the album, but just solid to hear the D-Konz back on a track together! Bring back them Fallen Angels type music! But someone said "If you like the sound of this, you'll like the album". I need to hear more though.

Anyone got the "Elimination" album I can buy off them? My grew legs sometime ago!

"Now if I had a brick / for every single fault that I had /
I'd build steps and migrate to Gods land......" - D-konz at their best.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The F3 Theory - Little Music Making Guide

Sup, this is just a little thing I thought to post up about when you write music. It's all personal opinion, but I think it's a good little handy guide to eventually come up with a solid/hearty piece of music & can be applied to all musicians & lyricists.

I just named it the F3 Guide/Thoery which is standing for FEEL, FLOW & FIT. I believe if these 3 points are all taken care of, then you'll be sweet, or if ones out of whack a bit, you change a little of the other to even it up or maybe even make it better. Don't get me wrong, musos will know this, but I know a lot of people who stop making music, just because they think they're not getting anywhere, so here goes:

PS: Let me know if I'm not interesting, i'll try not to go on, but it's a blog & that's it's beauty.

FEEL: This ones the most valuble & most important of the lot because what you feel is right, will direct the song & it's outcome.  I know heaps of factors that can affect feel but you'll almost always know when it all feels right & you'll mos def feel what shouldn't be there or shouldn't be done.  But if there's more than one in the band this might be hard to achieve due to 3 different minds, so you always got to say what you feel might work & what doesn't because then when another band member decides all because you never opened your mouth, your saying their idea is best, but other times things can just work.

So yeah, the only way to really get it bang on is to keep jamming in until you get almost a sexual feeling to what your playing, cause it means your locked in the groove & really feeling it. C'mon let's be honest, your not going to stop make love to someone (when your not out of your mind) until they feel your best performance & you show them wassup! Musics the same, don't settle for shit cause you can't be bothered trying & getting something to it's best & if it don't work, leave that idea for another time.

FLOW: So you've got your basic idea sussed and now your starting to add stuff. My advice is when you add something, stop there & play it back say 5 times and really listen to it, because you want to maintain a good flow in which you think everything has chipped in equally and everythings in full effect. Eveyones different, but sometimes this can really make or break a track; The feel is all there, but the flow ruins it. It's good to ask for opinions (but you don't have to listen) and someone could actually help you.

This is especially important to emcees. I believe flow is everything when rapping. I think that lyrics don't have to be the best cause a solid flow can make it sound ill and sometimes, that's more of what your going for.  Like them old school cats, be honest, their lyrics (not all) were cheesy as but they flowed like crazy! And also, a bad flow can just expose shit lyrics, so you don't want both. A good way is to listen to the beat you wanna jump on and just ramble random shit but with the aim of getting a flow & after a few attempts, you'll sus it.   

FIT: This is just the last touching up stage, does it all fit? You can think you have the finished product that you want but then you listen and think, nah that shouldn't be there & maybe it shouldn't? But yeah, just look over your work (sort of proofreading) and you can switch up, take away or add stuff. Just watch out to what you do, you might end up at stage one again.

So yeah, thats my little 5cents. Let us know if it's all good or not, or even better, add your own points.

Warriors vs Manly - North Harbour Stadium (Pre-Season Match)

I support NZ music & one sport: RUGBY LEAGUE!

This week you can see the Warriors take on these Sea Eagle guys in their last pre-season match and by the way they've been performing (winning 2 from 2 games so far) & some top names missing in those games, this should be a good one! Theres only one problem with NZ fans; If we don't win, the support is not there or walk out early. Thats rats if you ask me, those people must be better league player to take on the Aussies (The best in the world, well not at the moment, cause we are homies!)

Warriors vs Sea Eagles
North Harbour Stadium, Albany
Saturday 27th February, 5pm

Tickets Prices Range From:
Adults ($15, 2 for $20 GA)
Children ($10,3 for $20 GA)

Last week & the week before, the Warriors had the below wins

Warriors vs Cowboys - 28-6
Warriors vs Roosters - 26-8

Monday, 22 February 2010

Lewis McCallum - "Syntheology" Album Release

This Sunday, you've got a special one. As apart of the Music In Parks series, Lewis McCallum has combined a free concert with the release of his upcoming album "Syntheology" (NZ musicians always putting in down for FREE!)

This albums good, I've been jammin it all week and can't get enough of his First Date song with Fran Kora, too dope!

So end your week (hopefully after the Warriors win against Manly) with some dope level fresh NZ music while buying Lewis' new album at the same time!

Lewis McCallum & Band
Live @ Auckland Domain (Band Rotunda)
Support from Otis Mace from 2pm

Band Members
Steve Thomas - Drums
Ben Turua - Bass
Craig Warne - Keys
Esther Stephens - Vocals
Lewis McCallum - Sax, Synthophone, MPC

About The Album
Features vocals by - Fran Kora, Mara TK, Deva Mahal, Cherie Mathieson, Tama Waipara & Esther Stephens
Mixed by Andy "Submariner" Morton
Mastered by Dave Cooley in LA.
Art by Casey King

BASE FM - Shake n Bake, March 6th!

This is gonna be dope, quote me on that! And I just realised (yes, just now!) I can't be there, F**K!

Afterparty going down @ Rakinos, same night featuring:
Coopa Blu, Dan Paine, Junior, Future 1, CXL, Chip Matthews & Wendy Douglas

$10 after 10PM!

Enjoy it for me please.

THE LOCALS: Tyson Tyler - Ballin On A Budget EP

After so many requests for this EP, they're giving you what you want!
Read below from Breakin Wreckwords:

" Last year we released Tyson Tyler’s Ballin On a Budget EP as a bonus download for people who pre-ordered the Reality Cheque album from JBHifi. Unfortanetely not every town in NZ has JBHifi stores, so after a huge amount of requests, we have decided to put the entire EP up for free download. The 6 track E.P features production by Yorel, Nate-D, Saia (of Usual Suspects) and the huge Monstars Ink remix featuring Young Sid, Flowz, & Monsta Ganjah "

This is heavy, Tyson Tyler bringin it on these ones. Balling on a Budget doesn't seem to stop him creating 
Hip Hop. Shot Tyson!

THE LOCALS: Christoph El' Truento - Homemade Shit!

Shit, a word that in queens english is an offence/negative word that gets people in the "shit" because it's said. But if a NZ musician uses the word shit (usually refering to something they've made/or got) your guaranteed it's a solid piece of work! That's real. Like if Kora say; we got some new shit coming on the way, or Ladi6 says it's just some new shit we made; it's that good for the soul "shit"

This beat tape from Truent is no different. Like his first beat tape I Wanna Write A Book One Day..But For Now... he comes fresh with his mid/down tempo beats that I think are jazz/nu jazz influenced with his chords he uses & he drops some synth work in there too.  He dropped this on Sunday which is the best atmosphere (the whole sunday morning jazz feel) to listen/feel his beats because they're relaxing but got an edge that makes you nod your head helpin to clear your head of that shit you smoked/drunk on Sat. Or just have a blaze n lock in (thats solid too).  My favourite 3 are "Be There", "Honey Dips" & "Rappin Facts" due to what you could do to them if you were drumming them live.

I think the cover explains this one well. Music & weed. I get the impression that this was a product of one of them moments where you have a smoke and have a jam at making some beats & everything fits/flows/feels and comes together right, that 1 beat turned into 21 (like a lyricist on a roll with writing etc)

I'm liking beat tapes at the moment because it's a break from everything with words. So download this tape courtesy of Truent. Shot Truent for tagging the songs in an organised manner. Re-naming songs is shit (queens english one)

Waiting on all you other beatmakers for tapes! NZ allday!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Gig Of The Weekend - Lewis McCallum @ PSC!

This is the artist of the week (for me). A solid collaboration with Fran Kora, it's too dope & a hearty album due out soon!

I don't know much about Lewis to be honest, but I liked his album WAKE & saw him a fair few times when he was jamming at Sales St & he's mos def got the solid groove that NZ musicians seem to have!
His synth work is crazy & he's another one of them multi-instrumentalists!

I just heard samples of his new album & it's a good one for 2010. (I haven't properly listened, so I won't go into detail yet) but you gotta check out "First Date" with Fran Kora & if you dig it, you'll dig the LP, it's fresh. On the line of Julien Dynes Pins & Digits but more synth & upbeat to it. You can catch this fresh jazzman in action this weekend @ PSC!

Lewis McCallum Live / (DJ set from Scott Towers)
Saturday 20th February
Ponsonby Social Club 

FREE, so you got no excuse!

Oh yeah, and Maisey Rika/Tama Waipara (Waipara is also features on Lewis' album) are playing the Classic Comedy Bar in Aux this Sat!

Rugby League Is Better Than Rugby Because....

Just a little break from the music...

Answer below:




PS:  Just stating the facts.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Favourite Jam! - Lewis McCallum ft Fran Kora: First Date!

This is my new favourite song. It's already in my Top 5 colaborations of this year, cause it's fresh & the feature of a Kora brother is just crazy! Lewis was pretty clever in choosing Fran on this one, cause he fits perfect and the melody/harmonies & flow come out solid on this number! Big ups Lewis for this one!  Lewis McCallum has got a new album coming out soon, check the details below! Shot Lewis, you done it on this one bro, hard to beat in my books!

In Stores, March 1, 2010!

27 Reasons Why KORA Is The Best Band EVER!

I always talk this band up, so I thought I better back myself up. So here is 27 reason why I think KORA, is the best band ever! If you know The Delivery Man, you'll know why it's 27. I know it's not neccessary, but i'mma let it be known for the fact they are & i'd like to think I'm the biggest Kora fan around!

1. Their debut album I believe is the best album in the world. If they ever have a live one, they'll have the 2 best albums in the world. I'll argue why just like you & your favourite album. There hasn't been a album that has amazed me as much as when I heard this.

2. They've got one of the most simple/solid songs about culture. "...never give up on our culture, cause when a cultures lost, another cultures won..." agreed?

3. They've been made into dope cartoon characters with dope names! Tiger Cutler, Danalow, Chen Chen, Wicket & Sephiro

4. They use an Alesis Andromeda A6 & transform it into the most solid Synthesizer that gives their music super-powers!

5. They never fail to deliver when they perform live. I believe they were born live. Every song is energetic, tight, powerful & no one botz' it! They all know their role on stage & they do it solid!

6. Their harmonies. They've sussed out what works best for them and have got them on point! Powerful & Rootsy!

7. Have you heard their lyrics? Insane! "..i'll pop your bubble & if you bring enough ___, i'll lay you out on the double" - YEAH!

8. They played a FREE gig in South Auckland! Shot KORA!

9. They are a family band of brothers (inc Dan!) I think that's a reason why they've got such a rich & powerful sound & (their tightness as a band), because they've got that family connection & jamming with the brothers is pretty hard to beat!

10. Some of the brothers do Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (Brad, Fran & Stu...I Think?) that's dope! Fighting, like Music, is a solid release (so I've heard?) lol

11. Their live pause! (when the band stops completely for an amount of bars) was something fresh on the scene & is their trademark move. Thing is, you don't know how long they gonna stop for.

12. They've played together as brothers since Primary playing with their dad "Tait Kora" in a band called Auntie Beatrice. That would've been mean to be in a family band back in Primary days!

13. Their songs have similar themes just like everyone else' songs, but they switch it up & disguise it with their Poetic style that make people think it's some weird shit when actually it's not lol - "...Give me an inch & i'll make it a mile, spent my last coin, on a crooked smile / show me the way, if you leave I shall live to fight another day.." SOLID!

14. The number of tracks (inc 2 interludes) on their album, which to this day I still have not gotten sick of!

15. Their "Skankenstein" clip, was the CRAZIEST! Proves why these brothers are the CRAZIEST!

16. Their range of sound! From "Barely Can't See" to "War" to "Skoolyard" to "The Delivery Man" just to name a few.

17. They know the meaning of a band, the meaning of live music & how to make the most out of their sound. It's evident in their live performances & even when they did their studio album, would've been a hard switch but they sussed it!

18. I believe they go by the rule "Play Hard or Go Home!" and going by what i've seen, they never want to go home!

19. Everything they touch, it's gold! I mean look at Lewis McCallums new track with Fran Kora "First Date" Fran kills it with his solid vocals and putting it down Kora style with his lyrics "..Guess my moves were something whack / My head is spinning tryin to come up with a plan!..." - It's my new fav song. I'm gonna bet it's in my Top 5 of this year!

20. The best live music show i've seen thus far (why Ive been to more than 5) They're not the most fancy musicians doing mind blowing solos or anything but stage presence, energy & feel is insane! Know each other well as musos.

21. I heard they were playing at King Of The Door. Solid fight music! lol

22. The fact that they are a NZ band is pretty awesome to know!

23. Their music has an awesome dark edge which is mellowed by their massive NZ vocals/harmonies. Gotta have the darkness! lol

24. The song "On My Mind" - Probably the most played Kora song out of the lot because it's the one that people get hooked and is the introduction to Kora on many occassions. I like it because at most good music parties, you know you'll hear at least one Kora song! - "Don't fake me, don't play me, i'll smash you in the face & you won't like me!"

25. Laughton Kora acknowledged my effort as a fan for my self-made Kora T Shirt I take to every gig (cause it's the only one signed by all members. It got a beer stain from a horsed dude at a Kora gig, so it's now the Kora flag) and pretty much follow them everywhere. Shot Laughton. I'm a pretty hardout Kora fan!

26. Brad Kora (The Drummer) Gave me his drumsticks! Shot bruda, Bless!


....and big ups to their Tait for forcing music outta them, Respect!

Well that's my reasons. It could've been longer & in more depth but you can hit me up if you want to know anything else. I suggest you buy the album, it'll be $30 well spent! Make sure you catch their live show if you haven't already done so, you'll be amazed!

Wu Tang vs The Beatles Mixtape!

Since RZA is tonight I thought i'd drop this (even though it's not NZ).  It's a mixtape seen over at The Hip Drop that's got Wu Tang acapellas over some Beatles samples & at first I thought WTF? soon to realise, it's actually dope!

This mixtape fuses opposite ends of the musical spectrum but is probably why it works nicely. With Wu Tang being hardcore on the mic, these mellowed out beats make The Wu Crew easier on the ear & you can listen to their raps properly and enjoy the flow whether you like Wu Tang or not.

Same goes for The Beatles, hearing the Wu on their samples makes Gangsta Beatles Music, I think that's the best why I can put it.  The rawness of The Wu fits the trippy music of The Beatles making this juxtaposition mixtape work solidly.

So download this and see what'cha think. I reakon it's dope & for those hitting up RZA tonight, let RZA know how we ROCK THE BELLS!

Monday, 15 February 2010

See "Boy" 10 Days Before It's Movietised

You's know it's coming, but you can see it a bit earlier before it's "Movietised" and goes to the cimenas, only one problem, there's only 3 shows in Keri Keri, Gisbourne & Whangarei.

How To See Boy Before It's Movietised

2. Become a Member

3. You'll get a e-mail for a free ticket to a show but tickets are limited, so get in quickie!

Blogging - Safer Communities Together

Sounds In The Sun 2010!

If you didn't go last year, KORA rocked the fuckin stage and ripped up the crowd and everyone before that was also solid!

This year, my favourite female vocalist Ladi6 (Iva your 2nd, Hollie you 3rd!) is going to be there but it's gay cause I can't get the day off!! So you go for me and throw your 6's in the air as she seduces you musically on the mic, trust me, it's true!

Go rip shit homies!!

Deceptikonz - Returning 2010!

Ossssh! D Konz coming back! Well my favourite track is still "Fallen Angels" and when they drop their new album, I hope they've had enough of that "Club Bangin Shit".

I hope they do something similar to Fallen Angels & come back hard on that "Consious Hip Hop" Tip!

Dawnraid - New Signing 2010

I just read this over at the Dawn Raid Site. Who do you reakon it'll be? It's been a while since Dawn Raid signed anyone so this guy must be pretty good! I have no clue at the moment. See what they reakon below:

"After some long negotiation Dawn Raid has signed an exclusive deal with one of the South Pacific's leading Hip Hop stars that's been putting in serious work for the last 2 years releasing music in the US, Australia and NZ, check in next week to see who has officially joined the Dawn Raid label.

This signing is sure to get people talking and will be a big project to look forward to in 2010!!"

New Dawnraid Album - Tracklisting


Come Back (Next To You) - Brotha D feat. Frisko & J-Son
Need Me - Mark Antony
Music (Makes The World Go Round) - Frisko feat. Aaradhna
Rocker Girl - Devolo
The Love That Comes From You - Sweet & Irie
Frisko feat. Aaradhna
This Is The Reason Part 2 - Monsta Ganjah
Live It Up Remix - Roscoe Umali feat. E-40, Savage & Bobby Valentino
What Up Uce! - Sa.Mo.Ends feat. Savage
Rated R - Mareko
New Era - The 7
Putting In Work - Deceptikonz
Say What You Wanna Say - Brotha D & Dawn Raid Family
Bring You Down - Beatrootz

Black n Bling - Thursday @ Sales St

NOTE: This is not a Bacio Party, it's Sales St. So if you know how to have a good time regardless of your surroundings, RSVP yourself by emailing with your full name & email address & that's you sussed! Heard $12000 of MOET is getting gone too!

Sales St..."Sippin MOET is where you'll find me!"

Tiger Translate 2010! Art Comp & Free Tickets!

Hey guys, gotta chance to post, solid! I saw this event coming up called "Tiger Translate" which is worth mention

You know the beer, but do you know what they get up to? What we got is a music/art event where you can win $2000 for your art; There is a theme though

"The theme for this year‟s event is "Balance" - striking a balance between the various elements that occupy our lives has always been at the heart of Asian value systems. In context with East meets West.

Should be pretty dope aye? So if your keen, go to where you can enter & if you're quick enough, get 2 free tix to the event! So I suggest you jump on it right quick so you can get in on the action! Little details below on the evnt, but hit up the site!

Entries Close
Sunday 28 February 2010

Tiger Translate 2010 Featuring Music From:
DJ Kentaro (Japan), Muscles (Live) (Melbourne), The Naked & Famous, An Emerald City, The Drab Doo Riffs, Homebrew, A.D.A.M, Stinky Jim, The Turnaround Vs. The Hit It & Quit It Review, The North Shore Pony Club, Boomio Sound.

Friday, 12 February 2010

King Of The Door - March 26th, 2010!

This is where bouncers show their customers that walk in the door that like Wu Tang, ain't nuttin' to fuck with basically.  In a charity event where bouncers (who I think do MMA) will fight each other to raise money for a Charity, fight for their venue & the King Of The Door title. The winning bouncer also gets the Afterparty at the venue.

Should be a good night. I heard Kora is playing & if that's true, you'll no doubt see me there! Cop the full details on the website below.

Friday March 26th, 2010
Venue: ASB Stadium
Tickets: $35 (Pre-sales) $45 (Door Sales)

King Of The Door - Official Site

THE LOCALS: DJ Susbstance - The D Mixtape

There's a lot of solid DJ's NZ's got spinning wax & DJ Substance is one of them, specialising in Hip Hop.  I knew this guy was good, but until I went onto his site, it's obvious he's up there. I'm not going to say all the gigs he's done, you can check his slideshow after the drop (it's fuckin crazy) but one thing i'll tell you, is that Substance was the firt NZ DJ to attend a Red Bull Academy; Respect bro, big ups! that's a dream to go to one of them!

He's apart of the Home Brew & Team Dynamite Crew (Audio Engineer), so he knows what's good & no doubt he does some mixing for them and lets them use what he's got to make dope fresh Hip Hop. Haven't really studied him as a DJ but I'm sure he's been the one on the decks when I'm dancing non stop at Zen, Rakinos and other local venues.  I think you'll see him on a Bill every week.

Substance also has his own radio show on George FM called "Urbanology" and if you want to keep in the loop of the solid Hip Hop travelling around, then this is the Hour of Power for you Hip Hop Heads. Bringing you exclusives each week & supporting that local good/hood shit!

So if you want a solid Hip Hop DJ, Substance is the man (I think he's even got Sean Kingston, Hurricane Chris, Young Jeezy & other up there artists) & to cop a sample of his work, download his D Mixtape & yes it's FREE. Catch him this weekend at the J Dilla Tribute gig @ Zen, $15, Saturday! Gonna be dope.

"Urbanology" Radio Show - Wednesdays @ 10pm on George FM      

Thursday, 11 February 2010

New Dawnraid Album - Coming March 1st

Just hope it's not all club bangers aye.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

George FM Parties 2010!

Finally cracked SOME info! You know them George FM Park Parties they had last year? Well somethin similar is gonna happen soon & I'm pretty wrapped to here it. I've been trying to source whether or not these will be going on since Oct 2009 & finally found out it's on this year!

From what I know there's gonna be 1 pool party, 1 beach party & 1 park party! Shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Girls are gonna be bangin'! (and the music)

So keep on the look out for these Parties & when the time comes, call up everybody & pitch in on a party!

NRL ALL STAR GAME! - This Weekend!

This came fast, which means NRL season is going to start soon! The all star game that by looking at both teams will be a state of origin (maybe a bit more in a sense) attitude type game.  Both teams are stacked with reliable players running through each line up & heaps of mongrel in the Indigenous side.

This is also the first game where the double try rule will be trialed.  This is where teams get to choose whether they want to go for a try or attempt the conversion, kinda NFLish if you ask me & changes the game when it doesn't need to be, I mean the state of the players these days you don't need such thing, takes away excitement.

Anyway, here's the teams, both publicly voted & you can catch the game live on Sky Sport 2 this Saturday at 9.30pm.

Preston Campbell, (Titans) (c)
Yileen Gordon, (Bulldogs)
Blake Ferguson, (Sharks)
Jamal Idris, (Bulldogs)
Beau Champion, (Rabbitohs)
Greg Bird, (Titans)
Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, (Raiders)
PJ Marsh, (Broncos)
Nathan Merritt, (Rabbitohs)
Cory Paterson, (Knights)
Scott Prince, (Titans)
George Rose, (Sea Eagles)
Wendell Sailor, (retired)
Jamie Soward, (Dragons)
Sam Thaiday, (Broncos)
Joel Thompson, (Raiders)
Johnathan Thurston, (Cowboys)
Travis Waddell, (Raiders)
Carl Webb, (Cowboys)
Jharal Yow Yeh, (Broncos)

Luke Bailey, (Titans)
Adam Blair (Kiwis)
Matt Cooper (Dragons)
Robbie Farah (Tigers)
Israel Folau (Broncos)
Kurt Gidley (Knights)
Jarryd Hayne (Eels)
Michael Jennings (Panthers)
Darren Lockyer (Kangaroos) (c)
Benji Marshall (Kiwis)
Josh Morris (Bulldogs)
Nate Myles (Roosters)
Luke O'Donnell (Cowboys)
Billy Slater (Storm)
Cameron Smith (Kangaroos)
Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs)
David Shillington (Raiders)
Anthony Tupou (Sharks)
Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles)

NRL All Star Game
Saturday February 13th
Live on Sky Sport 2, 9.30pm (NZ Time)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Weekend Gig Reviews - Home Brew/ Koru Licks & Kora

First up, the blogs unco atm, my lappys broke & yeah just can't be consistant as I used to but i'll post when I can.  I like reviewing music/events & giving my opinion on stuff so I just wanted to give you a little of what went down in what was yet another dope weekend for music!

Friday was the double banger of Home Brew & Koru Licks! Place was packed as, walls were gonna break n shit, straight up. The Licks jumped on first (sory bros missed most of the set, got pulled up by mrs officer) & these guys rip it.  They've been together a while now so they no their sound and know how to work off each other in style, it's like 2nd nature & because they're a young band, they've got a lot of support that came and helped give Koru Licks the right kinda vibe to play a hearty n energetic set; Honestly, the crowd plays a big part in a live product, but good thing with NZineers, we rip shit regardless & the Licks have taken this trait, solid stuff brothers! You's amped the crowd for Home brew to finish.

Home Brew live was next and they did what they did best. Get live! Tom, Lui & Haz with a solid live band played another good set with tracks off their new "Vintage EP".  To be honest, I don't think Rakinos is a ideal live music venue for an event that went down , it's too small, but besides that, Tom still got the crowd singing (if thats what you call it) along to his songs & drove homies to the bar so they could come back and sing louder & make the crowd bounce higher; shit, even got dudes battling i the crowd on who knew the most words! haha shot HB! Their 2nd set was better for me cause a few people cleared out & the music seemed more tighter with a better listen & then Team Niue started a Niue chant haha But wherever Home Brew go, it's guranteed to be on & with the live band, it just gives them an even bigger audience to come n either listen to the music or come for the hip hop/atmosphere. Toms the illest emcee at the moment (safe to say I think) as an artist he knows what he wants & going by the gigs, it's exactly what you want too. My brother also plays for them & if you get to listen to him, you'll be amazed by his skill. Big ups to everyone for Friday!

Kora played live in South Auckland for the first time & they wanted to make sure they gave a good impression. They didn't fail! Coming off the plane from Japan & straight onto the stage, you'd think they'd be tired; far from it! They rocked it, and what more to say? The best band on this earth ended Waitangi Day the best way possible. Kora style!

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Weekend - Places To Be!

The below 3 gigs is what I recommend to you if you're looking for a good time for cheap or FREE for the matter. There's other mean stuff going down that you can find here but I think this is the top notchers for the weekend starting in about 6 hours & don't forget to download Home Brew's new/old EP, it's good.

Friday let's you forget all that shit that went down at work with a gig that promises to have nice girls there (and also good live music) Two bands, one night & $5 whiskeys so you can get the confidence to hit up that nice girl at the bar or wherever solid girls are found.

Nothing much to say here. Maisey has that sweet lil angel voice, J Williams...yeah what you said & KORA the best band in this side of the world to finish off with a high!

Also going down @ Okahu Bay is something similar with bands like 1814, Three Houses Down & Six60 are playing, that's gonna be a good one too!

Free live jazz is one of the better ways to end your week. Still something not enough people rock up to on the regular (me too) so go get live on a sunday & forget about that One Tree Hill shit.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Brew Up! - BASE FM

This ones been a long time coming and I'm not suprised at the pic haha (no guys, a little kid did not consume alcohol like your dad) too funny.

But even better than the poster is the actual show, honest. After cracking a way around the firewall at work (and going to the show a few times) I discovered this radio show all about "yo gee, who's this by, can I download it" dope type music. On the often they even do live freestyles with whoevers up in the studio so you can know that goldilocks was a slut & the pigs killed the big bad wolf (and positive stuff)

So if you at a computer with fast as internet & or just down for good music, have a listen to the Brew Up; A mix of Hip Hop, Soul, Old School & Local music that'll convert you from commercial music (yes, there is other music besides this)

THE LOCALS: Home Brew Vintage - FREE EP!

Wassup! Here it is homies, fresh out the cellar, the Home Brew Vintage EP. A collection of work from 06/07 that the crew brewed up to bring you a EP with higher alcohol content (for all you Bad Bad Whiskey horsey dudes). I mean look how many tracks you get, 10! That's an EP on drugs bro, so you're getting a pretty good deal all for FREE! 

I haven't listened properly to all tracks, but emcee Tom Scotch shows that he can rap about whatever in his style that he's owned & made world famous in NZ. The beats are still dope & now you got some new Home Brew to learn the words to (gimme a week haha) so you can horse it at the gigs n rap along like I can't help doing. So cop it, get a box & chill to some new but vintage Home Brew.

Here's a track from the EP

Since you got this for FREE, go n check the bros live this Friday (along with Koru Licks) at Rakinos & shout them a brew in appreciation of another dope FREE EP. But this ain't a hip hop gig, just a solid one. My brothers playing gat too & he's pretty good.

Big ups to Tom for hooking this up & to the HBC: Tom, Lui, Haz & Substance! I'll see you at the gig without a beer in my hand, cause my bank, yet again, has hit zero lol

Monday, 1 February 2010

4 The Rhyme - Word From The Licks

I know a few guys (Ben Trinick, Abe Pai & Brandon Haru)  from school (which had shit music facilities sorry to say but if money was put to music than rugby, it would've been epic) that used to jam with what we had at school and they were consistant, always jammin, joining bands & keeping the groove on the move.

Now, 3 years on,  I've been hearing this Band around town that play live jam sessions & I thought only older musos jam live on stage? but I guess I was wrong with the "Koru Licks" who Ben, Abe & Brandon are in along with other local Musicians/DJs Truent, Moiso Shiru & Mikey Rockwell!

Koru Licks, a band of exprienced musos who like to jam off each other & experiment with their sound play live regularly at Rakinos (Free with All The Way Live) and from what I've heard are quite tasty with what they got. So I got a hold of Brandon & Logan to let us know a bit about the Licks.

How did the Koru Licks come about & what's your style of sound?

LOGAN: We are just a group of best mates who have been involved in other projects / bands etc but brought it together to make something fresh. Our sound is just soulful & jazzy wether that be dub, hip hop, funk, disco & whatever feels good.
BRANDON: We established the group probly half way through 2009 and Logan came up with the name, but you'll have to ask him about it lol We were and still are really close friends from way back, sharing musical thoughts and ideas with each other.  I would describe our style of music to be very loose with no restrictions because we've learnt to anticipate one another. Sort of like a psychic bond, everyone knows what to play and when to play it. Improvisation allows freedom and space to be creative when your in a groove.


What's it like jamming live in front of a crowd?

LOGAN: We freestyle around most of our tracks so the type of crowd usually determines how long/loud/eclectic/sexual we make it haha. Like i say we are all boys so it doesnt matter if theres two people or a full house we just get drunk and have fun with it.
BRANDON: As the saying goes wether its 10 people or 100 people its always fun performing infront of a Live audience. It gives us the opportunity to share our music with everyone in real-time.


What do you think of NZ music & it's scene?

LOGAN: NZ and Japan have the illest shit coming out right now, we're lucky. I love Aotearoa steez, Electric Wire Hustle, Julien Dyne, Jellphonic, Home Brew, Team Dynamite, Lisa Preston, Lewis McCallum etc etc. Its dope when ur favourite artists are just local cats you bump into at bars, record stores & gigs. Creates a real close-nit music community.

BRANDON: The New Zealand music scene in this day and time is incredible. Our sound reflects upon alot of Kiwi bands and musicians that have brought nothing but inspiration to this band. Homegrown talent thats becoming global and recognised in different parts of the World.


Any album on the way?

LOGAN: We make tracks every week and think we're going to do a couple themed EPs before we think about doing an album. No hurrry, when we've evolved to a point we think we are on some next level shit then we'll do a proper album. Experimenting for now... i want do some filthy dicso synth shit and then on the flip do like an old King-tubby type dub ep aswell...haha
BRANDON: We're in the process of mixing and mastering an EP which will soon be available to everyone for free. An album however will probly take a little longer towards the end of 2010 or 2011

So the Licks are in the mix with some projects, solid! Also, I 2nd that Japan & NZ are on some same level dope type music, the feel & groove is pretty amazing. I think both are similar in that it's a simple concept on sound, but the add ons & personal touch to switch up simple concepts makes it double dope. Japans got soul like Rudy.

Straight up, I agree with the bros in saying the NZ music community is "close nit" lol cause we've really got nowhere to go. Your bound to catch a local muso at Conch,  Bar or keeping it real on their Skateboard (shot Truent) and the good thing about that is that you can stay in the loop with a lot & MOST musos are easily approachable lol The NZ live music scene is also busy as, so your guaranteed to see a good quality band jamming good vibes.

Shot to Brandon & Logan for that & you can catch em getting all live n shit at Rakinos every 2nd Sunday of the month or add them on FB and keep an eye on the status reports & invite lol Check their band page & Rakinos Gig Guide to see more from these smooth sexual soundin musicians.