Friday, 29 January 2010

Crazy Horses! - New Gang

I'm sure by now that everyone knows about this movie coming up in March which looks like a breath of fresh comedy for NZ film. The film recently premiered to a sell out Sundance Festival and has got some hearty "Churs" from people around this world place (selling out 4 shows after the premiere)

People make websites for movies before they come out & Taika has done the same with this one in Kiwi Steez lol There is a home for "The Crazy Horses" a gang from the movie, and after seeing it on Facebook, it's good funny shit haha Done in rugged kiwi style, is a site about the gang and what they're all about & i'll leave it there. Take a look at the site & watch the trailer (if not already)

Last Chance - Nathan Haines Live

If you havent been to one of these gigs yet, you gotta catch the last one.

This cat looks pretty old now but he's come up with some silky funky shit over the years and with an aged band (Karika, Kevin, Mickey & Joel) you don't hear heaps of fancy work like some young musicians today but focused more on tightness & being locked into the groove and just everyone chipping in to make a solid sound.

Sales St also is a solid venue. Big inside & outside areas that you can chill, watch and enjoy the music properly without having the sweat of someone else rub all up on you lol The vibe & people are good & it being a Sunday tops it off, only problem is that a beer is a bit pricey, so learn to sip. It is not the hood.

So yeah, Nathan Haines live is dope & I think this will be the last time he's live for free for a while.

Haiti Fundraising Concerts This Weekend

All this for $10? Sunday night sorted!

These artist plus more, ripping iton Saturday night!

Get your voodoo on homies!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

KORA - FREE Auckland Show!

And I thought I was going to be at Okahu Bay allday but plans have now changed! Southside Auckland is where it's at! My favourite band Kora has just announced they will joy in the free show at Flat Bush' Barry Curtis Park along with Maisey Rika, Sweet & Irie & more. 

Kora - Still the dopest new age album ever!

They are just coming back from Japan especially for this show so I'm pretty excited they're playing for free cause my bank is in overdraft (still after being paid) due to Raggamuffin overspend. Fail! But it was all to a solid weekend, shot FGBz! I know Kora have played a lot, but i'll never get sick of their shows; They're my favourite band ever!

I'ma try and hustle for a backstage pass & i'll post up my photo with Kora after the weekend oh and Maisey, I love Maisey, she's got a hearty voice!

So get to Okahu & or Flatbush to have a solid day of Homegrown music, for free. Haati Paati!

Waitangi Day Family Celebration
Saturday 6 February, 10am-6pm (Kora to play at 5.15pm)
Barry Curtis Park, Chapel Road, Flat Bush

Waitangi Day Festival
Saturday, 6 February 2010, From 8.30am
Okahu Bay, Orakei

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gig Of The Week - Electric Wire Hustle Live @ Ponsonby Social Club!

Other than Raggamuffin, if you're staying put in Auckland, Ponsonby Social Club is the only place to be on Friday night with Electric Wire Hustle (with Parks & Julien Dyne) live!

Make sure you check this Trio dropping dope music to end your week & it's FREE!

For all other gigs, go to the hearty

Been lazy on the blogs y'all, just been trying to sus out the yearly Rotorua trip lol Catch y'all after the weekend, hope you's have a good one! I'll be at Raggamuffin on the Feel Good Buzz so if you're down there, say wassup!

Home Brew Vintage - Coming Next Week!

By now, you should already know the classic "Last Week EP" from these guys & to this day, I don't think there's been a better NZ Hip Hop EP; the beats/rhymes & the whole idea of the EP was just dope & well executed in all but one week?! Solid. If you haven't heard their music yet, wake up & download it!

Next week you'll see Home Brew releasing another free piece called "Home Brew Vintage" I think it's some old school tracks brewed up for y'all to play this summer! I heard "P Is For Party
' is on there, a comedic track they got. Going by Tom Scotch' comedic/conscious style, it'll just be another solid EP like always. You can cop it all over at their Band site.

Big Ups Shapeshifter! - 3rd AKL Show Announced!

Big ups to Shapeshifter who pulled off a solid summer set around the NZ! After announcing 2 Auckland shows (after the 1st one sold out in days) they have annouced a 3rd one! Shhhhiiiiiit! The bros live sets must be the buzz at the moment because their shows are selling like scores from the bullet shop!

If you haven't ever caught these guys live (same goes for Kora) then get your ass $45 and to the gig & you'll walk away fiending for more live music. The albums they got are mean, crazy good but these guys were born live so you haven't really seen them in full effect until you go to a show & with a cost like that, you're getting way more than you paid for & that's real.

3 Shows @ Aucklands Powerstation

Thursday 11th February
Friday 12th February (SOLD OUT)
Saturday 13th February (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Raekwon Live In Auckland!

Solid. It's official that Raekwon is coming to do a show in Auckland! Seems a bit more organised than Meths one (which got cancelled) So after RZA being announced we get a suprise gig from Raekwon, mean. Get your buds ready to smoke up in the chamber!

Raekwon Live @ Powerstation
Saturday 20th March
Tickets From Real Groovy & Ticketmaster

Home Brew & Koru Licks - Live @ Rakinos

A bit early for this gig but the description is cracked. I Repeat, this is not a Hip Hop gig.

10 Reasons Why This Is Not A 'HipHop' Gig

1. You will be able to actually hear the words.
2. The dude next to you will not be in a Paul Peirce basketball singlet.
3. The 3rd act doesn't involve 'all the bitches in the place to be' dancing on stage.
4. Two actual bands. (including fender Rhodes and saxophone)
5. No patron will be interrogated about what it is they're looking at by a slightly more intoxicated patron. Looking in all directions will be tolerated.
6.Hands thrown into the air will be thrown voluntarily.
7. Any DJ caught playing 'Whoop there it is'' will be escorted off the premises.
8. When the gig concludes, all alleyways in the vicinity of the venue will be patrolled by security guards.
9. If a lead vocalist so happens to say 'hey' during the performance, you (the audience member) will not be legally obliged to reply 'ho'.
10. There will be attractive females.

Going Down
Saturday, 5th February,
Rakinos Bar,
Level 1/35 High Street, Auckland.
$10 on the Door
$5 Whiskeys All Night

Another Raggamuffin Update!

Wassup! Yet another update from the Raggamuffin crew, with mostly good news but one ridiculous annoncement!

Wyclef Jean is no longer attending after his decision to stay & help support his people from Haiti as he was born there.

Lauryn Hill is now performing by herself with a full band in her support.

House of Shem is now performing!

And finally & not cool with this one, Shaggy will now end the night?! How can someone without a band finish the night?

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Dawnraid Family Compilation - Coming Feb!

Since the 1st compilation from the Dawnraid Crew in 2007, they are now due to release another one next month. The 1st one I liked, it had a good mix of jams from Dawnraid & had a pretty kick back vibe with not too much so called "gangsta shit", it was level.

This new one that's coming out seems to have a bit more input from America, just hope it doesn't sound like America, but we'll wait and see! With appearances from Brotha D, Savage, E-40, Devolo, Bobby Valentino, Roscoe Umali, Mareko, Monsta Ganjah, Sweet & Irie, J-Son, Mark Antony, Sa.Mo,Ends, The 7 & Beatrootz with production by Twice As Nice, FBI, DJ Montana & Mareko, there could be room for US to come through the sound but let's just hope it's Dawnraid putting it down with a lil help from the US.

They've given a preview track from the compilation you can download & you can also download a few off the first one "Element of Suprise" here:

Make sure you cop Alphrisks "Swagger Back" dope beat.

Waitangi Day Festival (Feb 6) - Okahu Bay!

This festival goes off every year & I don't see it being any different this year.  Going down at Okahu Bay on
February 6, 2010 is a free family event full of culture, food, tradition & best of all live music!

Make sure to go early so you can post up & get the fams a hearty spot! The day starts with a Powhiri from Ngati Whatua o Orakei & then the fun starts from there. The oragnisers are looking for volunteers to help on the day so hit up for more information if you're keen. All volunteers will stay overnight @ Orakei Marae the night before.  So gear up & get ready to see some solid live music and hearty as girls lol Details below.

What's Up
Waitangi Day Festival

Going Down
Saturday, Feb 6, 2010

Bands Performing
Cornerstone Roots
Three Houses Down

Friday, 15 January 2010

4 The Rhyme: Louie Knuxx - Hip Hop In NZ/AU

Wassup. Gonna try and start up a new thing (that doesn't turn to shit) called "4 The Rhyme". Nothing to spectacular, just a lil somethin' different to read. 4 questions (on music) answered by NZ artists. (I'd love to do more & pick artists brains; could go on for ages! But 4z all good for now)

As I still think NZ music is the dopest, I was thinking of NZ artists now doing things overseas & how different it is to ours.  So I got a hold of Louie Knuxx (Artist originally from New Plymouth) who is now based in Australia to say a little about what he thinks of both (Hip Hop) scenes. Didn't edit shit either, keep it raw. Shot Louie!

TMG: Is there heaps of local cats putting out mixtapes & EPs to get out there?

LOUIE: To be totally honest im not that in touch with the core scene here, from where I'm sitting there don't seem to be alot happening, the acts you hear on radio and such sound like garbage to me, this dude Ivens from Melb is dope, guy Briggs from melb I've caught live puts on a good show and of course my homies Shelleen & Grips do the good shit.
TMG: Do you like the AU hip hop scene or NZ one better?

LOUIE: I prefer NZ, theres more emphasis on style and steez and actually making the shit sonically pleasing, dudes here just seem to rap. I think the downside in NZ is too many people copy trends. Over here too many acts are stuck in the mid nineties
TMG: Hows the support going for your music over there? doing you good?

LOUIE: Yeah real good, did 5 national tours last year & got alotta love. Sold quite a few CD's, working on heaps of new shit with some pretty big names, got like 5 projects I'm working on right now, got the studio set up in my house so we constantly at it. Kid Shelleen aka Young Lean's EP is pretty much done, it's gonna blow some dicks off.
TMG: Which scene do you prefer?

LOUIE: Australia doesn't have much youth street or gang culture, I like that street shit.


So I'm picking NZ for the win? haha but seems like there's solid support & love for the good music over there so that's solid.  Having your own set up seems like the most solid way to stay active on the rhyme/music cause it's right there & you can capture every idea, whether it stays nothing for ages or turns into an instant track.

Louie Knuxx has got a lot of stuff on the way & does shows actively so check him live if you in Kangaroo Land. Otherwise, check his blog HERE (he's active on the posts) and check his album "Wasted Youth" & EP "Drinkin', Drugin', Fightin' & Fukkin".

Here's a one of the dope tracks ft Usual Suspects (off Wasted Youth) for y'all to have, now go buy the rest!

Louie Knuxx - That's Good Feeling Ft Usual Suspects

NZ Reggae Compilation - AoteaRasta


1814 – Jah Rastafari
Katchafire – Play It Cool
Sons Of Zion – To Zion
Unity Pacific – Are You Strong
1814 – Get Up
Three Houses Down – Troddin’
Katchafire – Love Letter
Three Houses Down – Kanikapila
The Black Seeds – On The Sun
MC Arme – Don’t Pass Me By
House Of Shem – Move As One
Herbs - Jah’s Son
South Of Bombay – What’s The Time
Cornerstone Roots – Down To Earth
The Managers – RJ
House Of Shem – New Day
Tenement Yard – Fisherman Row

NZ Instrumental Compilation - Instrumental Lyricists


1. Recloose – Mana’s Bounce
2. Julien Dyne – Rice & Beans
3. Christoph El’ Truento - Love Jones
4. Haz Beats - Rainbow Hush
5. Electric Wire Hustle – Thank You Steve
6. Sons Of Zion - Genesis
7. Julien Dyne – Fallin Down (Instrumental)
8. Recloose – Theme From Belle Et Fou (Danny Krivit)
9. Isaac Aesili – Jgroove Instrolude
10. Nathan Haines – Talkin’ Around
11. Del Rey System – Indigo Sunset
12. Salmonella Dub – Wytaliba
13. DLT – Toast That Joint
14. Shapeshifter – Dynaflex
15. The Black Seeds – Senegal Champions Of Africa
16. Cornerstone Roots – Down To Earth
17. Shapeshifter – One (Live)
18. Kora - Skoolyard

NZ Hip Hop Compilation - Hip Hop Holiday


Home Brew - Monday
Dawnraid Entertainment - It's Alright
David Dallas - Ever Ever
Del Rey System - NZ To The BK
Oui Groove - Gettin' Down To Business
Spycc & Steez - More & More Ft D'Kno
Young Sid - Shine On You
3 The Hard Way - Hip Hop Holiday
Usual Suspects - Crazy
Home Brew - High Times
Smash Proof - I Ain't No Gangsta
Solephonic - Higher (OTA Remix)
Zhane - Request Line Ft PNC
MC Arme - Don't Pass Me By
Haz & Rescue - Turn It Up
Home Brew - Friday

Weekend Gigs - Check Out NATHAN HAINES LIVE BAND!

Sorry, ain't got time to blab on right now but this Band is pretty damn good & to see them for free is dope! So rock up & see a solid live band with good musicians & a DJ set from the man Recloose! Nathan Haines is playing up at Sales St every weekend of January!

Check out his lastest album "Right Now"

Check the rest of the gigs going down this weekend below.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

THE LOCALS: Fat Freddys Drop - Flashback (Jazzanova Remix)

Since Summers up & Joe Dukies got one solid voice, here's a track that's been bumpin' on my iPod for a while now.  It's Jazzanova;s remix of Flashback, summer right here! With a solid bassline, awesome tempo, nice bongo pattern covered in Joe Dukies silk of a voice, you gotta send it through your sound system to pump out all the dust of the speakers & get summer started!

NZ To The JP! = Solid & Growing!

Those who listen to & follow Julien Dyne, EWH, The Jewel School & Recloose will already be well aware of this, but "If you don't know, now you know"

What I'm on about is the music that's going on in & between Japan & New Zealand, it's solid! Both countries are at the moment on the same music buzz and we think each others sound & what each country brings is fresh and dope; because it is. Just look at the bill above, Dyne's in there with Kenji Sakajiri, Grooveman Spot & Noah & even though we think it's mean he's on a Japan bill, they will be over the moon & appreciate it to see him on there. Just like when Grooveman Spot came here (epic night!) so many people showed up and were keen hard to see this cat jam.

The relationship that we've got with them was established a while back and since then it's been moving hard with special mention to The Jewel School who have personal connections with Wonderful Noise who have got the likes of Julien Dyne, EHW & Jellphonic signed to the label. They've helped score Japan releases for some NZ artitsts such as Dan Aikido (Black Belt) & Joe Dukie/DJ Fitchie (Especial Recods) & also currently working on a full NZ artist compilation for Wonderful Noise, so a lot of dope stuff is happening but it's underground & hard to get in the know sometimes. You gotta annoy some people.

So get your hands on some Japan tracks, cause they got a simple but amazing style to switch up four chords and make shit their own. They think our shit is just as dope, so keep recording n staying active on the music! I could go on forever, but i'll leave it there so you can see it happen soon.

Here is an original cut of a song from Julien Dyne Ft Parks & also the DJ Mitsu Remix, both are crazy solid!
NZ To The JP!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

s3 Pacific Music Awards 2010 - Entries Now Open!

2010 ain't wasting no time homies, moving hard already! The s3 Pacific Music Awards have now opened up the entries, so all Pacific musicians, get on to it, get your support crew on point & get your entries in!

The entries close on February 22nd so you got enough time to sus it out & get into the awards. The catagories are below & if you need help, contact Petrina; she's onto it & will help you out.


Radio 531pi Best Pacific Group
Best Pacific Gospel Album
Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist
Pacific Blue Best Pacific Female Artist
NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist
APRA Best Pacific Song
Recognition & Promotion of a Pacific Language
S³ Best Pacific Music Album

Four other awards are presented at the S³ Pacific Music Awards, which are as follows (please note, nominations are not received for these awards):

Manukau City Council People’s Choice – Best Pacific Artist
Phillip Fuemana Most Promising Pacific Artist
Manukau Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award
NZ On Air Radio Airplay Award

Go to the below link to get your entry forms!

Raggamuffin Update - No Pacific Herbs!

This years Raggamuffin is looking musicially poor & I'm not really looking forward to much of the music, just the Atmosphere. Another announcement is that "PACIFIC HERBS" (few Herb members & House of Shem backing band) isn't performing anymore! WTF! Rats buzz hard! Was looking forward to some Dragons & Demons, Homegrown & Jahs Son, but now that just leaves Sweet n Irie, Sola Rosa/Iva Lamkum & Katchafire from the NZ.

I honestly think that they should've put in more NZ bands.  They would've been more rasta related & musically better than Sean Kingston & Shaggy by far! House of Shem, 1814, 3HD cause no matter how much times they play, it gets the crowd moving hard & playing all NZ bands at the start is another let down; they're good enough to perform later in the day.  They put bands in the bill out of their prime too; House of Shem played the 1st Raggamuffin as and upcoming band? They should've played this year & same goes for 3HD. My bad for bitching, it's just what I think & there's not much reason to fight for front row. Though I could be wrong.

But aside from that, the vibe will be there no doubt & it'll be a day for getting high and seeing beautiful woman. Even though the music is not so appealing & lives up to the "Raggamuffin" title, it'll be solid.

Lauryn Hill with Sly & Robbie
Wyclef Jean
Steel Pulse
 Julian Marley
 Sean Kingston
 Sola Rosa with Iva Lamkum
 Sweet & Irie

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

THE LOCALS: Glen Jackson - Tutunoa

I just thought I'd put up a post for some Homegrown Niuean music!  This Niuean dude Glen Jackson has put out a couple of albums (that you will find in Island music stores lol) and I gotta give props to him (& all other pacific people doing tracks in respective languages) for doing work in our Island languages! It's straight solid! It doesn't get the commercial recognition it should have but all the realists know that it's solid you guys/girls are putting it down, respect!

Even though a lot of it I can't listen to hardout (it's just not the feel etc that I'm used to) but there are many solid tracks out there that sound mean.  So here's a track from Glen Jackson in Niuean which I think is cool (Sorry, don't know what it means but I know the words!). So biggest ups & respect to those making those tracks so I can learn at least a bit of Island language!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Maisey Rika & Tama Waipara Acoustic Tour!

Two of many strong Maori voices are teaming up to lay down Acoustic concerts around the North Island labelled the "Tahi Tour".

I don't know much about Tama's sound, (sorry bro. I'll buy a few tracks off amplifier payday) but with influences like George Benson & Nina Simone (& being Maori) he'll be a good musician. As for Maisey, she's got the sweet soul angel kinda voice. It's strong but in a beautiful sweet way (not that thick power like islanders n black americans) how see sings her notes is so controlled you just stop and stare at this little lady with a solid voice. A lot of her stuff is down tempo/acoustic but her execution is solid and is worth the listen!

Cop her debut album "Tohu" and Tama's "Sir Plus & The Requirments" and catch them live in concert with a full live band (in respective venues) and laying down some special colab work they've done just for the tour!

Check Maiseys Work Here
Check Tamas Sound Here

Fri 5 February
Ruby Lounge, Wellington

Fri 12 February
The Liberty Centre, Whakatane

Sat 13 February
The Belgian Bar, Rotorua

Sun 14 February
Yot Club, Raglan

Thurs 18 February
Nero Cafe, Kaitaia

Fri 19 February
Salut Bar & Brasserie, Whangarei

Sat 20 February
The Classic, Auckland

Thurs 25 February
Sunset Point Bar, Mahia

Fri 26 February
Soho Bar, Gisborne

Tickets for all shows on sale now from
Tickets for Raglan also available from Gag Surf Shop

Friday, 8 January 2010

Check Them Homefront Blogs Homies!

Just in case you didn't know, NZ has got some solid blogs for a read, downloads & to keep in the loop! Ayebro keeps it on lock & up-to-date with fresh NZ Hip Hop, The Hip Drop keeps em coming with those underground rare joints, MTC Blog & Dawnraid Blog keep you in the loop with what's up & going down at their label, PNC, David Dallas & other artists let you know what they're up to & drop comps & other good shit. For me, I'm just anything NZ music!and like to write for you to read.

So make sure you check on the local blogs on the regular (we post as much as we can!) for all things good & solid in NZ music!

You end up finding mean stuff like this


Weekend Gigs - Check The KORU LICKS!

Wassup y'all, I just realised that it's a waste of time me putting up gigs lol but i'll chuck up some ones I think are solid and got somethin to say about. Here's the solid gig guide:

But I think this weekend, your best bet is to start the year off at Rakinos! They got Manual Bundy & Skeme up there tonight, T Rice & Public Benemy tomorrow!

GIG PICK OF THE WEEKEND: KORU LICKS! These cats are young, fresh & freestyle musicians and when the jam they just take the groove wherever feels solid. They gotta solid range of musicians too, so you're in for a show, it's unpredictable! Normal 4 piece with Mikey on the mic tip, Truent on the 1s & 2s & Miso-shiru on MPC. So after you've spent up  all your rent money on some chick that didn't end up givin it up lol head to Raks & chill to some solid music! Check their sound below:

Instrumental Lyricists - FREE NZ Instrumental Compilation!

Well, here it is people, the 3rd NZ compilation I promised (my bad for the wait, I was eating oysters & kina!) But I saved the best for last I think. I was selecting songs & was trying to get a good flow, but then I said jack that cause what I was hearing was just a shit load of good instrumentals so I just put em on! This compilation shows everybody wassup with the arrangements, effects, skill, feel & vibe that NZ musicians got when there isn't vocals; we can rip it up either way! (Excuse the Shapshifter track which has a lil vocal, it's just a mean track!)

When you jam these tracks loud, you can feel the heart through the speakers & it just puts you on a good buzz & proud of the NZ music (me anyway) Like Skoolyard by Kora; It's dark I know, but the musicianship is crazy. Insane build up! Then we got the summer vibes of Recloose & Julien Dyne hittin them samplers & spacey synths, Sons Of Zion coming with a young but mature track, Shapeshifter puttin heart n soul through the drum n bass & local beatmakers Haz & Truent droppin solid beats that probably only took them 5mins to make!

There's way more I wanted to put on these compilations but if you want em' drop some coin at Real Groovy, Conch & Amplifier in exchange for gold! Don't buy that feed at BK and get you some solid bargains! Support our music rather than our rugby team! But I felt good puttin down these compilations cause I wanted to let the world know wassup in the land of the long white...CLOUD 9!

Hope you liked the compilations & the blog.
and keep the vibe live homies!

1. Recloose – Mana’s Bounce
2. Julien Dyne – Rice & Beans
3. Christoph El’ Truento - Love Jones
4. Haz Beats - Rainbow Hush
5. Electric Wire Hustle – Thank You Steve
6. Sons Of Zion - Genesis
7. Julien Dyne – Fallin Down (Instrumental)
8. Recloose – Theme From Belle Et Fou (Danny Krivit)
9. Isaac Aesili – Jgroove Instrolude
10. Nathan Haines – Talkin’ Around
11. Del Rey System – Indigo Sunset
12. Salmonella Dub – Wytaliba
13. DLT – Toast That Joint
14. Shapeshifter – Dynaflex
15. The Black Seeds – Senegal Champions Of Africa
16. Cornerstone Roots – Down To Earth
17. Shapeshifter – One (Live)
18. Kora - Skoolyard

Thursday, 7 January 2010

SHAPESHIFTER Announce Auckland Show!

And I thought I wasn't going to see them this summer! lol Then BOOM! Playing at The Powerstation is Feb! These guys are next to Kora on my list of live bands. They got drum & bass on lock and being born a live band, their intensity is crazy and then you've got the soulful vocals of P Diggs running through the tracks that take it even higher! My favourite tracks are Bring Change & One (Live) but there's a lot of solid material they got. You gotta cop the live album though!

Them playing in Auckland won't be the same as down at the Coroglen or other outta town places but still, they're playing a show after 3 years! Tickets go on sale Monday, so get yours and shift into Shape homies! Time to get Live!

Shapeshifter: Live @ The Powerstation
Friday, February 12, 2010
Ticket Cost: $ 45

Meth Or Dilated Tonight! - Take Your Pick!

Couldn't find Meth's gig poster but yeah, two international hip hop acts gettin love tonight! I'm not going any, cause I've only got monopoly cash at the moment, but If I had the choice, it'll probably be Dilated Peoples because of the venue (Powerstation is the shit) and their supporting acts, though if Meth had been at Zen with Home Brew as backup, I would've went there. Even though Meth is going to be closer & more "intimate" if you call it that, I still think the venue let it down & it's the most expensive gig to happen at 4:20! Everyone knows that $20bux is the high price for that spot.

Meth is a bit old now, but should still put on a "how high" type of gig as he's a bit of a comedian too but people who don't know much about his music might waste some space for those who wanna get live in the small place! But he's from the Wu, nuff said.  Dilated Peoples got a venue to rip up & the space to breathe and do so and if the realist fans are amongst the crowd, the show will be off the hook no doubt.

For those who can't afford shit lol Go to the Dilated Peoples Afterparty @ Zen, 10bux at the door, with Penfold & Substance spinnin wax!

Either way, it's a good night for Hip Hoppers! Get live homies & rip shit!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

THE LOCALS: Nikki Montana - The Epiphany

As promised from Nikki & as seen on Youtube, Facebook & Ayebro, it's here, The Epiphany. There was an album art in the download but I just think she's pretty solid (yeah, good looking, fine or whatever you wanna call it) so I put this one up.

First thing I thought was, what's up with a solid looking girl spittin gangsta rap? Then I realised, it's music anything can happen on the mic. I like this debut drop from her. She's got her style on lock & keeps it solid throughout & doesn't jump all over the place n shit. With her low assertive tone, but main reason is because I like her dark feel, down wit that!

Call it what you want but with what she's got to say here I don't think she gives a fuck haha So download this piece & get on some homegrown femcee hip hop!

1. You Can Find Me
2. Let It Run
3. Hate On Me
4. Get It In Your Brain
5. Slips Away
6. Never Straight
7. Ice Grill

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hip Hop Holiday - FREE NZ Hip Hop Compilation!

Sorry about the recycled pic, I'm just in a hurry to get it up & there was no pic on google of nz'ers gettin horsed at the beach! Again, to any artists on this compilation who want me to take it off, let me know; it's all for my love of NZ music & wanting anyone to be able to have a taste!

This compilation is really a playlist on my iPod but I think it's solid for the summer whether you're chillin, crusin' to the beach, horsing it at Albert Park or just down to hear some solid NZ Hip Hop.  I set the brew tracks on each end because they're still 2 of my favourite hip hop tracks & just chucked a range of feel good tracks from the crates in between. 

You may agree or not, but i'll back up every track i've put on. I'ma big fan of the brew; think the best live hip hop act out at the moment, puttin some hood into Ponsonby & supportin int. acts, PNC flowin solid wit Zhane & MC Arme comin fresh with the reggae hip hop style. I could go on but i'll leave it there.  Have a few brews & you'll feel the flow of NZ Hip Hop & see yourself playing back the tracks!

Home Brew - Monday
Dawnraid Entertainment - It's Alright
David Dallas - Ever Ever
Del Rey System - NZ To The BK
Oui Groove - Gettin' Down To Business
Spycc & Steez - More & More Ft D'Kno
Young Sid - Shine On You
3 The Hard Way - Hip Hop Holiday
Usual Suspects - Crazy
Home Brew - High Times
Smash Proof - I Ain't No Gangsta
Solephonic - Higher (OTA Remix)
Zhane - Request Line Ft PNC
MC Arme - Don't Pass Me By
Haz & Rescue - Turn It Up
Home Brew - Friday

I forgot to put these two classic hip hop tracks in, so i'll give them as bonus tracks below: