Monday, 28 December 2009

METH & RZA - Live In Auckland!

These two ninja's from Wu Tang are comin' to the AK (Solo Shows)! Though it would have been solid if we more at one time, I guess it's better than nothing. What I don't get is why Meth is giggin' at 4;20, the smallest/seatiest venue you can get; the only thing would probably be the cheap venue cost. He could've went Zen.

But anyway, you're gonna be able to see the creator of Wu Tang & an active face of the Crew live on stage! So roll up your blunts and get ready for what should be a pretty raw show. Lets show these dudes how NZ Rock The Bells!

Where:  The Studio, 340 K Road, Auckland City
When: Thursday 7th January (Next Week!)
Cost: Early Bird ($46), GA ($56), Door ($65)

Where: The Studio, K Rd, Auckland
When: Thursday 18th February
Cost: $60.00

AoteaRasta! - FREE NZ Reggae Compilation!

First off, to all the songs I compile, I have brought & I just want to give people a taste of how good our music is by giving them lil sample of what the NZ is producing!

Don't trip if you think this compilation is not "Rasta" I just used the word cause it sounds better than Reggae.  These tracks I put together when I was chillin and muching out on the solid xmas feeds with the family & are more of the easy listening summer reggae so that everyone can listen to with some new & old numbers.  I think it still gives an solid look at the range of the NZ reggae sound and how good it really is & I had to work with what was on my comp cause I ain't got my iPod back yet. With the young but hearty sound of 1814, the tight & rootsy feel of House Of Shem hearing an influence from the past in their sound, reggae fused hip hop with MC Arme & the rawness of the classic Herbs, Unity Pacific & South Of Bombay. Also, straight from Niue; Tenement Yard!

We have formed a rock solid reggae sound over the years, makin it our own & liked highly by the rest of the world. So cop the compilation & get on the irie this summer!

 1814 – Jah Rastafari
Katchafire – Play It Cool
Sons Of Zion – To Zion
Unity Pacific – Are You Strong
1814 – Get Up
Three Houses Down – Troddin’
Katchafire – Love Letter
Three Houses Down – Kanikapila
The Black Seeds – On The Sun
MC Arme – Don’t Pass Me By
House Of Shem – Move As One
Herbs - Jah’s Son
South Of Bombay – What’s The Time
Cornerstone Roots – Down To Earth
The Managers – RJ
House Of Shem – New Day
Tenement Yard – Fisherman Row

Thursday, 24 December 2009

THE LOCALS: Christoph El' Truento - Pretty Butterflies FREE Xmas Giveaway!

Wassup y'all! This is what I got in the mail..Truents "Pretty Buterflies" Mixtape! The bro is hookin you up with giving it to you as a Xmas gift for FREE homies! Solid!
(Straight up, it's the meanest buzz gettin NZ music for FREE!)

If you don't know already, Truent is a DJ from the homefront who's only 20! You should see his's crazy! Giggin wit Money Mike, Rectangle, Blackilicious & more! He's like the Folau of NZ music, not even reached his peak yet. So for this one, he's mixed together some junky jazz, rootsy rusty reggae, sly soul & solid vinyl vibes to compliment his mixtape title & make a hearty mix!

Big ups Truent, shot bruv for the link & stay on the wax! We'll keep comin to the Spot on Weds with the cheap gear that we wear. Catch Truent @ Ponsonby Social Club every Wednesday, TrueBro Radio Show (2-4pm fridays), Koru Licks (Sunday jazz @ Rakinos) & spinnin wax around town!

Merry Xmas from Truent & TMG!

THE LOCALS: Usual Suspect: Hire Learning

What a solid way to finish off the year, a fresh NZ Hip Hop & Debut album all for FREE. Ups to the Usual Suspects, stay on the vibe homies. I even heard there was a remix project called "Inspired Learning" in the mix soon...Keen to jump on that one! But have a solid break y'all & kick back in the South Summer Breeze! Here's the link to the full album.


Wassup everyone! Blogs been down cause I can't get net access at home...only sliding in lil posts at work! haha WHAT A SOLID YEAR FOR NZ MUSIC HOMIES! All the release parties, gigs, free downloads & good times gettin drunk, horsed, blazed & whatever else y'all get up to all in support of the sound straight off the homefront! Big ups to all the emcees, singers, dj's, lyricists, musicians & producers on the list for puttin in work to bring homebrewed sound up & through the sound systems, solid work!

Biggest ups to the supporters! Who go and represent n support the music, it honestly feeds the musicians hype & motivation! And for all the homies from the ave who rock up to gigs with no cash, or $100 shirts but rip up the spots with your savageness & bust-a-groove dancin' haha

For all who released music, stay on the groove & keep the vibe active cause from what I heard in 2009, I feel some even more solid hearty as experiments that'll go down in 2010!






Monday, 21 December 2009

THE LOCALS: Usual Suspects - Interlude

It might just be me but I've found my favourite piece off the Usual Suspects album. Their "Interlude" is straight gangsta! Solid & Simple. Here you've got solid hip hop running through the LP then smoothed out all from this soulful piece. Don't get me wrong, it's not the most amazing beat/piece in the world but it's like Etta Jame's band were jammin' away then someone rocked up with an MPC and added a touch of Hip Hop

The effect of the old school keys weren't taken away at all in the track probably because there wasn't much added to do so but in saying that, it's a good way to fuse soul n hip hop; by not adding too much because the souls too solid, you can't touch it! The sound of the keys used, you can't make anymore and too hear them be put on in the middle of a new age NZ Hip Hop LP was enough to be a favourite for me.

Even though it's just looped and hasn't got much happening, you can switch it up easily to fit in vocals/raps or leave it solid as it is, which got picked!  Chuck Ben Turua on the Double Bass, Dyne on the Drums, Tonga on the Keys & Tungz on Gat, then you got this jam Live homies! Cop the track below!

Top Sellers 09 @ Amplifier

Wassup! Postings been quiet lately cause my lappys playin up & can't get time..probably start solid again after new years, but post when I can! Below is what sold this year over at Amplifer (Online NZ Music Store) a hearty place for homegrown tracks that help to promote & support NZ musicians. Gotta give props to the Laughing Samoans who nearly did a clean sweep on top selling DVDs, solid!


 Fat Freddy's Drop - Pull The Catch
Kids of 88 - My House
State of Mind - City On Fire Ft PNC (Dirty Edit)
Opensouls - Hold You Close
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - Midnight Marauders
Shapeshifter - Dutchies
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - This Room
P-Money - Angels
Tiki - Always On My Mind
David Dallas - Indulge Me


Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga And The Big BW
Shapeshifter - The System Is A Vampire
Sola Rosa - Get It Together
Various - Stroke - Songs For Chris Knox
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - The Heartache EP
Pitch Black - Rhythm, Sound & Movement
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - A Little Bit Wonderful EP
Ladi6 - Time Is Not Much
The Black Seeds - Solid Ground
Kora - Kora


Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga And The Big BW
Various - Stroke - Songs For Chris Knox
These Four Walls - Down Falls an Empire
Shapeshifter - The System Is A Vampire
Various - Merry Christmas Baby
Fly My Pretties - A Story
Sola Rosa - Get It Together
Ladi6 - Time Is Not Much
Minuit - Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death dot com
The Woolshed Sessions - The Woolshed Sessions


The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - A Little Bit Wonderful EP
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - The Heartache EP
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - The Dreaming EP
Fat Freddy's Drop - Live At The Matterhorn
Maisey Rika - Maisey Rika


Laughing Samoans - Crack Me Off
Laughing Samoans - Off Work
Fat Freddy's Drop - Fantastic Voyages Vol. 1
Laughing Samoans - Old School
Laughing Samoans - Small Samoan Wedding


Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga And The Big BW - Double LP
Opensouls - Dollars 7"
Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady - 12"
Fat Freddy's Drop - The Camel 12"

bFM - bCard
Salmonella Dub - New Year's Party with Salmonella Dub & More
Ladi6 - Ladi6 - Auckland 4:20 - 24 July 2009
Ladi6 - Ladi6 - Christchurch The Bedford - 1 August 2009
Music Mountain Matakana - The 2009 Bush Party - Music Mountain Matakana

Friday, 18 December 2009

Home Brew - Live @ PSC This Saturday!

Are you to stingy to pay for drinks past happy hour? Or do you just have to be home by 10 or your ankle braclet will start beeping?

Either way we got you sussed. We're playing an early set at Ponsonby Social Club from 8-10 (with live band) so that you've got time to get out, get blato, and get home before the drink driving bus sets up.

And if you don't have Noctiphobia (fear of night) (its real, wikipedia it) then you can stay later and run a muck cause P.S.C is one of the flashest bars in town (they serve beer in glasses) and the people there are on average 2.7 times more goodlookinger than the people at that bar owned by that doosh from target. (according to colmar brunton poll) Plus Lowkey's playing after the set.

So. Don't be gay. Come up. Chur.

Usual Suspects - Fast Speaking Samoan

This is the 5th track from the Usual Suspects xmas giveaway.  Sam puts it down with his spoken word which is pretty much a good representation for a lot of Samoans today and from the old school who can easily relate to what he's saying. Hearty stuff Sam. Solid!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

THE LOCALS: Negative - Not What You Expect

Shot! Another female emcee on the scene! Negz brings to you her street mixtape which she's done up and put out for the hood to hear. I'ma download now and see whats her she she negative? lol doesn't really matter cause she's straight off the homefront! Negz done it, so all you other female emcees..get on the mixtape buzz! She wants some feedback so pop over to Ayebro and say what you think

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Parihaka Peace Festival 2010: Jan 7 - Jan 11!

This is no doubt going to be haati as! The NZ Line up for this is solid, nuff said! Check the line up below & full details at the site!

Tiki Tanne, Fat Freddy’s Drop, King Kapisi, Ladi6, Cornerstone Roots, L.A Mitchell, Herbs Unplugged, Moana & The Tribe, Rio Hunuki Hemopo, The Bellbirds, Julian Temple Band, The Lewis McCallum Orchestra, Koodii, Kingfisha, The Aviators, SJD, Bella Kalolo, Harbour City Electric, Hikoikoi, The Hot Grits, House Of Shem, Departure Lounge, The Kingites, Sacha Vee, Tommy & The Fallen Horses, Smashproof, Billy TK Snr & Powerhouse plus more!

The set list is also already confirmed as per the below:

Ticket Costs:
Kids (12-16) = $100
Adults = $195

THE LOCALS: Jeremy Toy - OTA Presents: The Mixtape Of Deadly Soul Vol 1

Here is a mixtape I found floating around by Jeremy Toy aka OTA (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) & is a collection of old school 50', 60's & 70's soul which he made before starting the new Opensouls album "Standing In The Rain" & was used as a reference for recording instrumentation & vocals.

A mixtape I'm yet to download and listen to, but raw soul from back in the day sounds like a good change to what I've been listening to recently (Hip Hop, Blues & Reggae) keen to see what he's collected! Cop it below & chuck it in the crate!

bSTREET: This Weekend @ Britomart!

If you can't settle for staying at one spot this weekend in town. Hit Britomart! It's being taken over by over 30 artists/djs that are plannin to rip shit up down there! check the below homies & member there is still a liquor ban!

TAKUTAI LAWN hosts the Jagermeister Gig Bus with mellow, family-friendly tunes... Featurin Lisa Crawly Artisan Guns, Dictaphone Blues, Beats Botanical, & a reformed Thorazine Shuffle!

NORTHERN STEAMSHIP: Piece War, Rackets, Popstrangers, and The Naked And Famous.

42 BELOW LOFT: Kidz in Space, Tourettes, Homebrew Crew, and True School Hip Hop.

ROUKAI LANE: Adi Dick, L.A. Mitchell, Koretaki Sound System, and Late Night Tigers.

RACKET BAR DJs Hayden East & A.D.A.M.

A&M: DJs Stinky Jim & Thomas Sahs

SMITH BAR: Carnival in Rio DJs Tony, Richard, & Paul.

BROMANCE @ BREW BAR: DJs Matt Heath & Chris Stapp, Tasty & the Lamp, and James mit Jackson.

BASE FM BREAKFAST XMAS EVE: Live @ Santos, Ponsonby

Seen over at Base!

To celebrate the Christmas season - Come hang out with The Base Breakfast Crew for the last show of 2009!

On Christmas Eve Chip, Tyra, Dylan and Holly will be broadcasting live from Santos Ponsonby on Ponsonby Rd. Stop by between 7 and 10 for beats, giveaways, special guests and of course the Santos coffee machien and great food.

The Base Breakfast Christmas Special
Thursday Dec 24th
Santos Cafe, Ponsonby


Wassup, xmas is nearly here (poor as too, shit cant even buy for the people I need to! saving..FAIL) better game up in 2010 aye! But before we do that, live up the rest of the year & party hearty with the solidness of the NZ MUSIC SCENE! Take your pick n get on the groove!

FREE! with drink specials & solid company of the above.

Honestly don't know what to expect here, but it's a party!

This is not even the real flyer, I just did a 5min job on paint, excuse the black! But $5 is an all good price to party 69 steps above ground and would be keen to see Tyra & the tornadoes, heard good stuff! And Manuel Bundy is playing, solid!

Solid range of DJ's all for FREE to enjoy, chill & doof doof to!

$15. It's the turnaround that's been around for a long time & if you wanna groove to some way back jams, this will be your spot. Check out Manuel Bundys "Pacific Hip Hop Song" it's top notch!

Most dear one outta the lot coming in at $20. I botzed it last week and thought this was last friday! My bad, but yeah you'd expect a price like that for this and I think it's gonna be packed as with a lot of rat...with a lot of girls that dance like beyonce. Ossshhh! I'd only go to see aaradhna & her crew. Oh, & catch up wit DZY! haha


Throughout the days of Xmas, the Usual Suspects crew is giving you a track a day to download to eventually end up with their DEBUT album all for FREE! Trust the homies on the ave to give the hood what has been long awaited & hard work for them; solid brothers, mean xmas present! I'ma buy a track (if they do internet banking) just cause I keep it NZ allday & support it as much as I can!

I can't comment on the tracks so far, cause I can only listen to them through rats computer speakers but you can see wassup & cop their tracks through their site or over at Ayebro. I'ma chuck up the album up as a whole once its all released; I just like listening to albums right through.


Monday, 14 December 2009

TMG - Solid Selections: Vol 1 (Chilled Hip Hop)

Wassup! I couldn't do a wrap up on friday cause I didn't have net comp at home types shit everywhere, so can't blog as much as I want atm, but will get there!

This is a new thing I'ma try and do; put my own compilations together (because I can't get my sony to approve it and get it on the shelves) and put em up for download. It's gonna be of stuff I've dug out, seen around, classic tracks and just good solid music in an order that hopefully can be listened to from the get go to the end.  My covers are pretty simple (done on word coz I don't know how to use photoshop yet lol) but whats inside it should set it nice. Big ups to the bros at Ayebro for showin me how to put these together in one file, chur! Check em out for fresh nz hip hop.

This first compilation is just a collection of chilled hip hop that you play when you can't find the ipod cord when crakin open the first box, waitin for the crew to arrive & get on it. Just some head nodding new & old school tracks that'll get you in the groove to set the vibe & chill to in the summer.

1. Da Brat Ft Biggie - Da B Side
2. Jurassic 5 - Baby Please
3. The Bamboos - Get In The Scene
4. Kero One - Let's Just Be Friends
5. Groove Therapy - Groove Therapy (Boom Bap Remix)
6. Waajeed Ft Monica Blair - Jamaican Funk (Remix)
7. Gagle - Love Note (Seoul City Remix)
8. Spycc & Steez Ft D'Kno - More & More
9. DJ Mitsu The Beats Ft Jose James - Promise In Love
10. Twinz - Hollywood
11. Little Brother - Say It Again
12. Supastition - The Williams (Nicolay Remix)
13. Natural Self - In The Morning
14. Gagle - Eastern Voyage
15. Shin Sight Trio - Lets Do A Jam
16. Now On - Now On & On
17. The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or For Worse (Nu-Mark Remix)
18. Skee-Lo - This Is How It Sounds

PS: I'm gonna put together 2 compilations of solid NZ tracks that I think will be solid to sound off this summer. It's only ones that I've brought (& the free bootlegs from the homies) that i'll round up, wrap up & put up for Xmas lol I know you'll have probably every track but all good, I keep it NZ allday!

Twin Trees Reggae Concert! - Ruakaka

I don't mind chillin in the hood at new years, cause it's where the fams be & like gettin wasted & fall asleep at home...and nowhere else are you gonna get a mean hangover feed the next day!

But it's more what happens just after that I'm down to get to! Like Raggamuffin, Parihaka Peace Festival etc. This one is a reggae one up in Ruakaka, I'ma go cause my aunty lives next door, so you can do whatever & walk home! House Of Shem wouldve topped it off instead of Oceania Storm, but good on em for gettin' on the bill.

When: Saturday 9th January, 11.30am - 9.30pm
Where: Ruakaka Tavern Grounds
Cost: $45 at the venue
For all enquiries: 021 179 4830

Thursday, 10 December 2009

THE LOCALS: Karl B - Boom Bap Volume 1 Mixtape

The man finally got it out..solid bro! Karl did a little set at Rakinos on Saturday at MADD and it was a tight hearty set. This guys been working on it for a while and I saw him spit some live in the studio; when you see him in the zone, you can tell he's gonna get a finished product sooner or later cause he's always poppin ideas and keen as. Shot bro, ups for the mixtape. Chur

THE LOCALS: Manual Bundy - Higher (OTA Remix)

This is an EP from Solephonic (aka Manual Bundy) which was released in 2007, but I just heard the most solid remix off the EP I've heard in a while, that's just me. It sounds fresh, like summer, solid hook & emcee'in on the track and what a suprise - straight from the NZ! I heard it on the Brew Up yesterday and as soon as I heard it, I brought it (Honestly) cause I just had to have it! I think OTA is Jeremy Toy from Opensouls, not sure but if it is, he's made his mark on this jam! There's room for some guitar work up in there if you like the vibe.

I don't usually put up NZ work for the download but I think this track is just one you gotta have, if you don't already! Also, I wouldn't put it up if I hadn't brought it, so lets just say i brought it for you's haha I'll take it off if Manual or any legit people request it but it's a solid homegrown track that for me this year (even though 2 years old), is definitely one I'ma jam wherever I am! Cop the track below! -

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jam Of The Week! - DJ Mitsu ft Jose James: Promise In Love

Solid! Finally found the jam I've been looking for for a couple months now.  I heard this one at the turn-around when Groovemanspot jammed it & the words "Promise your love" have been sitting in my draft txts since that night! Was looking under old soul artists & asking DJ's about this track but found nothing until today! lol

Shot to Tom & TDK on the Brew Up for playing the track & giving me the link! felt dumb when I found out it was Mitsu, cause then I would've had it the day after that night haha Finally Can delete that draft txt!

Lock into the Brew Up on Wednesdays from 2-4pm on BASE FM! I'm gonna be jammin this one through summer! Get on the Jam below!

DJ Mitsu Ft Jose James - Promise In Love

This Weekend At The Social Club

Going down this Saturday, Killamanraro is joined by Che Fu & Chip Mathews on the decks. Will be a good change from all the Soul based DJ's; These 3 should play some raw edges jams.

Also, Dub Asylum drops Ba Ba Boom 45 & is having the release party it at PSC this Sunday along with the Conch Grill @ 5pm, chur!

Following on from last year’s popular “Ba Ba Boom!”EP, Dub Asylum serve up the title track on lovely black vinyl, with an exclusive new remix of Ba Ba Boom from local dubstep DJ/producer Oogun (host of the Drunk Elephant Sound System radio show on BaseFM).

Ba Ba Boom proved to be a standout track among DJs on the EP, so here’s the much-requested vinyl version, just in time for summer. The bouncy ska-infused number is aided by the sweet stylings of the WBC horn section (Olly, Oliver and Matiu), and reggae samples ripped up at the turntable by Scratch 22. On the flip, Oogun goes to town with remix duties, throwing down some afrobeat/dubstep madness with serious sub-bass business.

Out December 7 - vinyl only - in selected record stores (Beat Merchants, Conch, DMC, Slowboat, Galaxy)

Dilated Peoples Announce NZ Show!

Caught this over at Base!

LA hip-hop trio Dilated Peoples have announced their first-ever New Zealand show at Auckland's Powerstation, Thursday 7 January supported by Californian hip-hop trio, Ugly Duckling.

Consisting of Evidence, Rakaa and later DJ/Producer Babu, Dilated Peoples first emerged on the LA underground scene in 1992, developing a solid following through the release of their first two albums on ABB Records.

Dilated Peoples are highly regarded for their killer live performances, injecting humour, insight and social commentary into their stage shows, which are typified by brilliant wordplay through relentless tag-team rhyming battles between Rakaa and Evidence, backed up by turntable supremacy and precision scratching from Babu.

Tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster $60

Dilated Peoples: Thursday January 7th @ Powerstation.

THE LOCALS: Spycc & Steez Ft D'Kno

This is a track from the bro Spycc & Steez. Spycc is active on cutting tracks so wait to hear some more from this artist soon.  This track has gotta solid summer vibe; Chillin on the bassline, kickin back on the drums & sippin on a simple hook! Pretty solid cause the soul sample up in the mix sets the vibe from the get go, then Spycc & Steez lat it down...AND it's not that club bangin I got more bitches than you type of shit!
Remix on toks? lol

Spycc has his own movement "The Lab" and has a few local artists working with him so he's keen on this music game & is jumping in the ranks. Ever since he caught hold of the mic, started freestylin' with the boys,  got a free full version of fruity loops by turning back time & learnt to make beats back in school, he hasn't stopped since! Solid Spycc, stay on it!

Spycc & Steez Ft D'Kno - More & More

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Base FM / Zen B'day - Set & Time List

Here is the Set List & Times that everyone is performing for both parties. I know for myself, these things help so you can organise your shit to catch who you want to! Chur!

NRL - THE BEST OF 2009! Watch The Videos!

Can't wait for the 2010 season to start! Here are the highlights of 2009 and they clips that put together are solid! Check them out!

TAAZ - Scrolls Of War! (Old School)

I know this is old but I just saw this the other day & I posted it because the video is pretty raw & I like the track too, it goes with it.  Shot, solid work Taaz, puttin it down for the hood...& league!

GIG OF THE WEEK: Base FM Xmas Party / Zen 2nd B'day!

This gig is without a doubt gonna pump & I think will be the best local Xmas parties for this year! $15.00 pre-sales from Conch or or $20.00 at the door.  Either way, it's a nothing price for what you get! I'm gonna be poor on the night (anyone keen to chip in for a box at the car?), so won't be on the horse but will dance! So get right & cop your ticket to this underground party to finish the year with Base! See you there Homies! Line ups below:

DJs: Sandy Bay Social Club, Jafa Mafia, Tommy Flowers, Scratch 22, Substance, TDK, Truent, Charizma, Junior, Dylan C, Dan Paine, Laura Lush, Aimee, Future1, Getafix, Zeb Beal, OLS 1, Shutta
MCs: Homebrew, Team Dynamite, Young Shottaz, Rugged Tekniques, Legal Money Mike Flowsion, Mikey Rockwell, Bella Shanti

DRUM & BASS: Cern, Riddle, Phantom, Bugsy, Flirt With Dirt, Merge, Orawan, Mash-up Mafia. Hakomi, Fraser S, Lobo, Solkai, Rhyas, Soul Science, MC Billy Fluid
DUBSTEP: Grind, OoGun, Ms Curious, Jason George

Monday, 7 December 2009

Dawnraid Xmas Party - Sat, 19th December

Your chance to parlay with the Dawnraid crew! I just wanna go to get a pic with Aaradhna, get her number & have some down time haha But yeah mai FMs bringin this to you; You know how these partys go, so if you're a fan of them, grab your ticket before they gap! there's a big guest list so you'll be in with the stars. Chur.

When: Saturday 19th December 2009
Where: Zen, 17 Albert Street, Auckland // Doors open: 10:00pm to late
Cost: $20.00 (+ BF)

Limited tickets available Here or go to Conch Records and scoop some there. Also listen to Mai FM if you don't wanna pay and win one of 50 double passes!

THE LOCALS: David Dallas Ft Buff1: Front To Back (Remix)

This guy! Just keeps popping up with suprises. Reading other blogs from the US and D Dallas seems to have a solid following over there, they're pretty up to date with this dude lol Shot Dallas! But yeah, found this remix that a US emcee named Buff1 did as apart of his mixtape It's A 1derful Life. Pretty solid that he chose an NZ track to drop a verse on. Cop the track below!

THE LOCALS: Dan Aikido - Blendin Jewels & Gems

Couldn't find a picture of Dan Aikido, just his musical works, which I can say have been pieced together with a flow only known to Aikido.  The tracklist, the order, the groove throughout his mixes is just something you want to keep listening to, he's gotta good feel for mixing tracks! I don't care how old these are, these are solid hearty mixes and more reason to put em up is cause they are straight from the NZ! Straight to the crates homies!

1. DL Jones - Whoa Bobby (Blue Collar Projects)
2. Mos Def Ft Slick Rick – Auditorium (Downtown)
3. Slum Village Ft Marsha Ambrosius - Cloud 9 (CDR)
4. DJ Mitsu The Beats - The Game Changer (Planet Groove)
5. Spec Boogie - Bed Stuy (CDR)
6. Onra - Come Closer (Favorite Recordings)
7. O Boogie Ft. Tableek - Paper Chaser (Rush Hour)
8. Tettory Blk Ft Bembe Segue - International Institute (Jazzy Sport)
9. Dam FunKon Biggie - Going Back To Cali (CDR)
10. TS Monk - Bon Bon Vie (Mirage)
11. Michael Jackson – PYT - Demo Vsn (U Tern Mix) 
12. The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt (Philadelphia International)
13. Carl Berg Ft. Kissey Asplund – Breathe (CDR)
14. Chamade Beat Ft Steve Spacek – U & I (King Britt’s Scuba Mix) (Poussez)
15. DJ Kaos - Love The Nite Away (Tiedie Remix) (DFA)
16. A Dan Aikido Blend – Pitchblack Television (Black Belt)

1. Long Time, No Sugar (Brown Sugar - D' Angelo)
2. Common 2 Opensouls (The Corner - Common)
3. Fuel 4 Troy's Fire (They Reminiscence Over You - Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
4. Dilla Soul Glow (Much More - De La Soul)
5. Ta-Lib-Illa-Docious (Listen - Talib Kweli)
6. Runnin' 2 Get Some (Runnin - The Pharcyde)
7. Tribes Re:Born (Check The Rhyme - A Tribe Called Quest)
8. Lyall Bay Globetrotter (Ray Ray - Fat Freddy's Drop)
9. What They Do To Get Up (What They Do - The Roots)
10. 4 Music Spinnas (Music - Leela James)
11. Takes Is Fly (Stakes Is High - De La Soul)

Shot Dan, solid mixes, keep em coming bro!

David Dallas - I Get The Feeling Video

David Dallas Ft Niko - I Get The Feeling

Here is the next David Dallas clip from his LP "Something Awesome" Ever since I seen work from Special Problems, I think they've got solid clips! Shot D.Dallas & Special Problems

Just A Solid Jam To Start The Week....

Probably one of the NZ hip hop tracks I won't get sick of & would be up there on the top 3 list. Sums up Mondays. Chur.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

LEAGUE: Indigenous All Stars vs NRL All Stars


This blog is all about music, but league is the only exception! It's the game, even though I don't understand it hardout, I support it.

Just brought the preview League Week for 2010 and found the Indigenous team named to play the NRL allstars in Feb next year which was voted by the public! The public voted well & have got a mean line up with a lot of aggressive hearty players like Inglis, Merritt, Hodges & Marsh, but also got some indigenous styled brains within the halves that should all combine to give the team a raw edge!

You can now vote for the NRL All Stars. The automatic 4 are Darren Lockyer, Cameron Smith, Benji Marshall & Adam Blair (The captain & vice captain of AU & NZ) and the rest of the spots open for one member of each NRL side. This side will no doubt include top notch players, but I think they’ll have to do a bit more work to beat the Indigenous side.

What a solid start to the 2010 league season! If you are keen to play League in NZ, hit up a local club and get in the mix, if your hearty & keen, you’ll be looked after!

Preston Campbell (Captain), Carl Webb, Cory Paterson, Daine Laurie, George Rose, Greg Inglis, Jamal Idris, Jutin Hodges, Jamie Soward, Jharal Yow Yeh, Joel Thompson, Jonathan Thurston, Nathan Merritt, PJ Marsh, Sam Thaiday, Scott Prince, Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, Travis Wadell, Wendell Sailor, Yileen Gordon, Neil Henry (Coach)

Indigenous All Stars vs NRL All Stars
When: Saturday 13th February
Where: Skilled Park, Gold Coast, AU

bStreet - Sat, 19th December

On the 19th of this month, bFM have set up the Britomart district with over 30 artists and DJ's to perform and set the groove for us to vibe to! all for FREE! With different venues hosting different artists, you can follow your vibe and jump between venues to see what you wanna and hide what you gotta! Beware, it's gonna be packed so secure your spot early and dress to breathe! Line ups below, so, pencil in this one and be ready to get lost in the groove! See you there homies!

bFM bStreet - Saturday 19th December
**Liquor Ban Will Still Apply**

Takutai Lawn hosts the Jagermeister Gig Bus with mellow, family-friendly tunes... Featurin Lisa Crawly Artisan Guns, Dictaphone Blues, Beats Botanical, & a reformed Thorazine Shuffle!

Northern Steamship: Piece War, Rackets, Popstrangers, and The Naked And Famous.

42 Below Loft: Kidz in Space, Tourettes, Homebrew Crew, and True School Hip Hop.

Roukai Lane: Adi Dick, L.A. Mitchell, Koretaki Sound System, and Late Night Tigers.

Racket: DJs Hayden East & A.D.A.M.

A&M: DJs Stinky Jim & Thomas Sahs

Smith Bar: Carnival in Rio DJs Tony, Richard, & Paul.

Bromance at Brew Bar: DJs Matt Heath & Chris Stapp, Tasty & the Lamp, and James mit Jackson.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Fridays - Wrap Up & Stack Up: Female MC's On The Mic!

Solid! Just when I'm looking for some female emcees to listen to...boom! 4 compilations came under attack which have a good range of emcees, most I've never heard of, they took topics into consideration too when compiling and are hearty tracks! For any females that get on the mic out there, I'm keen to cut a track lol but you should go hard and get some recordings done, cause I really haven't heard much since the old school movement of Sisters Underground, Sheelah Roc & Moizna and that's what the scene is missing, some conscious female emcees! So get up, get out & rip the mic! These 4 mixtapes put it down for the females & THE LOCAL downloads from Ayebro! Good weekend and remember to hit Rakinos saturday night homies/homegirls!


1. Nefertiti – Mecca To Watts
2. MC Lyte – Ruffneck
3. Bahamadia – 3 Tha Hard Way (Ft. K-Swift & Mecca Starr)
4. Lady of Rage – Unfuckwitable
5. Heather B. – All Glocks Down
6. Lauryn Hill – Final Hour
7. Mama Mystique – Tremendous Ft. QNC (Remix)
8. Eternia – Control
9. Paula Perry – Extra, Extra!!
10. Lin Que – Let It Fall (Ft. MC Lyte)
11. Da Beatminerz – Shut Da Fuck Up (Ft. Apani B Fly & What? What? aka Jean Grae)
12. Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y.
13. Nonchalant – 5 O’Clock
14. Shortie No Mass – U Like My Style
15. Jean Grae – My Crew
16. Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. – RhymeFluid
17. Mother Superia – Most Of All
18. Apani B-Fly Emcee – Estragen (Ft. Ayana, Helixx, Heroine, Lyric, Pri The Honey Dark, Jean Grae & Yejide)

1. Invincible – Sledgehammer!
2. Deadly Venoms (Wu Fam) – Venom Everywhere
3. Rah Digga – Lessons of Today
4. Bo$$ – Deeper
5. Isis – Ask A Woman
6. Psalm One (Rhymesayers) – Rapper Girls
7. Femme Fatale – 1999
8. Champ MC (Wu Fam) – Keep It On The Real (Pete Rock Remix)
9. Makeba Mooncycle – Hard Copy (Ft. MC Lyte & Lin Que)
10. Njeri Earth (Wu Fam) – Benevolent Lieutenant
11. Mystic – The Life
12. Dessa (Doomtree)- Mineshaft
13. Jane Doe – Bi-Sexual
14. Masia One – Natural Progression
15. Sima Lee – Trust Nobody
16. Yo Yo – You Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo
17. Queen Latifah – Ladies First (Ft. Monie Love)
18. Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P & Bahamadia – Six-Pack

1. Reflection Eternal – Chaos (Ft. Bahamadia)
2. Arsonists – Blacklisted (Ft. Helixx)
3. Decompoze – All Out (Ft. Juice, Invincible, Magestik Legend, One Be Lo & Elzhi)
4. Viktor Vaughn – Let Me Watch (Ft. Apani B-Fly Emcee)
5. Spice 1 – Don’t Ring The Alarm (Ft. Bo$$)
6. GZA – Victim (Ft. Njeri Earth)
7. Natural Elements – Shine (Ft. Essence)
8. King Geeedorah – Next Levels (Ft. Lil’Sci, ID 4 Winds & Stahhr)
9. Makeba Mooncycle & Talib Kweli – Lunchroom Classics
10. A Tribe Called Quest – Rock Rock Y’All (Ft. Jane Doe, Mos Def, Punchline & Wordsworth)
11. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes – Untouchable (Ft. Tupac Shakur)
12. Natural Resource (Jean Grae) – Bum Deal
13. Fugees (Lauryn Hill) – Rumble In The Jungle (Ft. A Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes)
14. Polyrhythm Addicts (Apani)- Big Phat Boom
15. The Associates – From The Ground Up (Ft. Shaydie, LMNO, T-Love & Iriscience)
16. Rita J Of All Natural – Dreams & Aspirations (Ft. Stoney Rock, Adad and KP)
17. T-Love – L.A. To Brooklyn (Ft. Siah & Yeshua Dapoed)
18. Nacrobats – Assault (By Cosmo Galactus, Psalm One, Infinito 2017, Verbal, Pugslee Atomz)
19. The B.U.M.S – Lyfe ‘N’ Tyme (Ft. Mystic)
20. Scratch – Sumthin’ That U Missin’ (Ft. Ciph Born, D-Ruck, Flo Brown & Spon)
21. Urban Thermo Dynamics (Ces) – Manifest Destiny
22. The Roots – The Session (Ft. A.J. Shine, Bo-Watt, Lord Akil, Malik B., Mr. Manifest, Pazi Plant, Shortie No Mas & Me, Myself And I)
23. Ice Cube – It’s A Man’s World (Tt. Yo-Yo)
24. De La Soul – Buddy (Ft. Q-Tip, The Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah & Monie Love)

1. Young Zee – Stay Gold (Ft. Lauryn Hill)
2. Talib Kweli – Black Girl Pain (Ft. Jean Grae)
3. Murder Squad – No Peace (Ft. Ice-T, Ant Banks, J.Frost, Spice 1, Bo$$ & Treach)
4. Digable Planets (Ladybug Mecca) – Rebirth Of Slick
5. The Roots – Proceed III (Ft. Bahamadia)
6. Dysfunkshunal Familee – Some People (Ft. Apani B-Fly Emcee)
7. MMO, KGB & Deadly Venoms – The Symphony
8. Juggaknots (Queen Herawin) – Hey
9. Masta Ace – Who U Jackin’? (Ft. Paula Perry)
10. Gang Starr – You Know My Steez (Ft. The Lady Of Rage & Kurupt)
Common, Kool G Rap, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Posdnuos, Rah Digga, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sporty Thievz & Talib Kweli – One Four Love (Part I)
11. GZA – 1112 (Ft. Njeri Earth)
12. De La Soul – In The Woods (Ft. Shortie No Mas)
13. Peace, T-Love, A.C., Nefertiti, Self-Jupiter, BJ, Ganjah K, Medusa, Ko Ko, Mikah 9 & Volume 10 – Heavyweights Round 2
14. Pharoahe Monch – The Ass (feat. Apani B-Fly Emcee)
15. T-Love – Wanna-Beez (Ft. Chali 2Na)
16. Wu-Tang Clan – Slow Blues (Ft. Vast Aire, Timbo King, Prodigal Sunn & Byata)
17. Cocoa Brovaz – Spanish Harlem (Ft. Hurricane G)
18. T-Love – Return of the B-Girl (Ft. Kool Keith)
19. Apathy – Da Bitchez (Ft. Eternia)
20. Germ – Itz Uzelezz (Ft. Lin Que & Finsta)
21. The Flavor Unit MCs (Queen Latifah) – Roll Wit Tha Flava
22. The Stop The Violence Movement – Self Destruction (Ft. KRS-One, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Just Ice, Doug E. Fresh, Heavy D, Public Enemy, Tone Loc & Ms. Melodie)
23. Professor X – Close The Crackhouse (Ft. Big Daddy Kane, Brother J, Chuck D, College Boyz, Digital Underground, Ex-Girlfriend, Freedom Williams, Sister Souljah, Two Kings In A Cipher, Wise Intelligent)
24. A.L., Fre, Grafh, Invincible, Jane Doe, J-Live, Kofi Taha, Mos Def, Rubix, Tame One & Wordsworth – A Tree Never Grown


Young Sid - The Heist

I've been listening to this song as Ayebro updated on the verses and I don't think this one is as good as The Axe. The Axe was hard and fast, didn't have too much information, didn't lose attention, and the beat was ill. This one's a bit dragged out and lyrics could have been condensed a bit more. Beat is good on this one though, and I've grown to like Sids flow, so if you're a Sid fan, it's all good! He's put the track up on his Myspace.

New David Dallas Release - I Get The Feeling

I got the feeling that this girl was into me when she busted out this pose when i took the picture...but I'm humble lol David Dallas has been pretty on it lately, with albums, videos, reppin NZ overseas and isn't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. So props to D.Dallas and his new single "I Get The Feeling" which will premiere on C4 Live with him in the studio. So catch him today on Select @ 4PM and catch the chick...I mean clip!

Also, if you're over the ditch in Sydney this christmas season, catch D.Dallas at the Xmas Jam, chur!

Solid Gigs For The Weekend!


This is a pretty big band with a heart full of NZ musicians! They got an encore show tonight at the Civic which is set to be amazing! I would go but don't have the cash! I'm gonna buy their album soon since I found out who were in the band (see below) and also, Laughton Kora is guest vocalist for the show! Kora, my favourite band!

Fly My Pretties are: Barnaby Weir, Jarney Murphy, Mike Fabulous, Nigel Patterson (all The Black Seeds), Anna Coddington, Eva Prowse, L.A. Mitchell, Lisa Tomlins (Rhombus), Mara T.K (Electric Wire Hustle), Nato, Paul McLaney (Gramsci), Riki Gooch and Rio Hunuki-Hemopo (both TrinityRoots), Ryan Prebble, Tessa Rain and Tom Watson (Cassette). And of course, special guests Adi Dick, Laughton Kora and everyone's favourite narrator Dick Weir!

Going down at Rakinos! A crew of NZ DJ's spinning some Boom Bap to spark up your weekend and funk the end of a long week!

69 steps above ground, gets you into a night of rasta reggae, solid soul & a DJ to wind up what should be a good Friday! A bit pricey, but when you get amongst the Khuja vibe, you'll forget what you paid!

J Boog was lastnight, so round up the week with some more solid reggae from 3HD & see Fiji in on the kanikapila too!

Recloose & Cian spinning the decks at Ponsonby Social Club to wind up the working week with some solid grooves!


This is where I'm gonna be! Vibing on with Oui Groove, Team Dynamite, Nat Rose & other solid NZ musicians jammin music against drink driving, chillin & kickin' back! For the cause, see you there homies!

Sambro & T Rice taking their George FM radio show (Saturdays from 4-6pm) up to Khuja to spin you some grooves that'll get you on the vibe and keep your feet on the beat. Always a banger!

Honest to who, you can rock up to the Social Club in jandals? Chur! So gear up as if you were chillin in the summertime and get in the groove with Brazuka, Jennifer Zea & other good company!


The bros in Koru Licks are coming back from a big night in Matakana to wind down a big weekend with some funk/jazz tips to set you smooth for the week coming!

When the sun is shining on a summer sunday afternoon and you got nothing to do, rock down to the Ponsonby Social Club where you can kick back and let the Conch boys from across the road, spin tunes that keep you chill in the heat!