Monday, 14 June 2010

Native Noise 2010 - Bringin The Rukus!

You know it. This is already the event of July! KORA is NZ's own Wu Tang Clan. Like The Wu, they go right against the grain with their sound while still keeping it real to NZ with their hearty/soulful fuckin vocals and combine their powers to bring the rukus with their metal ninja/skank rock style both in the studio but more on stage. They even made cartoons of themselves from elements of Japanese steez like Wu did with Shaolin & the chambers.

KORA is the dopest fuckin band alive! 

I fuckin missed the Mangawhai gig which I heard from a few people was one of their best shows so I'm mos def gonna be at this one! new shirt I hope! But six 60 and 1814 are dope too and gonna be a nice build up to an epic ending! I'ma spark the encore up by myself and get the most outta these guys cause they been in hibernation and probably be out for a while (album no 2 on that shiiiieet!)

So for 30 bux, you best secure your seat homie!

July 9th, Auckland Town Hall, $30

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Haz & Ta-ku - Beatin The Fuck Outta June!

I know I'm late, but everyone already knows this, mayne! But Otahuhu residing beatmaker Haz is teaming up with NZ Rooted (Whakatane WAT!) Perth based beatmaker Ta-ku to drop a beat a day in June that'll eventually be chucked all into a mediafire link for FREE download! I think this tape is gonna be good enough for a lil charge but these 2 are putting it down like always lol

There's nothing else you need to know except jump on to this link Haz & Ta-ku - That's Us.
Beats are songs. They make you think and have an effect just like one with lyrics, you just gotta understand the art of beatmaking.

Big ups Haz & Ta-ku. Ripping shit up!

Latest tracks by Haz&Taku

Friday, 11 June 2010

Breakin Wreckwordz - On Some Good Shit!

Just giving some more props, where props are due.

Breakin Wreck is my favourite NZ label, Urban Pasifika brought out a dope compilation back in the day but as a whole, Breakin Wreck takes top spot. Why? Simply the concept. As a label, they give freedom to the artist to express THEIR sound which is manufactured by them with no preset criteria, focusing on creativity and not how much money you'll bring in. From that (if you know BW music) they created some good quality Hip Hop tracks, a lot actually. I know I'mma newbie to the BW click but as soon as I got schooled up on em, it was an easy decision to make.  

Because of their real concept, they are not earning millions or have worldwide acclaim but if you do music, for music, you wouldn't either. It's just how it goes. Last 2 months I've been buying and listening to BW music and I can listen to all the tracks. Each one has a different steez, flow & feel while at the same time you can get a good idea of the artist and their style where as for commercial musc shit goes everywhere with an artist, it's not entirely self directed and you lose track of the artist and what they stand for.

I've become a fan. No, not just the one who yells BW in the club and stuff, but genuinely into their music and what they stand for and I let that be known when talking music with people when on the label topic. Definitely would be the click of choice if I was a good rapper. As a label, they represent NZ Hip Hop on a real level. The make a foundation for musicians, let them find themselves so they transition into artists and from their, it's their choice. I suggest you buy you some BW music!

I don't give a fuck if I get called a dick rider and shit cause if you know me & my passion for music and even more the NZ, it's pretty crazy. If I won lotto, I'd definitely do my part for NZ music!

Blue jeans cover the kneez, Breakin Wreck on the tee!

Big Ups LADI 6! - 50 Shows Through Europe!

I'm just giving props to my favourite female artist Ladi6! She (and Parks!) are teaming up and putting it down in Europe with almost 50 shows. That's putting in work! She's moved over to Berlin for 6 months to live it up, rip it up & represent the NZ! I heard Julien Dyne went over for a little too, shot bro!

She's top billing over there with the likes of Mos Def, Gil Scott Heron & doing this killer festival alongside The Wu Click & too many other dope artists! She's even touring Japan & Australia before heading back home & signed her album to BBE! Deeehooo!

Props Ladi6 & Parks! if I could, I would've come to a show but I'll just wait for the NZ Tour in November!!!!!!

This taken from Amplifier
Ladi6 has signed her debut solo album Time Is Not Much to Berlin-based label BBE (the home of Madlib, DJ Vadim and Julien Dyne) which will be released throughout Europe and the United Kingdom on July 20 2010.

She's Gone Til November....but you know it's on then!

LOCAL EVENT: The Feel Good Buzz, July 3rd!

Firstly, this is NOT a social. These are (aiming) to be on-going events held at the club in hopes to re-build interest in local Rugby League, atmosphere & culture because it should be 100% better than it is.

Simple concept. The more support we get from you guys, the better these events can get & in a bigger picture have more than just these night time events and do day events for kids etc and a whole other range of things that we've definitely got in mind but need foundation like anything to build.

A league club shouldn't just be soley to train & play Rugby League then go home. Even though that is the main purpose, clubs should have extra stuff like being able to go for a feed during the week, fun events & really a community base which will all help to lift the profile of Rugby League as a whole.

The last one was success and people definitely were on the Feel Good Buzz and no doubt it's waiting to happen again. So rock down, spread the word & support local Rugby League while having a solid night at the same time.

The Feel Good Boys

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

THE LOCALS: INF, TMG & Gray - Own Steez Chap

Sup world. I been sick of computers (except facebook) and enjoyed a hearty NZ Music Month! Went to gigs every week and got on it every weekend to! Pretty dope! I mean I jammed at Rakinos for my 21st with all fams & friends there. Shit was solid!!!!!!!!

Big ups too:  FGBz, The BOMB Squad, O.N.E crew, Oui Groove & All other musicians, producers & artists who put on for NZ during music month!

Anyway, In my blogging absence apart from kicking back, playing sequence and eating I was lucky enough to make a track with a couple of my bros INF & Gray. I'm a poet but I thought i'd jam rapping. Still trying to find a flow without losing breath lol But anyway, here's the track. Downloads on!