Friday, 23 October 2009

Charli 2na @ Zen - Keepin The Vibe Live

Charli 2na Live was lastnight & I think is was a good night for hip hop. Kickin off the night was CXL & Substance settin the vibe for people to get on the horse & on the buzz. Then Home Brew did a set that kept the vibe alight with their horsed styled hip hop on everyday life, even gettin Lucky Lance (Team Dynamite) & Saia (Usual Suspects) up to rip the mic! With the beats they got, you can't help but bump your head. Then it was Charli's turn. He was a good happy live MC, good to see the baritone voice live but think he had more effect when he was in J5. Another solid thing was his tight 3 piece band that backed him; they were mean! It was the first time I've seen american hip hop done live and it was tight & simple, which is hip hop & the style of 2na mixed well, ups to his lil brother too who was on the mic wit him. He did mostly solo stuff off his 2004 & some of his 2009 albums, though I think highlight was "What's Golden", classic J5! All up, it was all good that I spent $40bux on a ticket cause hip hop was mos def represented! Ups to my bros for the night! On It! If you want some solid J5 tracks and some decent hip hop, hit up the below links! Cause you "Gotta Understand" "What's Golden"


Thursday, 22 October 2009

THE LOCALS: Homebrew'd Jazz - Rippin The Radio!

Just heard Home Brew on bFM & they kept it real. It was homebrew'd jazz & the taste test was like churr! It wasn't any fancy shit which was mean, more like a crew of the boys over someones house who's got instruments, sittin round, then "hey bro, can you drum"..."nah"...."all good bruv, jump on & jam this" and it's like that for all the instruments, just a jam at home & doesn't matter if you funk up.  The jazz backings of the songs were soulful (ups to the band) and the raps weren't exactly like the song, switchin up the lyrics, adding some lil hooks & Tom Buble even busted out some scatting! Solid buzz. It was exactly how I thought it would be...just a crate & bucky of Home Brew'd jazz. The only thing was, it sounded clean, I guess that couldn't be be helped cause it wasn't done in the shack on a cold day. Would be mean to hear a live EP. Solid set Home Brew & now I'm sure they'll do a more horsed set at Charli 2na tonight! Chur, see you there!

Watch It & Now
Home Brew - The Live Sesh

Shapeshifter - Shapin' The Summer!


If you want to see some intense NZ live music, hit up one of these gigs! These cats are crazy. Their 'Shapeshifter Live' album is an amazing listen and when you turn it up loud on a solid sound system, it's not far from the real thing and your left thinking, how the f**k do they do that?! So judging from that album, and the fact they've been voted NZ's best live act and created unforgettable live experiences around Europe, you're guaranteed not to be diappointed! Heavy soul'd out drum & bass at it's best! Get On It! Dates below:

SATURDAY 14TH NOVEMBER: The Christchurch Town Hall
FRIDAY 26TH DECEMBER : Mangawhai Tavern
SUNDAY 28TH DECEMBER: Waihi Beach Hotel
MONDAY 29TH DECEMBER: Brewers Bar Stadium
WEDNESDAY 31ST DECEMBER:  Lake Hawea Motor Inn
FRIDAY 2ND JANUARY: Jan Riwaka Hotel
SATURDAY 3RD JANUARY: Jan Butlers Reef Hotel, New Plymouth

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Get On The Scene! - Picks Of The Week

This is some of the gigs on the scene this week that I think will be pretty solid like niue taro! (If you would like some of the worlds best taro, hit Mangere Town Centre..the lil dairy by aussie butcher!) Also, The Regulars, that go down week in, week out. Gonna be slow on the blog for a while, my lappys crashed!

WHERE IT'S AT: Zen Bar, 17 Albert Street, Auckland

COST: $40.20 (Pre Sales) - At the price it's at, sneak in some cans and a bullet, unless you got sponsors to drink?! Pick one from Bacio lol

WHY: Cause it's the closest thing we'll get to Jurassic 5 in the NZ, cause they aren't a crew no more and hip hop backed with a live band will be worth a listen.  Pretty big place too.


WHERE IT'S AT: Rakinos, Level 1, 35 High St, Auckland

COST: $10 (From 9pm)

WHY:  I'm a big fan of Homebrew! Cause they are the sound I couldn't make and some of the boys I knew from school are jammin so big ups to them! Rakinos is always a solid spot for good live local music and the flyers like this one!


COST: $5

WHERE IT'S AT: Khuja Lounge, Level 3, 536 Queen St, Auckland

WHY: Don't think that Dj's are boring. DJ'ing is an art and a DJ has a lot of work to do in terms of vibe & feel etc and I think Fitchie is going to rip up to give their upcoming gig at Powerstation a solid promotion..starting with a tight Dj set. Good place to make youself known too.

** Not even the actual flyer, can't cop the real one at work, everythings blocked


The Circling Sun @ Ponsonby Social Club
Loop Sessions @ Rakinos
Selector Sam @ Chapel Bar (Uncle Barneys back too!)

The Platform @ Rakinos

Live DJ Sets @ Ponsonby Social Club (Julien Dyne This Week)
Blacksalt Funky Friday Sessions with Sambro & T Rice @ Blacksalt Bar & Eatery

Talkin All That Jazz @ Rakinos
The Conch Sunday Grill @ Ponsonby Social Club

Kids Gettin Hip Hopped With - The Dino 5

Remember Rappin n Rhymin?! The best educational little kids video to date, with the songs like Cinderella, Move Your Feet, The Rhyme Song & all the funk jams?!; if you haven't seen it, then hit me up for a copy, it's a good watch whatever age you at.  Then last year, out came The Dino 5, releasing an audio book for kids called "Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents: The Dino 5"

The beats are solid! sounds like someone who knows their stuff was behind em, and some of the lyrics sound cheesy but funny at the same time and for the cause I think its all good. Above is the download to The Dino 5 and who makes up the group, so if you got kids, give em a shot of hip hop! Make sure to check Rappin n Rhymin...The real Dino 5 is below.

The Dino 5: Prince Paul (Stetsasonics), Scratch (The Roots), Wordsworth (Brooklyn MC), Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets) & Charli 2na (Jurassic 5)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ladi & The 6 - Dark Brownin'

LadiK(Karoline Tamati) now known as Ladi6 is a MC/Vocalist from the city of Christchurch who originally was from the all female hip hop crew Sheelahroc (with her two older sisters, Sarah Tamaira & Tyra Hammond) After Sheelahroc went into hiatus, she moved onto band Verse Two where she met Parks (now Partner) and then her career took flight from there. Now, shes an established solo artist who still does killer colabs with other top musicians but is deep in her own sound. Her debut album "Time Is Not Much" is one to definitely add to the crate! Her low toned unique vocals, ability to MC, and her style all combines to show off her sound throughout the album showing she can be light or pretty funkin raw! Her musicianship is solid. Anyway heres a song from the album and the clip is one of my favourites because it's simple, but seductive, I mean effective! lol; cause not only can she rap & sing, she can dance! This clip is top notch! The way of the 6! Beware! It's Tasty!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ragamuffin 2010! - Really Bigger Than Ever?!

The annual get irie in the sun festival is back again for 2010 and said to be bigger than ever! Raggamuffin is set to run a bit earlier this year & with a few new acts in the mix which I think are a bit of bubbglegum reggae (Kingston/Pulse/Shaggy) but the crowd will know their stuff and singalong and regardless of the lineup, it'll be packed with hot chicks flossin their summer status; down for whatever! I think the NZ can make a shine on this one! But here is the international line up for next year and the NZ bands are still to be announced.

RAGGAMUFFIN: Saturday 23rd January 2010

Wyclef Jean (Headlining)
Sly & Robbie
Steel Pulse
Sean Kingston
Julien Marley

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mixin Home Brew With Red Bull - The Live Sesh!

Wassup! Just got the news that Home Brew are doing a Red Bull Live Session.  You've heard the beats & you know the lyrics and now it's time to hear it all with a band. Heard it's already sounding tasty n soulful at band practice. Live sound is always a better vibe & feel (for the real muso's anyway, that bubblegum stuff sounds like, like? like....shit) because there's no limits or rules, only freedom & it's the most real you'll hear it! You know it's dope, so zone in and listen to the real Home Brew and their spin on the live session, rip it homies! So play it at work & represent the hood, funk the haters! If you ain't at work cause you missed the black spot your boss told you to mop, then grab a crate, open the garage door, funk the silence, tune in and turn it up!

WHO:  Home Brew Crew (Live)

WHEN:  Thursday 22nd October, 3.30pm


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Missisippi & Their Homemade Blues!

In 2008, a trio of siblings; aged 16, 14 & 9 stepped on the Scene, not as a krump or lollipop crew, but as a blues band! Solid! I'm just keen on the blues and young cats tryin to step on the scene through this raw sound I give props.  They've now released 2 albums and with them only being only 3 pieces, young aged & making the bass & guitar out of old school ford parts, I like their stuff.  Check it out below.  

Left To Right
Kyle Perry (Bass)
Taya Perry (Drums)
Ryan (Guitar/Vocals)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sons Of Zion - Self Titled Album Out Now!

After debuting on the scene in 2007, Sons Of Zion have finally released their new self titled album which hits stores today! Already having supported Katchafire, Kora, House Of Shem and other made NZ bands, they've now passed the supporting status and are now standing with the rest.  With them & 3HD releasing reggae albums, summer sound collection is looking solid! Big Ups & congrats on the debut album! Just went to The Warehouse to get the album, but rats buzz! It's not shelved yet! Hit up their album release this week with support from House Of Shem. Check the below gig guide for details! 

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gigs For The Week - Support The Sound & Get On It!

This is some of what's going down in the AK. Get on the home scene, it's good for you!

Monday 12th October

Workaholic - Start the week with a bit of Hip Hop with DJ Mouli & DJ Penfold. First 50 in the door get a free brew, then go back and skull your box in the car.
Where: Casette Nine
Cost: Free

Tuesday 13th October

B.E.P Official Afterparty - Time to see how Will.I.Am is on the decks.
Where: Zen Bar
Cost: $50.00

Wednesday 14th October

Circling Sun - The way of the wednesday! Local musicians jammin out solid funk/jazz. Truents on the decks at 8. Band starts at 9.30.
Where: Ponsonby Social Club, Every Wednesdays
Cost: Free

Battle Of The Bands (Heat 1) - See local upcoming bands in battle it out.
Where: Kings Arms, 8pm
Cost: $10.00
** If you're keen to get your band on the scene, you can enter at and entry cost is $60.00. There's a limit of 120 bands, so get in quick!

Loop Sessions - With Dylan C & guests spinning ninja jazz, funk, downtempo and all the good shit.  $5 Canadian from 8 all night.
Where: Rakinos
Cost: Free

Thursday 15 October

Lewis McCallum & Friends - Check out DJ's battling it out on the VS set before seeing the soul synth works of this cat and vocals of Cherie then a set from Chris Cox
Where: Sales St
Cost: Free

Sons Of Zion Album Release - get on the irie with some good homegrown reggae guests being House Of Shem! cop the album for the summer!
Where: 4:20 Bar
Cost: $17.00

DJ Selecta Sam - Going by his saturday sets on George, it'll be solid!
Where: Neighbourhood Brewbar
Cost: Free

Friday 16th October

Opensouls Standing In The Rain Tour - Jumping on the old school soul tip, with juicy tyra haha
Where: Kings Arms
Cost: $21.00

George FM Spring Thing - 50 George DJ's spinning their sounds? WTF!
Where: Studio, K Rd
Cost: Only winning tickets on George FM

Ghetto Red Hot NZ Tour - UK DJs Skitz & Deadly Hunter & Newtown Sound
Where: Khuja
Cost: $35.00

Saturday 17 October

Vinyl Mischief - Sambro with guests Late Night Tigers & Zaym Kemp. Being the longest running club night at the spot, I think that says it all.
Where: Rakinos
Cost: $10.00 (From 10pm)

DJ Isaac Aesili - Not only a multi-instrumentalist, but he spins the decks too!
Where: Neighbourhood Brewbar
Cost: Free

The Mamaku Project - Back on the scene after coming back from Europe tour!
Where: Khuja
Cost: $10.00

Sunday 18 October

The Conch Sunday Grill - Chill with the crew over a brew on a summer sunday afternoon!
Where: Ponsonby Social Club (Every Sunday)
Cost: Free

Talkin All That Jazz - End the week with some jazz from around the hood!
Where: Rakinos (Every Sunday)
Cost: Free

THE LOCALS: DJ Truent - From Mixtape To Beat Tape

Truent is at it again switchin from the mixtape to the beat tape. The vibe is mostly mellow throughout and it's easy on the ear for the summer sunday mornings to kick the hangover! The Love Jones beat is solid on the funk front! My favourite of the lot along with Sidewalk Blues. Just another kick back piece from the NZ to add to the homegrown crate! Gotta love the free shit! Top Truency.

Brewed & Crated by Christoph El' Truento aka DJ Truent

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Charli 2na! - Live @ Zen Bar, Auckland!

Charli 2na is coming to NZ! This cat is well known to hip hop heads as the baritone rapper from the undergound hip hop group Jurassic 5 who debuted on the scene in 1997 with their Jurassic 5 EP. Charli is a artist that's jumped on tracks across the globe and added his class nicely to every piece.  I haven't heard his solo stuff, but I like him as a feature artist (kinda like Big Syke) better because he switches up the whole track with his signature sound and not to mention the J5 tracks.  I've already got a t shirt lined up to press, just hopefully I can do what I want!


Date: Thursday 22nd October
(Doors open at 9, Charli on at 12)

Venue: Zen Bar, Cnr Albert & Wolfe Street, Auckland

Cost: $38.00 + BF from iTicket express or Real Groovy & Conch Records

D'angelo - Signature Sound Of Neo Soul

Right now, I'm listening to George FM, the best station in the nation and now playing is D'angelo - "Found My Smile Again" which is one of my favourite D'angelo tracks; (Trust the George to play every good jam there is)! well anyway, I was listening to his album Voodoo, then debut album Brown Sugar, then Live @ The Jazz Cafe and they all got one thing is common; You can listen from start to finish.

He has definitely has kept it real since his debut in 1995 and has made himself a signature sound of Neo Soul (argueably which he started). His musicianship is crazy with composition of instrument/vocal arrangement in songs due to being a multi-intstrumentalist, and the vibe off his sound, is not one to get sick of.  So, here is a bit of link love which are most of D'angelos albums ("James River" yet to be released & YODA), for you to download & listen. It's worth the GB usage of you broadband!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Vodafone NZ Music Award Winners 2009

The Vodafone music awards were held in Auckland at Vector Arena lastnight & it seems like Ladyhawke sweeped up, but is probably a fair result of submitting your material into every catergory so props to her & her crew, she got what she wanted. I didn't go to this years event and didn't catch much on TV but I saw Fat Freddy's performance and that was awesome, though I don't think they played their usual lengthy build up as they usual would do but still locked on the horn section and Joe Dukies voice never fails to deliver. What I didn't get though, was that they announced finalists for awards just before presenting the winner, but then the winner wasn't one of the announced finalists just shown? If someone knows how it goes down, can you let me know. Personally, I think there should be a NZ Underground awards, so that the best hip hop, soul & funk can be rewarded and make catergories for DJ's too because at this time in NZ music, I think the word underground has more meaning to artists than star status and let's be honest, the best is kept on the avenue!. The winners from lastnight are listed below:

Album Of The Year:

Single Of The Year:

Steinlager Pure Best Group:
Midnight Youth

Vodafone Peoples Choice Award:

Best Male Solo Artist:

Mazda Best Female Solo Artist:

Pacific Blue Breakthrough Artist Of The Year:

C4 Best Music Video:
Chris Graham For Smashproof - Brother

PPNZ Best Rock Album:
Midnight Youth - The Brave Don't Run

42 Below Best Hip Hop/Urban Album:
Ladi 6 - Time Is Not Much

Kiwi FM Best Aotearoa Roots Album:
Fat Freddys Drop - Dr Boondigga & The Big BW

Best Dance/Electronica Album:
Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke

Best Gospel/Christian Album:
Mumsdollar - Ruins

Best Classical Album:
David Bremner - Gung Ho

Highest NZ Selling Single:
Smashproof Ft Gin - Brother

Highest NZ Selling Album:
The Feelers - The Best: 1998-2008

NZ On Air Radio Airplay Record Of The Year:
Tiki Taane - Always On My Mind

International Achievement:
Brooke Fraser

The NZ Herald Legacy Award:
Ray Columbus & & The Invaders

Thursday, 8 October 2009

THE LOCALS: Haz Beats - And His New Beatape

Haz Beats aka Gonnie Hodges has pieced together a beat tape that he "roughly put together" which is probably true but don't sound like. Straight from the avenue on the South comes a beat tape that uses his signature solid boom bap drumlines which carries the beat and is surrounded by dirty jazzy soul elements & effects with the basslines chillin in the background & his beat breaks along the way. The basslines are not as heavy on this one but I think it was made for more of a lighter feel. Also, there's a suprise on the outro that's a good listen as is all NZ music! Solid work & big ups for the free download which is yours for only a click! Shot Haz.

Brewed & Crated by Haz Beats aka Goonie Hodges

Kora Live In Auckland This Month!

My favourite all time band Kora is back in the AK after a long time since they were last here! Last time they were here, they did a gig that was free and played their whole album plus a few extra tracks! Their stage presence is top notch and their music is SOLID! I saw one of the bro's up at Khuja about a month back and he said they've been working on new material for their next album! Waiting on that!.

Date: Friday 30th October, 8 PM
Venue: Auckland Powerstation
Cost: $45.00
Tickets From: Ticketmaster & Real Groovy

I've heard a new track live I think is called "Burden" with the lyrics "If you want it, come and get it, it's covered in chocolate, they call it burden!" That's their style, crazy and unpredictable. Well anyway, I could go on for ages about these cats but here is the poster for the gig. If you ain't heard them before, go to the gig, cause they're a live band and get a good first impression! A bit pricey, but if you're down for the cause like me, you'll put it down but if you don't go I'll tell you how it was! (If I can get off work!)

Three Houses Down - "Breakout" In Stores Soon!

The South made reggae band, Three Houses Down have put in work & are soon releasing their 2nd album called "Breakout" (after a song on the album). It is set to be released on 2nd November in all music stores! They have set a date for the album launch which will be held at the new home for Tonga, 4:20 bar. I'm waiting on this album because I heard it's pretty tasty and a step up from the last!

with support from Sons of Zion, Unity Pacific & Cornerstone Roots

DATE: Friday, 6th November 2009
VENUE: 4:20 Bar, 373 K Rd, Auckland

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

League News! - Kiwis, Aussies & The Four Nations!

The Kiwis play Tonga in Rotorua next week (Wed, Oct 14 at 7.30pm) and both teams are gonna stack up with their best line up including superleague & NRL players.  The Kiwi squad to play vs Tonga & also in the Rugby League Four Nations later in October has been named. There are 7 newcomers to the squad including Kevin Locke ( NZ Warriors), Junior Sau (Knights) & Frank-Paul Nuuausala.  They are all at a 10-day camp before heading to Rotorua on Saturday & then off to England on the 16th to prepare for their opening Four Nations match against Australia. Both the Kiwis squad & Kangaroos are listed below.

Adam Blair (Storm),Greg Eastwood (Bulldogs),Nathan Fien (Dragons),Kieran Foran (Sea Eagles/On Debut),Bryson Goodwin (Bulldogs/On Debut),Bronson Harrison (Raiders),Lance Hohaia (NZ Warriors),Krisnan Inu (Eels),Thomas Leuluai (Wigan Warriors),Jeff Lima (Storm),Kevin Locke (NZ Warriors/On Debut),Issac Luke (Rabbitohs),Benji Marshall (Tigers),Steve Matai (Sea Eagles),Ben Matulino (NZ Warriors/On Debut),Fui Fui Moimoi (Eels),Jason Nightingale (Dragons),Frank-Paul Nuuausala (Roosters/On Debut),Sam Perrett (Roosters),Frank Pritchard (Panthers),Junior Sau (Knights/On Debut)
Iosia Soliola (Roosters),Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Sea Eagles)

Petero Civoniceva (Penrith),Cooper Cronk (Melbourne), Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers), Israel Folau (Brisbane), Paul Gallen (Cronulla), Kurt Gidley (Newcastle), Ben Hannant (Bulldogs), Jarryd Hayne (Parramatta), Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta), Justin Hodges (Brisbane), Ryan Hoffman (Melbourne), Greg Inglis (Melbourne), Michael Jennings (Penrith), Darren Lockyer (capt, Brisbane), Luke Lewis (Penrith), Josh Morris (Bulldogs), David Shillington (Canberra), Billy Slater (Melbourne), Cameron Smith (Melbourne), Sam Thaiday (Brisbane), Johnathan Thurston (North Queensland), Trent Waterhouse (Penrith), Anthony Watmough (Manly), Brett White (Melbourne).

The Four Nations will start later this month and is between New Zealand, Australia, England & France; Great Britain will not compete as they have broken up and only come together on special ocassions...and this isn't one?! But below is the schedule of the tournament! GO THE KIWIS!
Friday 23 October
New Zealand vs Australia
Saturday 24 October
England vs France
Friday 31 October
England vs Australia
New Zealand vs France
Saturday 7 October
England vs New Zealand
Australia vs France
Saturday 14 October

THE LOCALS: Home Brew Crew - Fresh Off The Crates

I know this crew started back a while now, but still a lot of people don't know about Home Brew. Here is a crew that has the best feel good hip hop in the NZ and is what NZ hip hop needed, a touch of realness. Music that don't need a clip because the beat & rhyme work together to create the picture. I could write a big article of reasons why, but their sound talks confidently for itself! Below are the links where you can download 3 Home Brew EP's (shot Haz Beats) so get on the Homebrew & skull it like a yardy!. Check out Monday!

Home Brew Crew - Tom Scotch, Lui C & Haz Beats

2.Running Out Of Time
3.Me & My Mic
4.My Bad
5.It Isn't Us
6.Simple Man
7.Sunday/I'm Gonna

Last Week EP

1.Same Old Day
2.High Times
3.Under The Shade
6.Chicken Chowmein

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"I Love The Islands" Samoa Relief Gig

Everyone knows what happened, which was a pretty rats buzz! But what better way to fundraise, and try lift broken spirits than a big skull of homegrown music; the perfect remedy!

So what you've got here is not only a frontline of Samoan musicians in the mix, but those who felt just as shocked as you and I and are keen on helping where they can. Everyone in on this gig offered their service for free, so all money that is raised goes straight to Samoa! So why not be apart of a massive event that you can put your name against. Wellington, Dunedin & Christchurch has still to announce a date! I know I want to chip in, but transferring 25bux to an account feels like it ain't enough, but buy a ticket to this gig and you'll definitely feel you've chipped in! Though if you like fighting and stepping out younger/smaller people then spend your money on a box and please stay home.

Venue: Vector Arena
Date: Monday 19th October, 2009
Cost: $25.00
Tickets On Sale: Midday Friday 9th October from Ticketmaster (

Monday, 5 October 2009

Live Music Spots - Auckland

I always hear people asking "How much is it?" when being asked if they wanna go to a live music gig and don't go cause it's too much. But here are some spots in Auckland (sorry guys, haven't been much other cities) that have live sound on the regular with mostly free entry (max being 10bux) and don't demand strict dresscodes, though if your gangs looking for fame, don't bother rocking up!

Rakinos - Lounge, Bar & Cafe
RAKINOS - is located in the middle of High St, Auckland City & is a spot where their flyers advertising gigs, capture the scene and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Pop in & by pickin up a few flyers from the door, you'll have gigs to attend all week!. A highlight here is live jazz every Sunday from 5.30pm, a solid way to end the week! This is a hotspot for live DJs who will spin the decks until the place is empty and don't snob the crowd; So if you say hi or give the ol' "chur" head nod, they'll give one back, but that's just NZ music, pretty phunkin' solid! just click the above link and you'll see the monthly gig guide (updated on a regular) and them flyers I'm on about like this one!

Ponsonby Social Club - Time To Chill
PONSONY SOCIAL CLUB - 152 Ponsonby rd is one of the regular spots thanks to my brother. The club has a mean set up; No roof on the front half of the place so you can smoke, chill and breathe the fresh air while the live music in the back sweeps through the whole spot! A solid spot away from the hood where live music is also no stranger! Dj's, musicians jammin & a lot of solid women! Straight up! Gotta watch them cougars lol But every wednesday is the "Circling Sun" where musicians like Isaac Aesili & Ben Turua team up and jam funk/soul/jazz! Watch Ben, the walking bassline, he's solid! This is the place where you want to chill to good live music & dancing is appreciated, without having to worry about cats eyeing you out for a scrap. Check out their schedule on the above link!
Khuja Lounge - 69 Steps Up
KHUJA LOUNGE - is at the top of Queen St (so don't park at the bottom! biggest walks) that some may say is where it all happens. It's had so much established NZ musicians come through and perform regularly and a lot of underground artists comin up to show their sound. It may take 69 steps to actually get up there, but most times it's worth it! Only thing, is that it's too small! But if you're keen on the music, it's all good. You'll never run out of gigs to go to here; They always have album releases, afterpartys & regular guest acts/dj's that'll go down nice! The underground hip hop that goes down is solid! Also, thursdays are usually "The Uptown Lowdown" where upcoming talent get to show what they are made of. You can perform to if you email Ben at Khuja; but don't bother if you ain't serious! For the address & what the place is about, click the link!
OTHER SPOTS: Here are some other spots where good phunkin music goes down!

BACCO ROOM: "The Turnaround" (Every last friday of the month) - Cian & Manual Bundy with regular special guests rippin it up with hip hop, brazilian samba, smooth soul & roots reggae!

RACKET BAR: George FM dj's usually spin some sounds on the regular!

GALATOS: Regular gigs, themed nights that are different from the rest!

AUCKLAND TOWN HALL: Always having crazy music events, like the crazy 20 piece collaboration that made up Eru Dangerspiel!

The list goes on, but if you hit up these spots, word of mouth becomes something good for a change and you'll just find more places to chill & meet some cool cats!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Strictly No Bubblegum!

It's TMG aka The Musical Gardener and I just wanted to start a blog for myself and whoevers interest about music & people who try keep in the loop with the NZ music scene like me (mostly soul/funk/hip hop) Really want to put it down for NZ music and try to keep updates about what's going on, who's where doing what, my thoughts about what's on the music front & basically anything about music I can think of. Cause I'm one of many that could talk about music allday. So keep an eye out on some posts, news, thoughts & add yours where you wanna, to add some flavour in the mix! But if you're into bubblegum, mainstream,thoughtless club bangin music, you're in the wrong place! It's the only music I don't like, honestly.

Big ups to my brothers! Family & friends who got me deep in the crates!