Friday, 11 June 2010

Big Ups LADI 6! - 50 Shows Through Europe!

I'm just giving props to my favourite female artist Ladi6! She (and Parks!) are teaming up and putting it down in Europe with almost 50 shows. That's putting in work! She's moved over to Berlin for 6 months to live it up, rip it up & represent the NZ! I heard Julien Dyne went over for a little too, shot bro!

She's top billing over there with the likes of Mos Def, Gil Scott Heron & doing this killer festival alongside The Wu Click & too many other dope artists! She's even touring Japan & Australia before heading back home & signed her album to BBE! Deeehooo!

Props Ladi6 & Parks! if I could, I would've come to a show but I'll just wait for the NZ Tour in November!!!!!!

This taken from Amplifier
Ladi6 has signed her debut solo album Time Is Not Much to Berlin-based label BBE (the home of Madlib, DJ Vadim and Julien Dyne) which will be released throughout Europe and the United Kingdom on July 20 2010.

She's Gone Til November....but you know it's on then!

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