Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Brown Jesus by Sam Tanielu

Take a break from the Rhyme, beat & doof doof boom bap stuff for a minute. Lock yourself onto some poetry (which is under-rated) pieced together by Sam of The Usual Suspects. It's dope and on point, shot bro! Shout outs to The Suspects! You rarely catch them out doing sets so you best be going to the Team Dynamite Release Party where they will give you a Profile and see you to the Balcony if you don't come. Somebody say Amen...


I’m looking for Jesus, I’m looking for the Brown Jesus

Its been 23 years
and i’ve convincingly outgrown my white sunday suits
Bible study bookbags are so 1997
and the gold spray-painted coating on my crucifix
is almost completely faded

I’m looking for the brown Jesus

I feel like i’m living on vending machine faith
I pray every night before I sleep
but one glittery glove doesn’t make you Michael Jackson
(can somebody in the church say Amen)

I’m looking for Jesus

Yeah i’ve got pictures of him in my house
but he seems
too photoshopped
too airbrushed
too mimesis manufactured for my liking

Yeah i’ve got pictures of him in my house
but they’re just a collage of facial verisimilitudes
compacted into a caucasion man
with dreamy blue eyes and wavey hair
(Somebody say Amen)
‘Make-up on empty space’

Hegemonic interpretations inposed onto its blindfolded faithfuls

’m looking for the brown Jesus

They sell us Heaven and the idea of God like
drug dealers and crack
but i guess the concept of afterlife security
is marketable in any language

‘Heaven for the highest bidder’

Downloadable religions at down low prices

All you have to do is hand over your soul
and your credit card details

Order in the next 10 minutes and you’ll receive a stainless steel toaster


Order now and the first 3 months are free

after that, you’re gonna be


at these prices, ITS A STEAL!


In some neo-platonic way
We’re all looking for the Brown Jesus

We baptise ourselves every weekend
over indulging in the holy communion wine

Slow dancing in Lucifer’s ballroom
The Sunday Morning hymns are a mixture of
and Hip Hop

‘Born again Judas Kisses’

The Sunday sermon screams at me

‘We NEED someone to project our insecurities onto
We NEED a scapegoat for our mistakes and misfortunes
We NEED to have daily reassurance our lives are not without purpose’

He preaches, but he’s just another man
trying to get to heaven

Just like me.

I’m looking for the Brown Jesus
I’m looking for the way
looking for the truth
looking for the life.