Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sorry Blog....Be Back June (Soon, get it?)

Last half of April was shit...couldn't do anything from home or work.

I'm taking May off cause it's my birthday month & the official month dedicated to NZ music. Most of my time has been dedicated to that so far, been fuckin awesome. I'll do a wrap up of May when it ends & get back into talkin smack, music, mind, body & blog.

In the meantime, some good shit to do:

 - Tune in every Wednesdays on George FM from 10pm -Midnight for Urbanology. A Hip Hip show done by DJ Substance..been something like million years on air, so it's got the shit, that dope shiiieeeeett! Shot Substance!

- To extend your Hip Hopperism, lock into the True School Hip Hop Radio Show with Penfold & Mouli every Thursday from 9pm-11pm. Steal a couple dope rhymes to steal a dope chick! Radios under-rated so to save your "man i'm broke" statement, save cash, turn it up & party at home!

- Aucklanders, get up and into -  Rakinos, Khuja, Sales St, Ponsonby Social Club, Longroom, Juice Bar, Galatos, 4:20, Totos, King Arms & other solid spots to get you dosage of live NZ music!

- KORA, the best band playing June 5th @ Mangawhai. Anyone gotta spare seat let me know!

- Fat Freddys Show...why not get a drop of Fat Freddys?!

- Get yourself a NZ album! (if you're smart, diggin at Real Groovy will give you a fuckin good deal!)

- Check the local blogs, they're fuckin mean!

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